Ananda Yoga & Detox Center

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Ananda Yoga & Detox Center in Thailand offers a variety of life-enhancement yoga holidays and rejuvenating affordable detox programs for body, mind, and spirit.

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  • Elio Wehbe Lebanon

    August 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    The experience overall was life-changing. The program was rigorous and benefitted me immensely both physically and spiritually. It combines both aspecs of yoga in a smart and effective way. I left after the program feeling confident that I can start teaching but also very excited to do that.

  • Anonymous

    June 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    The yoga classes and alignment were excellent

    All additional classes (pranayama, meditation, anatomy, special classes (pregnancy etc.) need a lot of improvement.

    Room cleaning was poor. The food was very good but limited in variety which is a bit deplorable for such a long-term stay.

    These points reflect the flip side of low-cost TTC unfortunately. So yes, it was overall as could be expected, but I hoped for more in-depth experience with all yoga topics.

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    • ansorobineau France


      Yoga Teacher Training and 7.5 days detox.

      Amazing experience with the teacher training. Johnny was an incredible teacher from whom we got the chance to learn a great deal. We were 12 for the training, good group, great encounters and friendships. Johnny had two teacher assistants, Martha & Yafit, who were also of good advice when practice teaching in smaller groups. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in yoga and deepening their knowledge on the topic.

    • lukatraveltheworld


      This is the place to be! Johnny is the best yoga teacher ever (and now a close friend and guru). The place is beautiful and the food awesome! Even if the sea there is not very swimable but they've got a nice pool and a great steam sauna. Everything about this place is just paradise!

    • that_yoga_glow Virginia


      I am beyond thrilled I chose Ananda Resort to do my YTT. The Resort was beautiful - I didn't want to leave! Johnny was an incredible teacher & instantly became a life long friend. I learned more than I expected to & will definitely return for more. Please start a 300 hour YTT! Ali was amazing as well - you guys are doing a wonderful thing for people. Keep it up!

    • Fleur T


      I met Johnny back in May 2016 during a short visit to the island of Koh Phangan when a friend I met told me she was going to be teaching at Ananda, she was a relatively new teacher and Johnny was helping her with some tutelage. First I experienced one of the best yoga classes I have ever had with Johnny and secondly I was kindly invited to join in the lesson Johnny was giving to my friend on teaching, cueing and sequencing methods.

      The idea of doing my yoga teacher training at that point had been somewhat of a pipe dream. It wasn't until I so thoroughly enjoyed Johnny's incredible yoga classes and was able to experience a sample of his actual teaching strategy that I was certain I had to do my Yoga teacher training, even if it wasn't with Johnny (because at that point he had not confirmed a course), the experience made me realise my dream. A few months later Johnny contacted me and told me of his official plans for the Yoga TTC in November, and so the journey begun!

      The yoga TTC was down to earth, practical, professional and unprejudiced. Johnny's grounded, level headed manor and perspective provided our group with the support and stability we needed during such an intense and life changing experience. The lessons we learned and subjects covered were practical and useful. Though a lot of what we learned was transferrable to many aspects of life and personal growth, the core intention was always - to teach yoga and become yoga teachers. Something that I think could be lost in many TTC's when not enough emphasis is placed on the actual art/skill of teaching. Johnny is professional and respectful always, he and his wife Ali (who manages the resort side of things) are a wonderful team, kind and caring while remaining professional, the perfect combo for a TTC! The course is Alignment Hatha, Vinyasa focused, though we also covered a number of other styles and I found it to be very unbiased which I really appreciated. It is unlimited to one specific school of yoga and Johnny encourages learning in all aspects and styles of yoga.

      The course has given me a really firm and broad base from which I am excited to grow my lifetime of learning from. It was a truly, life changing experience, I feel I have grown and developed in all directions and uncovered so much about myself. There is no more perfect quote to describe my experience of Johnny's yoga TTC at Ananda than that in the Bhagavad Gita - " Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."

      I encourage everyone who is considering yoga teacher training to take the jump! It is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself.

    • Isabellette France


      While traveling in Asia, I ended up on the small island of Koh Phangan trying to find a place to practice Yoga intensely. After trying several spots on the island I chose to stay and follow Johnny's class twice a day. I've learned so much thanks to Johnny and will forever be grateful our paths crossed! It was so inspiring it also gave me the wish to complete the 200h Yoga Teacher Training with him, which I did, and I cannot but strongly recommend this place. Not only Ananda is an excellent Detox place, where you'll be taken care of by professionals who know what they're talking about, and will bring you all the attention and love needed to fulfill such an enterprise, but it is to me definitely the best place to do a Yoga retreat and Teacher Training. Johnny has a strong background of teaching more than 7000H, this make his alignment focused way of teaching clear, thorough, and mindful of security cues to protect the body from any injury while deepening your practice. I gained so much awareness of the body and understanding of the functioning of even the tinier muscles involved by following his teaching, and I also learned a lot about life in general as Johnny has a true gift when it comes to draw parallels between the practice on your mat and Life. Moreover, I definitely recommend the place as a resort, the staff is very friendly (special mention to the kitchen staff who were cooking for us very healthy food full of love), the room was simple but very clean, the sea-salt pool amazing! Thanks to the training, I gained so much more discipline, but I also made new friends that are like a new family to me now. This place feels like home and I miss my room number 12! I hope to be back very soon! Thank you so much for everything.

    • yrossen74 Cambodia


      I recently completed an intensive month of Ananda's Yoga Teacher Training. It was a life changing experience! I learned a lot about yoga and life, spending a month with amazing people from all around the world. The program is very intense, with activities beginning at 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM. Unlike other YTT, Ananda provides all meals during the day (breakfast, lunch & dinner), which is very convenient and tasty, especially after intensive training and studying. They also offer on-location accommodation (if you choose), which means students don't have to waste time and energy on driving or dinning, and can focus all their energy and time on the course itself. Johnny is the heart of the YTT, He is a very special person, a true yogi that really lives the principles of yoga, respect and sensitive to others, and of-course a VERY professional yoga teacher with 11 years of experience. If you are looking for a non-commercial, non-synthetic template YTT, but something professional AND with a personal touch, this is the place for you! Good luck!

    • leilal515 France


      I decided to complete this year my Yoga Teacher Training as I really loved Johnny's class. This experience was one of the best experience I have done in a very long time. Ananda Resort is a gorgeous place. The people there are amazing and I felt like home for a month. This training overtook my expectations and I am very happy and grateful to Johnny for his knowledge, experience, openness, empathy and adaptability. I not only have a diploma now, I have friends for life after my training and I wish you the same great experience ! Namaste

    • IslandinthePacific Victoria


      This is my fifth detox in Thailand, and my third time here. I have also experienced Ayurveda in India and Sri Lanka. This is my favourite detox retreat by far.

      The systems for colema, herbs, nutritionals, psyllium/bentonite shakes, steam, massages, yoga, and meditation sessions are not unlike other places. The major advantage, as far as I'm concerned, is the price. Quality for a value price.

      Wifi is strong and consistent. Optiomal pre/post days include specific foods to complement the fast. The salt-water pool is fantastic.

      The man who runs the "Detox Bar" and the colema facility is Nor. He is very professional in this function.

    • t0nyamarie Thailand


      I recently did the 7.5 day detox at Ananda Resort and loved it! The rooms are clean and comfortable. Ali, the detox manger, is great and will answer all of your questions. The detox bar staff are awesome and funny. They take great care of you and always ask how you're feeling.

      The pool, steam room, and daily massages included in the detox price are true luxuries. It was the perfect environment to be detoxing!!

      The daily yoga class with Johnny was amazing. His knowledge and approachability kept me coming back for more even after my detox was finished. I would definitely recommend his classes and future TTC programs. Johnny has amazing passion for the practice and he is able to weave philosophy seamlessly through his alignment based classes. I always left learning something new.

      A wonderful overall experience at Ananda Resort!

    • michelle w


      My yoga experience at Ananda was everything I was looking for. The studio is spacious, airy, and light--the perfect environment for finding your groove on the mat. Johnny is a gem of a teacher; he's got a wealth of knowledge to share about the practice and his cues are clear and easy to follow, with modifications offered for all levels. His guidance and patience through the poses make each one feel achievable, and he places great emphasis on proper alignment and safety. I really enjoyed his enthusiastic yet calming energy, and it was an absolute pleasure learning from him. Highly recommended for beginners and advanced practitioners alike!

    • Lindsay C


      For those interested in the Yoga Program, I cannot speak highly enough about it. I came to Ananda Resort for the 7-Day Yoga Retreat program and I was beyond impressed, to say the least.

      I couldn't afford much, so I chose the cheapest room which was a 4 bed dorm with a fan. I was a bit worried of how unbearable the heat would be, but it turned out to be a nonissue. There's quite a strong breeze that comes in off the water so along with the fan it keeps the rooms rather cooled off. The shower was hot, the room was cleaned regularly, and noise on the resort was never a problem.

      The yoga program itself was amazing! The instructor, Johnny, was absolutely outstanding. Not only did he have clear, precise direction, but he also had a way of relating the yoga principles to everyday life, which I really liked. He was very patient, encouraging, and had a great positive energy about him. Just the best!!! There were 2 yoga classes a day, as well as meditation every morning, and I found this schedule to be perfect. Many other yoga retreats only offer yoga once a day, or sometimes only a few times a week. This is particularly why I chose Ananda above the rest - to strengthen my yoga practice and I did just that!

      Considering the only interest I had in this resort was the yoga, all the other amazing factors were the icing on the cake! The food at the restaurant was sooooo delicious and healthy, all of the staff were friendly and accommodating, the cleanliness of the resort was on point, I couldn't be happier.

      I will be returning to Ananda next year 100%

    • jaks11 United Kingdom


      I came to Ananda as a first time detoxer (11 days) with little expectation as to what would happen. My goal was not to lose weight as such (although I had piled on the pounds before my arrival! opppps) but to relax and seek some peace of mind.

      Greeted by Shannon, I was immediately put at ease and told that my induction would be with Ali a couple of hours later. Here, I weighed myself and was given a thorough (VERY) explanation of the schedule and what to expect. This really lifted my somewhat anticipated state.

      The schedule is jam packed with Shakes, herbs, colemas, massage and at first this schedule looked a little too packed for me, afterall this is what I was trying to disappear from. I am very thankful for this schedule. Not only did it keep me motivated but also gave a great chance to talk to other detoxers. Everyone is on their own journey and reason for being here and this is totally respected by everyone. Amazing people!

      The facilites at Ananda are second to none with a herbal steamroom, pool and opportunity to attend yoga classes. I found no fault with the room I was in. Very clean and kept clean during my stay. I tend to be a scatterer *ooops* and Dee and Kai, even took my things off my bed to change it.

      At the Detox bar, I met Nor and Two who kept so well up to date with my own personal schedule (I added Candida and Liver on aswell) I can see why Nor is the captain of his ship :) Very well informed and always their for advice. Two is the same and gave excellent hugs :)

      I also met the very sweet Pyo in the restaurant, always a smile and always there to help. A real sweetie.

      I have just finished the detox, at Ananda, lost 6 kilos and I find no fault with anything here! Thank you Ananda, Ali, Shannon, Nor, Two, Pyo Dee and Kai for actually helping me have the week of a lifetime! :)

      Anyone considering coming here (which you should :))... You come here for you and you live YOUR own experience, no matter what you do when you are here. Whether like mine it is an emotional week, a time to recharge,a spiritual, a time to reboot.... no matter the reason you are very well looked after here. A place to really "be".

      All of this at a very affordable price, cheapest I found in Thailand (although by being here, you wouldn't think it)

      Thank you so much Ananda, I really can't praise you enough!

    • sazza88 United Kingdom


      So this is my Third year to Ananda and this year I did a whole 14 day fast. I think Ananda's detox will be something that is part of my life always now on a yearly basis. The new staff team are a dream and always on hand to answer any question and to advise. For me also it's perfect as no one preaches to you about how to live your life, however they guide you and give you the information to make the best changes for you.

      This detox was very short notice and I was in a bad place before I set off, and the detox has given me my sparkle back, it also helped me to loose a dress size and now I'm inspired to continue to be in a healthy weight for my body. I was also on anti anxiety tablets for over a year now and the detox enabled me to come off these and I haven't had any panic attacks or anxiety during or afterwards and haven't taken a pill in over three weeks.

      I can from experience say hands down the ananda is the best detox experience on the island over its competitors, for a start it's the only one where you get a daily massage included every day, I've been to Thailand 17 times now of 16 years and these massage lady's are the best! My back that was fractured last August feels better than in a long time! Also the accommodation is by far superior and ridiculously good value for money! The place is kept spotless by Dee. Nor and his sister at the detox bar are there to do everything for you and you don't have to mix your own drinks or prepare you own colemas like in some places! Everything is super hygienic and Ali, Jonny and Shannon make you feel so welcome and are there to always answer any questions or give great advice!

      The food also is great now for post detox and the Broccoli soup is so amazing when I got home I got all the ingredients to make it.

      There are also other holistic services at additional cost of you are interested but there is never a push. The Qi nei tsang for me was excellent and lymphatic massage and the demonstration on how to get the best from you Colema with self massage is a god send at 13.30 in the library area.

      I love the new addition of the laminates on the detox bar that tells you what's happening that week and also The new meditation at 7am daily. The yoga I hear is fantastic but I didn't attend, ( due to also hi g an additional treatment booked in that hour) but the people who did said how great it was.

      So thank you ananda and everyone there,big love and thanks for helping me and providing such an affordable and amazing experience to enable me to be happy in me again!

      Can't wait for next year

    • Lora Mexico

      TripAdvisor website

      I didn't plan this detox, I was looking around TripAdvisor while in Koh Phangan when I came across Ananda Wellness Resort and called and sent an inquiry. From first contact I was taken care of and welcomed by the management and staff. Not planning at first to do a detox, I went in a toe at a time first committing 3.5 days then soon realizing I was in the perfect place at the perfect time so I stayed for the full program. As a long time advocate of alternative therapies, I am very familiar with the protocol, the herbs and colon cleansing that make up the program, I can attest that this is a very time honored and well thought out offering. Everything goes smoothly here, you are supported and gently reminded of the timetable. That schedule keeps the day moving and there is not much time to feel any type of loss of missing a meal, you are full and happy to rest, swim, sauna, yoga, read and receive a fabulous massage.The resort is full of others on detox and there are a variety of folks coming, going and participating in the program. Really high quality yoga classes are offered along with meditation and a there was a great Taoist sound healing class while I was there. My accommodation was in a bungalow up a few stairs, that has an ocean view and a breeze, very comfortable. a couple weeks has passed since I finished the detox so my praise isn't just the buzz from a great cleanse, although I did feel very expansive upon completion of my program. Consider the self care of going to a far away spot to just rest and renew, and of course be dedicated to the process and experience when you sign up. Ananda Wellness is a special spot, I'll be going back, I've already told my family - detox vacation coming up so save for it.

    • ImmaFortia Spain

      TripAdvisor website

      I try to go every year to do my fasting/detox. Amazing experience, staff and program. I just love it. I always take fan room, simple room but very clean. The Wi-Fi is good (well we are in Thailand), swimming pool clean, sauna too.

    • Gary

      TripAdvisor website

      I did a (7.5) day detox/fast and I will say it is not for everyone. People who go to Ananda have to be mentally tough and seriously want the benefits of the programs. You should have a good positive attitude as to what you are undertaking.

      What I liked about Ananda??? The Staff from the Management Team, juice bar staff, massage specialists, maids and someday you even get to meet the kitchen staff:). All wonderful people being very helpful. I personally came out of the program with mental clarity, lost (approx. 14 lbs/7kgs), but was especially happy with the fat loss around my chest, back, waist and belly. I think food in Thailand is some of the best you will ever experience. After my fast... It was like being a baby experiencing new foods for the first time. My taste buds are totally renewed it seems.

      Go to Ananda with a good attitude, for the right reasons, be tough and enjoy the sauna, daily yoga and massages. The health benefits are wonderful!

    • Nina Solomatina Russia

      TripAdvisor website

      It was my very first time doing the detox, so I worried a bit how it would go. But Ananda was recommended by a friend, who did the detox there previously.

      When I arrived I met several people who came for their 4th and 5th time for the detox in this particular place, it felt very reassuring!! And immediately I saw how Ananda's staff was nice and supportive, there is really a very nice atmosphere at the resort, which helps to go through challenging times during the detox.

      Regarding detox itself - it is VERY well organized, you have a well-planned scheduled, it's structured and easy to follow. In fact, you won't have much time around, because there is always something to do) Which is really good)

      Regarding place itself - the facilities/accommodation are nice, but don't expect any luxuries. It's clean and well maintained, but pretty basic.

      But everything is compact and you smoothly go from one place in your program to another.

      The place is located right in front of the beach, I adored walking on the beach every morning and observing the amazingly beautiful sunsets there.

      The only disappointment of mine was that the beach wasn't swimmable(( You have to drive 7-10 minutes with a scooter if you want to swim. Other than that, everything else was perfect and I plan to come back next year!

    • Paul United Kingdom

      Tripadvisor website

      Have visited other detox venues in Thailand and spoken to fellow guests on the detox who have visited other detox resorts. Without a doubt this resort is excellent value for money and the results they speak for themselves I lost 6.8kg in 9 days.The resort is not a 5 star but a clean well managed ,well kept and functional operation. The staff are lovely and Noah is the star of the show always talking to the guests. Rooms facilities are functional and I took up the free rooms offer and paid 1/3 of what other resorts would cost for the same time. I will be back there in March to complete my weight loss plan.

    • Madina Kazakhstan

      Tripadvisor website

      I had my detox in the end of February '15. That was absolutely fantastic! Ananda is peaceful and harmonic place for mediation and detox. The staff is so nice. I took 14 days fasting detox. I lost about 4 kg. the main reasons to choose Ananda among plenty of detox centers are affordable price, good location and cleanness. If you are looking for a place to hide and bring mind and body in order, Ananda is a must visit.

    • Sabina

      Tripadvisor website

      I have had numerous detoxes and fastings in my life but the one in Ananda was by far the best. Excellent program and support and very good and healthy food in the restaurant. I'm looking forward to visiting next year.

    • a traveller India

      Tripadvisor website

      Great place for a health detox. My first. If I ever do it again, it will be at Ananda. The program was ably and expertly supervised by Vangelis. Though there was no medical supervision, I thought that for those who have a good awareness and understanding of their body-mind , this works. The staff were well-trained, attentive and sincere. Really value the hygiene and cleanliness. Great pool. Lovely steam room. Beautiful yoga hall. Super massages. Fabulous food. I tanked up on Health and Bliss! Did not want to leave!

    • Victoria Canada

      Ananda Resort website

      I had quitted coffee tree weeks prior and eliminated a lot of processed sugars 2 weeks prior. I was looking for this cleanse to clean out and kick-start my digestive system again (I have issues with slow digestion and other poor digestive symptoms when I eat certain foods). I was mildly worried I wasnt ready for a week long undertaking. During the cleanse I felt great! The psyllium husk shakes really did their job and only on day 1 I get a stomach rumble. I also rarely thought of food. The coconut water, broth, green apple juice were a great treat to look forward to. After the cleanse I feel clean! I am so ready to continue forward with better eating habits to do the detox and my body justice. I actually feel like I have stepped into the light after passing through a tunnel and Im ready to begin anew.

    • Brona, Ireland

      Ananda Resort website

      I found the resort a nice place to relax and get in the right mindset. Pre-cleansing can be difficult so it was good to be here for that. I enjoyed the cleanse. After the cleanse I feel great. I have lots of energy. My skin looks great. My eyes are brighter. I feel lighter and I know that I lost weight. Im very motivated towards eating better and looking after myself.

    • Emilierr Denmark

      Tripadvisor website

      The non ac rooms were simple but clean and the cleaner came in everyday (she was lovely by the way). The kitchen staff were friendly too and the detox staff really fun, nice and patient. Villy could have been a bit more understanding about arising questions but it was probably good that she was strict - so we didn't even consider cheating.

    • a traveller Australia

      Tripadvisor website

      This was my first detox and would return to Ananda to complete another one. I really felt the health differences at the time and am still feeling the positive outcome a couple of months later. The staff are wonderful and the resort is comfortable and relaxing which helps with the detoxing. I stayed in a bungalow and would recommend it, I highly recommend Ananda.

    • Diana France

      Tripadvisor website

      I went to Ananda for my first detox this year and the experience was so positive I am already planning my next stay. The program is perfect, great massages (Yahn you are though but very very good!), yoga and the surroundings are great to relax in. There is very good wifi in all areas including your room. I chose a air con bungalow and was very happy with that. You feel very well looked after at Ananda and the staff is fantastic. Thanks to Nor for making all my drinks, thanks to Sherry for some good conversations, advice and for lending me your detox books to better understand the whole process in the body. Thanks to the Amazing kitchen even though I didn't get to try as much as I wanted. Next time!

    • a traveller Australia

      Tripadvisor website

      Know that this is a health resort with basic/ adequate accommodation. No soap or shampoo provided, although there is a shop next door. Guests come for a structured program which includes twice daily colonic irrigation, and daily thai massage, sauna and yoga accompanied by fasting ( 2 juice, 1 broth, electrolytes and bulk laxatives.) There is NO on-site medical supervision or medically knowledgeable staff. There is a hospital on the island. Limited management presence - but great staff. (Most without much English). It is kept clean and sanitised - although the tiled surfaces in the colema room do have sharp corners. The pool, and poolside relaxation areas are only for the programmed guests. There is a restaurant (popular amongst the locals) and the food is delicious. It has beach frontage. Lots of shady walkways with vines and dripping flowers. It is like living under jungle cover. The main deal is colonic irrigation. Accommodation is secondary to this.

    • Jane Argentina

      Tripadvisor website

      I found the resort a nice place to relax and get in the right mindset. Pre-cleansing can be difficult so it was good to be here for that. I enjoyed the cleanse. After the cleanse I feel great. I have lots of energy. My skin looks great. My eyes are brighter. I feel lighter and I know that I lost weight. Im very motivated towards eating better and looking after myself.

    • Dacia, Australia

      Ananda Resort website

      Before cleansing my diet was good but I was eating wheat which I dont react well to. My skin was not in a good state either, as I had acne and oily skin issues. My energy was always good but sometimes I was very tired by late afternoon. I did not struggle at all throughout the cleanse. I found that time went very quickly, I was never hungry and never tired. After the cleanse I feel amazing. My skin has cleared up, I dont have any acne at all! I feel so energetic and feel ready to start a gluten free lifestyle. I feel so much less bloated and my mind is so clear. Emotionally, I feel absolutely fantastic! My negative thought processes have been wiped clean and replaced with much more optimism and clarity. Thank you so much!".

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