Aloha Ke Akua

Las Palmas, Spain

Aloha Ke Akua is an association that promotes activities directly involved with yoga, Pilates, surfing, kite-surfing, and hiking. They also promote and organize sports and cultural activities.

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  • Alexandra Stiertz Germany

    January 2018, BookDetoxRetreats

    Beautiful People, Time for myself, greatful that i visited

  • Zoe Joncheere Belgium

    December 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Paola was a very kind yoga teacher, embodying the practice in body, heart and mind. It was such a delight to be in her warm, smiling, lighthearted presence.

    Hosts Luca and Francesca are very dedicated in taking care of their guests. Breakfast is really very generous (see at as a brunch), and they are very present - though not imposing themselves - to make the best of your stay. They look like angels - their little paradise is highly recommended!

  • Maxime Vercruysse France

    December 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Tout était fantastique et unique ! Francesca et Luca étaient juste parfaits et d'une gentillesse incroyable.

    Leurs conseils, aimabilités, flexibilités et joie de vivre avec les clients font d'eux des personnes très spéciales !

    ... La nourriture est juste fantastique et divine !!

    Un grand merci à vous !! 😮

    Max and Amanda

    ... De ne pas rester plus longtemps !! 😮

  • Heather Abbott Great Britain

    December 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Luca and Francesca were so welcoming. From being picked up from the airport to returning the following week, they could not do enough from me. Always ready with suggestions and useful advice, and genuinely trying to ensure my trip was successful.

    This was my first time in Fuerteventura and felt Ville Verde was a little too far from the coast. Ok if you are hiring a car, which I would strongly advice. The garden area for relaxation was adequate but we had unusually cold weather - so the chance to lay out and enjoy the sun after a yoga class was mostly impossible.

  • Ines Bürge United States

    November 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Francesca und Luca sind super Gastgeber, sehr sympatisch, offen, humorvoll, unkompliziert und flexibel! Die Yoga-Lehrerinnen sind professionell, und die Massagen waren wunderbar. Die Räume sind sehr liebevoll und mit viel Styl eingerichtet.

  • Carmen De Celis Spanish State

    October 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Both Francesca and Luca are so careful to fulfill all their guests expectations and wishes. We can only fully enjoy, relax, disconnect and meet our expectations during our stay at their place and at their beloved island. All the team is authentic and lovely.

  • Anonymous

    October 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    We could discuss with her and she was really here for us, adapting the practice to our needs


  • Barbara Heuberger Switzerland

    October 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Zimmer top - Luca und Francesca sind aufmerksame und liebe Gastgeber. Ein harmonischer Platz. Die Yogastunden waren inspirierend, vorallem mit Paola - und ich habe zum ersten Mal Yoga gemacht. Sie kochen vegetarisch und das schmeckt unglaublich gut. Sie machen diesen Ort zu ihren Ort. Wohlfühlfaktor: einmalig

    Gefallen hat mir alles - Yoga am Meer wäre noch eine Erfahrung für mich gewesen

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    I loved the generosity, genuity and energy of Luca and Francesca. both are amazing people that made me feel so at home. thank you for an amazing time. the yoga instructors and masseuses too were incredible. I'll definitely come back.

  • Jelena Zivadinovic Switzerland

    May 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Lovely people, lovely rooms, increedible good and healthy food and the yoga classes were amazing thanks to Paola!

    I would recommend it to everyone!

    Thank you so much Francesca and Luca for this great experience.

  • Lauren Landis Republic of Italy

    April 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Everyday we woke up to a new adventure. After a wonderful homemade breakfast and excellent yoga class, we did everything from SUP - Stand Up Paddle surfing, to mountain biking, snorkelling, volcano climbing or simply sitting on beautiful white sandy beaches. And, how could I forget the wonderful massages! I left with such a feeling of well being and so was so relaxed that I would rate as one of my 10 ten vacations in my lifetime.

    There were no negatives - it was just simply amazing.

  • Priscilla Fernandes United Kingdom


    Francesca and Luca have created a very special place to retreat to. They are extremely welcoming hosts. The place is a small intimate environment to practice yoga, so the sessions you have with the wonderful yoga instructors are very personal. This is perfect as they notice each members needs and help you and tailor the class as needed. They are all clear in their instructions and each instructor leads a different type of yoga. Perfect for trying & leaning new things for you to adapt and practice your own yoga. Also perfect for beginners as it offers a taste into many styles and techniques. The massage and therapy treatments are also varied in type and all excellent quality.The accommodation is very comfortable. The decor is really wonderful and with a personal touch. With Luca’s handmade furniture about the place you can feel the love they have put into making this place.

    The food blew me away! I am not a vegan but they cook mostly vegan food. They really do have a talent for creating cuisine, using ingredients and flavours I would never think to put together myself. All local and fresh! There is more than enough food water and yogi tea. The breakfasts in particular are great for setting you up for the day, and quite often we didn’t even eat lunch as we didn’t feel we needed it. On the days that you can eat out there are a great variety of places to eat. All listed in a beautiful hand crafted book you can read in your room. We always went with the recommendation from them and it never failed! Their knowledge of the island is invaluable. each morning after breakfast we got a weather report and a recommendation as to which part of the island and what markets to visit. Many sides to the island are very different including white sandy beaches and turquoise seas. We were never bored! Francesca and Luca are an inspiration. It was wonderful to speak with them and hear how they created there dream lifestyle. They are also knowledgeable on many fascinating and spiritual techniques and practices. They, and all the instructors and therapists are beautifully spirited people. Their energy is warm and kind. I spent my whole time there in a happy and blissful state of mind and I have come home with the same feeling. Much love and thanks to you Francesca and Luca.

  • Louise


    This was an extremely relaxing week. Luca and Francesca were so nice and accommodating. The food was absolutely divine. I had a great time exploring the island and would love to go again.

  • Carmen Burn United Kingdom


    Francesca and Luca offered a wonderful yoga retreat experience. From picking us up at the airport to returning us a week later, they cared for every nuance of our stay, and always with a smile and a no, its not too much trouble attitude. And they had a lot to deal with my very specialised dietary requirements. But undaunted they served up the most delicious meals both at breakfast and at dinner. I couldn't help myself but keep eating as the food was just fantastic. You could just tell the love and caring that went into making our meals. And as a bonus, I never left the beautiful meal table feeling too full despite eating more than I would ever normally eat. Francesca and Luca even went way beyond the call of duty on Christmas eve driving me to the church in the next village for the midnight mass as the local village did not have a service, and picking me up after the service, despite having there own friends over, and then having to be up the next morning on Christmas day to serve up yet another wonderful breakfast, that even came with a thoughtful gift. Francesca and Luca have chosen excellent yoga teachers and therapists for the treatments. Each treatment was a pleasure and some quite a surprise. Paola who did most of our yoga lessons was amazing. From me as an absolute beginner to those that had been practicing yoga for years, she looked after us all so attentively. Paola particularly kept a constant eye on me as I was very inflexible and she constantly offered me suggestions, aids and adaptations so that I could partake fully in the class. I have come away from the retreat completely relaxed, at peace, and inspired to continue with yoga. And I am even able to use the knowledge Paola provided in my Pilates classes so that I can execute the Pilates moves safer and better than before. Our accommodation was lovely and spacious, and continued the tranquil and natural feeling of the retreat. Francesca and Luca provided in our room and on our itinerary all that we needed to know to do interesting day trips in the north of the island, and reserved a table at one of the island's best restaurants for us on its last day of the season before it closed for its winter break. Anything we needed to know, they had the answer, or if they didn't they would make a point of finding out.I can not recommend this retreat enough. Thank you so much Francesca and Luca!

  • Leah Davidson United Kingdom


    Aloha Ke Akua is a tiny bit of paradise. Francesca and Luca have created their dream and everything about it is suffused with their love and their joy - the quality of the food, the yoga teaching, the masseurs - and they cant do enough for you. We pretty much had a ratio of one to two for all yoga classes, and the teaching was among the best I have encountered. Francesca and Luca can't do enough for you, and completely go out of their way to ensure you are happy - going beyond the call of duty of many occasions, even driving us to the local restaurant when it was windy and raining.The beauty of retreat is that it is ongoing so visitors come and go, and the "local information" gets passed down from one person to another, showing each other the way through windy roads, learning the bus stops etc. Fuerteventura certainly lives up to its name - strong wind - and there are stunning places of natural beauty to visit between yoga, massages, and great food. I will certainly be returning to this small piece of paradise.

  • Milagros Diaz

    August 29, 2016. BookYogaRetreats

    The house is lovely and the rooms are very comfortable. Lucca and Francesca are a Great couple, very nice and if you need something they will help you. Yoga classes and relax programs are very good. They have a home made book with all the information about places, restaurants and activities that is very helpful!

  • Magalie Switzerland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Francesca and Luca make, prepare, and organize everything with so much love! I could observe this in every detail of my stay: big bright room, tasty breakfasts, incredible four-courses vegetarian diner, intense personal yoga sessions, professional massages, helpful information for a visit to Corralejo, a hike on the mountain Sean Fraga, or a good restaurant. My relaxing week at Aloha Ke Akua was just beautiful. Thanks a lot!

  • Marie-Louise


    I had the most wonderful eight days at Aloha Ke Akua. Francesca and Lucca are the most hospitable people and I instantly felt home. I had a wonderful, spacy room with a great view to the mountains and little town Villaverde and a nice big balcony all to myself. Lucca prepared a wonderful luxurious breakfast for me every morning and when required also a wonderful three course vegetarian dinner. I had five really nice yoga lessons with really experienced and qualified teachers. As a part of my retreat, I also had massages, reflexology, and sound therapy, which was really relaxing and tranquilizing and which gave me a total feeling of being taken care of in the most calming and loving way. I returned to Denmark filled up with a surplus of energy, warmth, and good feeling. I can truly recommend going to this nice place with these really nice people. It is truly good karma you feel when you are there. And if you have never been to the north of Fuerteventura, you should really go. The beaches are beautiful and the water fantastic. I truly feel in love with this place and the people there.

  • Marie


    Francesca and Luca have been wonderful hosts. They have always went beyond and they made me feel like home. They have made my stay such a great experience. I highly recommend to go there if you are looking for a place where you can have peace, and great hosts to make you feel you can sit and relax.

  • Clare United Kingdom


    We had the most amazing stay on our yoga and relaxation retreat. Luca and Francesca are the most welcoming hosts, with lovely rooms, delicious breakfasts, and lots of helpful tips. We are missing them and Fuerteventura already. The course instructors were fantastic and very patient with us as we were all quite new to yoga. Our massages and other treatments were also fabulous. We will definitely return. Aloha Ke Akua and the island are both exceptionally relaxing and beautiful. Many thanks again.

  • Anna Canada


    Aloha Ke Akua: what an amazing place with two amazing hosts! A very relaxing and rejuvenating experience overall, with great individual focused yoga classes, very relaxing massages, mindful treatments, and superb home cooked vegetarian meals! The dinners could easily be from a five-stars restaurant, very very creative and delicious! Thank you Francesca and Luca for creating this beautiful hidden gem in the gorgeous and calming agricultural village of Villaverde. Very refreshing to be a step away from the busy beach towns, surrounded by volcano mountains and gardens instead. The rooms are very clean and nicely decorated, but still homey and cozy. A fantastic get-away!

  • Sabine Wolz Switzerland

    Ich war sehr glücklich mit der Wahl und habe einen kleinen, feinen Ort angetroffen mit sehr umsichtigen und liebenswerten Gastgebern.

    Kam mir ein bisschen vor wie im Mutterleib: umsorgt und gehegt :-) / konnte mich einfach fallen lassen...

    Aloha Ke Akua ist eine kleine Perle. Sie haben wenige Zimmer und daher ist die Yogagruppe entsprechend klein: Luxus!

    Die Yogastunden decken eine breite Pallette ab und die Leher gehen sehr individuell auf die Teilnehmer ein.

    Das Massagprogramm wurde toll zusammengestellt, tiefenentspannend...

    Ich kann alles empfehlen: Alles ist sehr sauber, geschmackvoll, sehr zuvorkommend und freundlich. Last but not least:

    Ich wurde wunderbar bekocht mit täglichen phantasievollen vegetarischen Rezepten. Tolle Kuchen am Morgen.

    Es ist allerdings empfehlenswert ein Auto zu mieten. Ich war mit dem Bus unterwegs, der nur stündlich kommt. Ist zwar etwas mühsam aber hat auch funktioniert.

Testimonials 15

  • Eva

    Aloha Ke Akua Facebook page

    Only a few times in a lifetime you meet such beautiful people. This may sound mellow, but truly I've rarely experienced so much devotion, attention and kindness. Francesca and Luca do not just organize yoga retreats, they are yoga, attentive, sincere, so helpful. Not to speak about the delicious food, the great yoga practices and massages. Their home made it difficult to leave the island!

  • Teresa and Claudia

    Aloha Ke Akua Facebook page

    Francesca and Luca were exceptional hosts! The large room, the vegetarian food, the amazing and abundant breakfasts, the yoga lessons and the beautiful relaxing massages, their being thoughtful at all time, and above all, the LOVE for what they do which was so visible in every single detail, made our 7 days 'Relaxing Yoga Retreat' fantastic and faultless. If you are looking for the paradise in Fuerteventura, Aloha Ke Akua is the place to be!

  • Ines

    Aloha Ke Akua

    Gracias por todo. Pasè unos dias fabulosos. Hasta pronto! Ojala!

  • Antonellina


    I stayed there for a yoga retreat over Christmas and had a very relaxing and peaceful stay. Luca and Francesca are the sweetest couple and they go out of Their way to make you feel home. Paola (one of the yoga teachers) is the best I've ever seen! I came out blissfully relaxed! Thank you.

  • Clara Italy

    Trip Advisor Website

    Fuerte ti accoglie con la sua natura selvaggia, il vento e il mare, il deserto e la roccia. In mezzo a tutto questo Francesca e Luca hanno creato un angolo avvolgente e accogliente. La casa è organizzata benissimo, le stanze curate all'estremo, la colazione una chicca di dolce e salato fatti sul momento. Francesca e Luca sono anche delle perfette guide turistiche (fini conoscitori di ristoranti e luoghi di ristorazione, di negozi e, cosa più importante, di spiagge uniche). Ma non basta. La loro proposta di corsi di yoga, massaggi e corsi di kite, surf e Wind surf ti permette di assaporare in pieno il mood di fuerte. La chicca? Il book fatto a mano da Francesca per accompagnarti durante tutto il soggiorno: altro che lonely planet!

  • Silvano Switzerland

    Aloha Ke Akua

    Luca, Francesca and Uffa was simply fantastic. We felt at home during our stay in Fuerteventura. Courtesy, willingness and hospitality are the key words to define Aloha Ke Akua.

  • Sam

    TripAdvisor website

    I have just returned from my yoga holiday in Fuerteventura at Aloha Ke Akua and I have to endorse this holiday at this beautiful place, hosted by very warm, kind and generous hosts. This was my first holiday travelling alone, my first time in Fuerteventura and my first yoga holiday/experience. I really could not have chosen better. My package included 8 yoga lessons, four therapies, breakfasts, dinner and accommodation. Aloha Ke Akua is perfectly sized, serene, warm and welcoming. There is something about this place that has an immediate effect on you and I could feel my shoulders drop with relief from the second I arrived.

    My room (Vata) was perfect – and exactly as shown in the pictures. Francesca and Luca are the most hospitable and friendly couple – nothing is too much trouble and they make sure you are comfortable and at home in their home. I had all the privacy I wanted and needed and yet was made very welcome whenever I was in the public areas.

    The yoga – I cannot stress enough how wonderful this was. Francesca and Luca have picked two brilliant yoga instructors for this package – they are both wonderful. This, coupled with the fact that their classes are very small, makes your yoga a very personal experience and I was being taught 1:1 for 6 out of my 8 sessions. This kind of tutelage and guidance is very rare. I learnt so much about my own body, my strengths and weaknesses and how enjoyable yoga is when done correctly. I was a complete novice in Yoga – a total beginner – I left feeling that I was very capable of understanding my body and what it can do – if I relax, breathe and slowly stretch into the poses that I was shown.

    My therapies were all beautiful – various massages and the vibration therapy – all of which were undertaken by very professional therapists and all took place at Aloha Ke Akuna so no travelling involved.

    A beautiful, filling breakfast every day and the evening meals – a three-course vegetarian menu – lovingly prepared and presented beautifully each evening – each course, each day – wonderful food from this lovely knowledgeable couple.

    Francesca and Luca go above and beyond to make sure you have a perfect holiday and experience with them. I left feeling more rested that I have ever felt………..and stretched, massaged, fed, relaxed, chilled, blessed and completely different.

    I am aware that I am raving about this, but it is all true. What a place. What a find. Magical.

    I am still blissed out. Thank you so very much Francesca & Luca.

  • Zima Germany

    Trip Advisor Website

    I had such a good time at Aloha Ke Akua, my room was very nice and clean, the breakfast was great and made with love (pancakes, eggs, bread, fruit, tart and so on), Francesca and Luca were really nice and helped me finding places and i had yoga lessons with Paola which was great as well! Thanks a lot! You can reach the beach and nice places on the island, i recommend renting a car!! This place is full of love and every little thing is made with love so you can feel like home! I will come back some time and recommend this place to everyone.

  • Anna and Thomas


    Thanks for this week in the beauty and simplicity! Anna and Thomas

  • Elaine and Con United Kingdom

    Aloha Ke Akua

    Thank you Francesca and Luca! A little bit of heaven fell to earth and here it is! A couple of angels came as well - you both. You have a wonderful team of teachers, we feel very relaxed and happy, the total opposite of how we felt when we arrived. Can't wait to return. Huge hugs and love.

  • Swantje H Germany


    Luca and Francesca are lovely hosts who made sure I got all Information needed in advance to find their place. They welcomed me in this beautiful location, showed me the lovely apartment, and informed me about what to do or where to go. The place has a lovely energy, you can enjoy the sun in the garden, join some yoga classes, and even ask for yummy breakfast. Very recommendable, enjoyed my stay very much! Muchas gracias! :)

  • Iga K Spain

    Aloha Ke Akua

    Perfect place! The service was truly excellent, the apartment was exceptionally clean and tastefully decorated. It was a family place with yoga facilities. A really recomendable place.

  • Quentin B United Kingdom


    Luca and Francesca made us feel super welcome. They are brilliant hosts and a lovely couple. As soon as we arrived, they gave us the run down on what to do and see in Fuerteventura, guiding us to a lovely little tapas cafe for our first Fuerteventura meal. Their breakfast is heavenly, and they even made us Gluten free pancakes one morning and a beautiful hazelnut cake the next morning. The room is exactly as you see in the pictures and was perfect for us. It opens out onto a big back lawn, perfect for early morning yoga sessions. We highly recommend it. It is perfectly situated being only 20 to 30 minutes from the airport and close to the gorgeous beaches of North Fuerteventura. The surrounding villages of VillaVerde and La Oliva are quirky and charming. Luca e Francesco sono fantastici! Ci hanno accolto con la loro solarita' e le loro colazioni sane e buonissime! Avendo un'intolleranza al frumento non ho potuto che ammirare le loro versatili e deliziose ricette mattutine. Il luogo bellissimo e tranquillo con un'energia davvero magica. Consigliatissimo!

  • Laura J


    Desde el primer entramos segundo que en el alquiler supe que habíamos acertado. If repita to tranquilidad y buen rollo. Las estancias are amplias, with decoración justa, limpias. El trato with Luca Francesca y te da paz, es perfecto. Los desayunos with ELABORACION casera son la mejor manera de empezar el día with energía. The ubicación te permite probar distintos tipos de playas. Puedes salir going to sup. Espero take the oportunidad de volver.

  • Marion France

    Aloha Ke Akua

    “Petit déjeuner Ayurveda d'une excellent qualité. Salle de yoga avec cours quotidiens. Organisation de cours de surf. Les hôtes, Luca et Francesca, sont pleins de (très) bons conseils. Ces 2 italiens sont tombés amoureux de l'île et ont créer un très beau lieu de détente, idéal pour se ressourcer. Situation géographique idéale pour rayonner dans le nord de l'île ( mais maison un peu difficile à trouver toutefois, prévoir une bonne carte)”

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