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Bali, Indonesia

Art of Life Retreats offers inspiring yoga and raw food retreats around the world.

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  • Jo S


    Wow, where to begin! Oksana the founder of Art of life yoga retreats is one of the most passionate, creative and all inspiring people I have ever met. My partner and I came on the retreat to focus on our yoga practice and have a new raw food experience what we got was so much more Oksana went above and belong to adapt the retreat to our individual interests.

    We made new friends in Ubud, set up creative links, ignited our passion for raw clean eating and consolidated yoga as a way of being. I would come back again and again and would recommend the retreat to anymore wanting to experience the endless possibilities art of life can create and inspire.

  • AoiAl Japan

    TripAdvisor website

    The retreat organizer Oksana was amazing in terms of organizing, caring and compassion for guests. Great food and Ubud experience. I definitely want to go on another excursion with her. My daily stress was eliminated and was very relaxed! Wish I could've stayed longer...!

  • Anthea

    July 2015. Art of Life Retreats website

    I was very impressed with the philosophy and the joy in which these experienced teachers gave their knowledge and promoted a healthy way of living. I have been reminded about my love of creative expression and how I need to practice daily. They have inspired me to practice yoga to improve my strength, flexibility, and well-being. I will also be taking away with me the art of raw food preparation and I will now be making food as vital and delicious as possible. The food on the retreat was incredible!

  • a traveler Sweden

    TripAdvisor website

    I went to Bali looking to relax and enjoy the beautiful island and I got so much more. I had never done yoga and never even considered eating raw food. I was so nervous before my first class but there was no need for it. Oksana and Lisa are both wonderful teachers and even though everyone in the group were on a different yoga skill levels, they made it easy and fun to follow and still keep it challenging for the more experienced ones. After three days of eating raw food I was amazed at the difference I felt in my head and body. I started to feel so light. I had no idea one could feel this light at heart. Loving environment, super delicious food and interesting, and fun workshops. I have brought everything I learnt home with me and I practice it every day. My life has changed in so many ways. I will be back for more, that is certain.

  • Tahli C

    TripAdvisor website

    Art of Life retreats are incredible. I was unsure of what to expect, but from the minute I arrived, I felt welcomed and surrounded by a chilled out energy. The yoga synergy classes taken by Oksana were incredible and left me feeling so refreshed and energized. The way she slowly builds up the intensity each day was perfect. The food was incredible. No other raw food I have tried comes close to Sonja's magical creations. The food is carefully planned out to cater the body needs and I truly felt more nourished and well from the inside out than I ever had. The people I met on this retreat were all beautiful souls who I hope to keep in touch with. This was absolutely an incredible experience and I feel I came out a more aware and happy. I highly recommend it to anyone.

  • a traveler Australia

    TripAdvisor website

    This retreat was a good reset, especially for food awareness. The yoga synergy classes that Oksana led, were challenging and really rewarding. I looked forward to these classes each morning and wished we had the fortune of an evening class before dinner. Sonja Eberhard is the raw food chef and creator extraordinaire. Her food was nothing short of spectacular and her knowledge around food was equally interesting. A good opportunity to reset old habits and increase awareness around raw food, diet, and lifestyle.

  • Anthea G

    TripAdvisor website

    Time spent in paradise practicing yoga, enjoying a delicious raw food diet, and cleansing myself in more ways than I can explain. An excellent venue amongst the rice paddies with professional instructors and a positive creative approach to strengthening the body and soul. A small group in a 5-star rural Ubud retreat.

  • Harriet268

    TripAdvisor website

    Everything was perfect, from the beautiful surroundings, the beautiful food, the meaningful activities, to the active movements and of course, the yoga. It was truly a complete retreat with like-minded participants and caring teachers.

  • Natasha Australia

    Yoga Trail website

    Going to Bali and spending a week with all the group was something that I will never forget. It helped me to start to heal my broken heart and see that challenges in life only make you stronger and that we need to stop and appreciate what you have instead of wanting more all the time. I went to three different yoga studios when I got back and after trying them all I chose one. Nothing will compare to the shala where we practiced in at dragonfly, but when I close my eyes for savasana I go back to the rice fields.

  • Rosemarie Australia

    Yoga Trail website

    While I was in a raw food retreat in Bali, little did I know that I was going to meet a sensational yoga teacher with a strong spiritual focus and yoga practice. I enjoyed my own personal yoga practices all week long. Oksana's teaching was fantastic, she was both soft and strong. Through her yoga teaching, she executed a sense of fun and created great joy. I was eager to get to my morning classes and was very grateful to be able to enjoy Oksana's daily teachings. Oksana clearly enjoys life and teaching yoga is her passion.

  • Natalie Switzerland

    Yoga Trail website

    I am very happy to have Lisa as a yoga teacher. I stayed one month there and practiced yoga almost everyday. She is strong, compassionate, precise, very friendly, and so spiritual. I really enjoyed each of her lessons and made a lot of improvements thanks to her clever adjustments. I strongly recommend her!

  • Tom Australia

    Yoga Trail website

    What a delight it was to be part of Oksana's yoga classes at a recent raw food retreat at Bali. With only limited yoga experience, I felt very included. Oksana provided great direction, great insight, and context for the practice of yoga. The class catered for advanced yoga practitioners and others like me. Each morning for eight days I jumped out of bed and happily bounded off to yoga.

  • Kate Czechia

    Yoga Trail website

    I have experienced Lisa not only as a diligent yoga student, but also as a fantastic yoga teacher in Radiantly Alive Training program in Ubud, Bali, later in their Ubud based studio.She has all great qualities of an excellent yoga teacher: she is a nice person, a great listener, it is fun to be around her as her energy is very positive, she is attentive, friendly, knowledgeable, caring, hard working, disciplined, she is gentle, yet firm in her approach, tolerant, non judgmental, and always ready to explore and learn more. Times I spent with her were very memorable, I can't wait to be part of her class again.

  • Leanne

    Yoga Trail website

    Absolutely great classes, suitable for everyone. I loved Oksana's choice of music and quotes during the class. Shes a beautiful person and a great yoga teacher.

  • Georgie

    Yoga Trail website

    I just loved Oksana's yoga classes! I have a little experience of yoga practice from quite some time ago and with Oksana's encouragement and clear guidance, I felt I have achieved really good results with my yoga and have now been able to come away from her nine lessons and been able to carry out some practice each morning on my own. I also love her choice of music, it really helped me to get an added level of relaxation, peace, and enjoyment from her classes.

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