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Arogya Healing

Arogya Healing where fitness, yoga, and cleansing combine naturally. Expect to feel cared for and relaxed in a beautiful setting.

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Steve Jordan England

Arogya Healing website

Over the last 4 years I have completed several detox programs in Phuket. Every one of them have taught me something important to improve my life and enhance my general wellbeing. I was introduced to Arogya through a good friend of mine who I met on one of my previous detox programs.

A medical approach towards a detox sounded interesting to me and after a little googling I decided to give it a go. What really interested me from my research, was that previously I had fasted and survived living off supplements for a week or more which medically doesn’t seem as good for me.

My week at Arogya was really good. I learnt a lot about what is really good and healthy for me and especially how to live better after the program. I will definitely alter my eating habits and lifestyle due to what I learnt at Arogya.

If I was asked whether Arogya was the best detox I have done, I would not be able to say yes or no, because all detox programs have different benefits. Where Arogya was very strong was everything I learnt during my time there was based on proven medical fact. This gave me great confidence in what I was doing and taught me a lot.

The most noticeable thing for me was I did not go through the day 3 or 4 low point that I had experienced on other detox programs. And yes I did feel awesome at the end of the program.

Overall the staff at Arogya were very knowledgeable, Friendly and professional, I could not criticise them in any way.

I would recommend Arogya to anyone who is looking to improve their wellbeing, especially to those who have tried alternative detox programs and who are looking for the next big thing in wellness.

Edward Thompson USA

Arogya Healing website

I am a professional Fitness Trainer with over 20 years of experience in the field. I came across Arogya Healing by an invitation of Dr Prasit Koysiripong, one of the founders of the center to try the center’s fitness program. Mai (Sikarin), the Fitness Instructor, has been hired for his knowledge and experience. He also has graduated in Sports Science, so he can correctly explain the theories behind the practices. His classes are made to be quite fun and inspiring, especially his self-designed Muay Thai class which is excellent for increasing your strength, endurance and agility.

It is worth noting that the fitness program at Arogya Healing is a vegan one so you will not consume cholesterol into your body. High concentrations of cholesterol are thought to promote atherosclerosis in the blood vessels thus potentially making you weaker. Arogya Healing staff are quite professional in making sure that the guests and customers get sufficient amounts of protein intake for muscle building, and also you will get sufficient Vitamin B12 as well. Wasu has a certificate in Nutrition Science, so he can explain to you more on this subject.

Another impression from this center is that all the staff are service-minded and they coordinate quite well. Throughout a stay in the center, the feeling will be of fun and being cared for. All the staff are naturally happy about their work and will also try to help one another covering any task or request.

Thitanun Rungthanapat Thailand

Arogya Healing website

Though I regularly exercise, my weight hasn’t dropped much. After taking a course at Arogya Healing, I realized what I did wrong. The knowledge I got from Arogya Healing is very scientific and straight to the point, and the staff are very caring. I’d recommend anyone who wants to have a weight-loss retreat in Phuket or Thailand try Arogya Healing Center.

Paul Philips England

Arogya Healing website

I live and work here in Phuket and when I rarely get some time off, I like to relax and unwind at one of the many spa, detox and wellness centers here on the island. I have been to a lot over the years, from cheap and cheerful centers to 5* luxury resorts so have seen and experienced it all.

At Arogya Healing, the staff tend to your every need, and they know what they are doing. Their detox program is fundamentally different and makes more sense than what you’ll get from any other detox center, and it really works. I’d recommend to anyone who has experienced or been through a detox program before.

Anyway, a big thank you to the whole team at Arogya Healing thank you so much for a very pleasing and relaxing experience.

Prawat Lerdla Thailand

Arogya Healing website

I hadn’t realized how detrimental my lifestyle was until I came to Arogya Healing. This place helped me abstain from smoking, and made me feel fresher and healthier like never before. All the staff are lovely, warm and friendly, especially Mai (Sikarin) the fitness trainer, he was great and so enthusiastic.

I’ve learnt so much about my body and can now continue to live a healthy lifestyle, thanks to all the advice and info on the foods to eat and ways to live healthily.

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