Atmanjai is a health and detox resort in Thailand that offers accommodation and various detox programs for its guests.

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Ocean Bloom

Ocean Bloom brings a refreshingly sensible, holistic and personalized approach to total health, wellbeing and fitness. Her passion, devotion and inspiration come from 25 years of experience in theater, film, dance, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, and over 15 years as a world fitness champion and model.

David Miodusky

David Mioduski is a practitioner of Oriental medicine, specializing in traditional Chinese Medicine. is knowledge and professional approach are evident in his ability to quickly produce lasting transformational health results.

Tim Thunyarat

Tim assists in clearing toxins, bad emotions and excessive heat or heat deficiencies that cause organs to malfunction. She is a highly experienced Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang practitioner. She has worked in detox centers throughout Thailand, supporting clients with practical bodywork enabling them to align physically and energetically.

Jason Blackman

A former paramedic who has spent decades studying eastern healing modalities, Jason brings a unique blend of medical knowledge and Asian harmony to is sessions. His Integrative Bodywork sessions are designed with the simple intention of cultivating awareness of the connection between body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Srisamorn Choosuahang

If you have aches and pain, strains, tears or discomfort, Morn’s healing treatments will transform you physically. While Morn is taught and qualified in many different techniques and methods of healing, what is unique is her ability to find where your body is holding tension, blockages or injury, he pathways, and then to apply her healing hands.

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a traveler

Tripadvisor website

Health and wellbeing is very important to me and I have been detoxing/cleansing my body many many years. My business also offers psychological, emotional and physical health support to people that are participating in a cleansing/detox program so quality and professionalism is extremely important to me.

I came to Atmanjai to participate in my own cleanse but also to experience the program to see if i would refer my clients to them.

I have experienced many detox health retreats and Atmanjai is the best from my perspective!

The retreat runs like clock work or could also be described as a beautiful , slow and relaxed dance that is always in time.

Atmanjai provides you an authentic and genuine wellness experience as authenticity and genuinity are projected out of the heart of each staff member.

There are many many layers to the physical , emotional and psychological healing journey and Atmanjai sincerely provides the space for you to achieve your goals , no matter what they are.

A space where you can truly allow yourself to 'sit still in the depths of your own beauty' and to heal towards integrated health. The depth you dive is up to you but from my experience the deeper you go the higher you float and you will be supported in this process at Atmanjai.

Lili K

Tripadvisor website

This place is perfect for detox. The staff are friendly and the food is amazing specially the raw dishes. The cook is American and seems to know what he is doing. Everything that we tried from raw dishes to typical American dishes was great.

The detox program is life changing specially if you to the ultra cleanse program. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

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