Amy Rachelle's Pure Raw

Bali, Indonesia

Amy Rachelle's Pure Raw offers raw food chef certification training and detox workshops, full day intros to healthy living, and much more. Learn from the best and experience full support.

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  • Michelle B. United States

    Amy Rachelle's Pure Raw website

    I must tell you once again how grateful I am for the experience I had in Bali with you. Amy, you literally changed my life.

  • Mirjam Netherlands

    Amy Rachelle's Pure Raw website

    Being around you and in a raw food environment has already impacted me a lot. In a good way! I’m much more focused on making food choices that will make me feel good, instead of just fulfilling a short-term need. And I feel focused in a very off-handed natural way, without an “I should” approach. I very much like the way you integrate not only the food but also the mind, body, emotion aspects.

  • Paige B. United States

    Amy Rachelle's Pure Raw website

    Every year I think of you remembering the amazing life changing experience I had with you! I am forever grateful! It gave me tools to realign my life whenever I need to get back on track, in so many ways.

  • Nadia Amsterdam

    Amy Rachelle's Pure Raw website

    Wonderful class again today! I am always so inspired and motivated. I want to thank you so much for who you are. This was exactly what I needed at this time.

  • Michelle Australia

    Amy Rachelle's Pure Raw website

    What an amazing course, a big thank you for inspiring me.

  • Margaret United States

    Amy Rachelle's Pure Raw website

    Thanks again for shining the light on this way of life for me so beautifully so that I can upgrade my physical, emotional, and spiritual selves together.

  • Sara United States

    Amy Rachelle's Pure Raw website

    Thank you for continuing to be the light in my life I need in order to find the path. You’re an inspiration and a vision of hope and love. I am really excited about the work I have to do and the tools to come! Today gave me a burst of energy to do and be the best of me, thanks to you.

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