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Level 2 Thailand Detox Retreat

Atsumi Retreat Healing offers you a retreat in Thailand that brings spiritual and personal development, health and well being, and the power for totally healing yourself and others. After this retreat, your body, mind, and spirit will feel renewed and rejuvenated. As powerful as their full fasting cleanse and providing balance of energy and nutrients through the carefully selected juices, level two program is a total cleanse from the inside out. Come and embark on this journey of healing.


  • Fasting and detox handbook
  • Consultation with fasting consultant
  • Daily self-administered colema program
  • Daily massage and blood pressure check
  • Atsumi certificate after fasting period
  • Personalized juice cleanse program
  • Complimentary airport transfers
  • 8 nights accommodation


7 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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You will be staying in the Atsumi Healing Retreat center for this retreat.

Atsumi lakeside

The cute and cozy lakeside cottages are situated in the center of Atsumi Healing Retreat, which is a short stroll through the garden to their yoga shala and treatment rooms. Suitable for a single guest, the cottage features a single bed, bathroom, timber deck with seating, hot and cold water, air-conditioning, cable television and DVD, and Wi-Fi.

Atsumi villas

The Atsumi villas are situated in the center of Atsumi Healing Retreat, steps from the pool, treatment rooms, and their yoga shala. With large bedroom and lounge or kitchen area, complimented by a timber deck seating area with tropical garden views. The room features one king-sized bed, hot and cold water, air-conditioning, cable television and DVD, and Wi-Fi.

Yellow house

The popular yellow house has extremely spacious rooms and its own swimming pool. A 200-meter lovely stroll through their tree lined driveway to the center of Atsumi Healing. With a choice of double beds or twin beds, the yellow house is perfect for couples, friends, or singles. The room features hot and cold water, air-conditioning, cable television and DVD, and Wi-Fi.

Atsumi Retreat Healing Juice Detox Holiday Thailand Program

Before commencing a juicing program with Atsumi Retreat Healing, it is absolutely essential to pre-fast. Most people choose to pre-fast on raw low fructose fruits, vegetables, and green juices for a week or more prior to commencing the full fast program.

Fasting has been practiced for millennia, but only recently studies have shed light on its role in adaptive cellular responses that reduce oxidative damage and inflammation, optimize energy metabolism, and bolster cellular protection. Fasting has the potential to delay ageing and help prevent and treat diseases, while minimizing the side effects caused by chronic dietary interventions.

Pre-Atsumi cleanse recommendations and tips

Pre-fasting prepares your body for the deep cleansing you will experience on the full fast. On a pre-fast, your body will move from an acidic state towards the alkalinity needed for cleansing. You will also increase your storage of electrolytes, giving your body the strength needed for cleansing.

Fasting without properly preparing your body can result in rapid toxin elimination which, in turn, can result in some discomfort including headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. You will experience a more enjoyable cleanse overall by pre-fasting properly.

What if you cannot pre-fast?

If you are unable to pre-fast due to personal circumstances, you may choose to pre-fast at Atsumi Retreat Healing for two to three days on their raw fast program before beginning the full fast. Or, you may also choose to do their full fast with juice option rather than the full fast if you are unable to pre-fast and prefer not to raw fast with them.

How to pre-fast?

Depending on your personal lifestyle and level of toxicity, you may experience a little nausea and headaches on the pre-fast. Alternatively, if you have been eating well, you may be full of energy and feel very centered and focused.

What should you eat and drink during a pre-cleanse?

During a pre-cleanse, you should ideally eat lots of fresh local and organic vegetables should be at the top of the list, including vegetable juices. Vegetables should be raw or lightly steamed. Consume lots of good fat like avocados, coconut water, and flesh including the oil, olive oil, hemp seeds and oil, flaxseeds and oil, soaked nuts, and seeds if possible or just raw butter and eggs.

Unless you are a vegetarian, you should also have medium sized portion of wild fish and free range light meat, such as chicken. You should also consume small amounts of organic fruits ideally low in fructose, such as berries, citrus, or kiwi. Medium sized amount of good starches, including whole non-gluten grains like brown rice, quinoa, or sweet potatoes are also good for your pre-cleanse stage.

Additionally, you can also soaked (at least 12 hours) legumes and beans, like lentils, and have small amounts of organic cultured dairy (for those not intolerant) like natural yoghurt, kefir, and cheese (raw milk cheese, if possible). Make sure you drink a lot of water, which also includes herbal teas without any sugar added.

Foods to avoid or severely reduce during your pre-Atsumi cleanse

Please avoid eating or consuming processed foods, trans fats, sugar, alcohol, recreational drugs, red meat, processed flour products, like bread and pasta, commercial milk, coffee, and black tea.

Sample pre-cleanse meal day

Upon waking, drink lemon in warm water with fiber capsules, powder, or loose fiber (organic psyllium husk or glucomannon).

Breakfast green smoothie

  • Take one or a combination of vegetables (cucumber, zucchini, spinach, celery, fennel, or lettuce)
  • Add one or a combination of good fats (freshly ground flaxseed, flax oil, fish oil, avocado, or coconut oil)
  • Choose one of the following protein sources: hemp, brown rice, or pea
  • Take one or a combination of superfoods (barley grass, wheatgrass, spirulina, or chlorella)
  • You can add berries or kiwi fruit for more sweetness
  • If you need extra sweetener, go for stevia
  • Please stay away from pure fruit or carrot and beetroot juices

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack (if necessary)

  • Handful of olives
  • Half an avocado
  • Handful of nuts (soaked)
  • Freshly cut vegetable sticks (carrots, celery, beetroot, or zucchini) with maybe some hummus


  • Fresh mixed raw salad with lots of vegetables
  • Safe starch like sweet potatoes, brown rice, pumpkin, quinoa, or lentils
  • Piece of wild fish or free range egg and chicken if needed


  • Fresh raw salad, possibly including fermented vegetables
  • Large portion of lightly steamed vegetable, like broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, or asparagus
  • Piece of wild fish or free range chicken
  • Safe starch like sweet potatoes, brown rice, pumpkin, or quinoa if needed
  • If you are vegetarian, then choose soaked lentils or legumes and a small portion of starch

Recommended natural super food supplements

The recommended natural super food supplements to help to cleanse are green superfood like spirulina, barley grass, wheatgrass, or moringa. For those believing to suffer from burnout or adrenal fatigue, add either maca, ashwaganda, rhoidioa, or ginseng and extra magnesium like magnesium oil.

For those not having two to three bowel movements per day, try using a product like oxypowder, oxycleanse, or similar magnesium based bowel cleanser. Please beware of synthetic multivitamins that can do more harm than good.

During your fast

  • Personalized juice cleanse program
  • Two daily self-administered colema program and one daily massage
  • Cleansing drinks and probiotics
  • Nutrition supplements
  • Organic protein supplements
  • Fresh young coconuts for electrolytes and unlimited herbal teas
  • Liver flush drink
  • Detox shaker
  • Fasting kit set
  • Lemon and ginger tea, wheatgrass shooters, and coconut kefir
  • Hot mineral broth
  • One consultation with fasting consultant
  • One optional therapy (45 minutes) from their optional therapy menu in replacement of one massage

After your fast

  • Exit interview
  • Atsumi Healing Retreat house salad and breaking the fast juice
  • Atsumi Healing Retreat certificate
  • Probiotics pills
  • Atsumi Healing Retreat's post-detox healthy living manual
  • Raw food file


This retreat will take place in Phuket, Thailand.

Nearby places

  • Phuket International Airport (HKT) - 45 minutes
  • Nai Harn Beach, 5 kilometers



  • Massage
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Steam room
  • Swimming pool


  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Beach nearby
  • Café
  • Garden
  • Yoga shala


  • Free Wi-Fi


All the herbs are GMP/FDA approved, ethically wild harvested, supporting Thai agriculture, and reviving your relationship with nature's complete food. For centuries, it has been part of Thai culture to detoxify by ingesting Thai herbs. Atsumi Healing Retreat has taken their inspiration from the secrets of Thai tradition to offer their guests the best new blended herbs of Thai origin.

Safe and even more effective, these new herbs will increase the benefits of your program by reducing inflammation, cleaning your gut, boosting your immune system, and removing toxins from the body.

Their new suppliers work closely with Hill Tribe farmers with a win-win philosophy that provides the farmers with greater than fair trade prices that allow a sustainable income and at the same time, assures a constant supply of top quality agricultural raw materials. True success is never won at the expense of others.

Their suppliers work both directly and indirectly to support these brilliant high altitude farmers whose strong traditions of natural agriculture are ingrained in their farming practices. They display a high level of understanding and reverence for the wisdom of equilibrium infused in nature. Quality starts at the source.

Things to do (optional)

You will also have the opportunity and time to experience a variety of fun and new activities, including yoga, meditation, Thai kickboxing, Qi Gong, dancing, and more.

Spa treatments

Atsumi Healing Retreat spa provides a tranquil escape from the stresses of everyday life, a place to embrace holistic change, and replenish your body's precious energy. Their spa offers an exclusive range of treatments using the very finest of natural products and their friendly and professionally trained Thai practitioners are always ready to suggest the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

Whether it is a totally relaxing Atsumi massage, gentle body scrub and wraps, and pampering facials, let the specialists at Atsumi Healing spa nurture you through your journey of self-discovery.

Massage therapy

ThaiAtsu massage

This is the ultimate treatment for those seeking intensive massage. This signature massage created by the founder of Atsumi, a Shiatsu master, is designed to relax and relieve muscle tension helping reduce the physical and emotional stresses of daily life.

The ThaiAtsu massage offers relief from problems, such as back pain, jet lag, hang over, stomachache, constipation, diarrhea, headache, menstrual cramps, stiff muscles, poor sleep, and stress related anxiety and tension.

Pressure can be varied to suit client comfort. Additionally, working on the Hara (stomach area) eases aches and pains and gives a boost to the immune system. They believe that ThaiAtsu is by far the best remedial treatment that they have on offer for the body, mind, and soul.

Thai massage

The traditional massage of Thailand is an invigorating experience that is a blend of passive stretching, acupressure, and breathing exercises. Atsumi's meditative surroundings enables this healing art to simultaneously evoke a feeling of total relaxation and renewed energy.

Reflexology massage

Reflexology is the art of stimulating specific zones on the feet, improving energy blockages, and restoring the smooth flow of energy through the body. These zones link to specific internal organs of the body offering a dynamic mix of stimulation and relaxation. This healing art will help to promote detoxification and increase metabolic function and improving your overall wellness.

Head and shoulders massage

Indulge an Atsumi's exceptional head, neck, and shoulders massage. Let tension dissolve and clarity restore under the powerful fingertips of their specialists. Deeply relaxing and calming, uplifting and mind clearing, the benefits of this treatment are pure bliss.

Massage treatment

Atsumi aroma oil delight massage

Enchant your senses with their special blends of the highest quality organic oils. As your body eases into a state of relaxation, the aromatic effects of the essential oils help to balance mind and emotions, remove tension, and delight the senses. They offer a choice of coconut, jasmine, bergamot, and citronella oils.

Thai herbal compress massage

Using a warmed herbal compress filled with traditional Thai herbs to soothe deep muscle aches and release tension, this is a very relaxing and aromatic experience. Hot compresses are used to address chronic problems, such as back pain and tendinitis, as well as to increase energy flow, improve circulation, relax muscles, and stimulate nerves.

Bellabaci uplifting and slimming massage

This massage utilizes the bellabaci hand squeezed medical silicone vacuum cupping method, with great suction on the body surface, for its effects under the skin. It increases lymphatic circulation that drains away waste products and materials.

The results are that the stagnation is eliminated, cellular metabolism and dermal respiration is intensified, and the skin elasticity and muscular functionality is improved. It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, tones the skin, assists in body contouring, removes toxins, and relaxes and rejuvenates the body.

Bellabaci uplifting and slimming massage works great on cellulite, flab, adiposity, stretch marks, tight and sore muscles, joint pain and inflammation, fatigue, and colon and digestive related issues.

Body treatments

Body scrub

Exfoliating body scrub that rubs away the dead skin cells on the surface, revealing the softer, younger cells just below. Stimulates circulation and allows for increased detoxification through your skin. The high-quality essential oils beautify body skin. The oil includes homemade black sesame seeds, honey, and tamarin juice.

Aloe vera sunburn relief wrap

Fresh aloe vera from the Atsumi garden, penetrates the three layers of skin, regenerating cells, and revitalizing the body. Aloe vera vitamins, sugars, enzymes, and minerals give a healing sensation and healthy results.

Detoxifying bentonite body wrap

Bentonite clay is a very powerful powder capable of absorbing up to 40 times its own weight in toxins. The bentonite clay mask draws toxins out of the body through the largest organ (the skin) and the cling film produces fat loss.

Facial treatments

Atsumi signature herbal facial

This signature treatment will heal, soften and moisturize your skin, and also promote new cell growth. A steam facial opens the pores and deeply cleanses, curing the toughest blackheads and impurities. A blend of traditional Thai herbs improves the blood circulation in the face and helps to restore the natural glow and health of your face. It also helps in creating healthy, clear, and younger looking skin.

Atsumi aromatherapy facial

A gentle and relaxing facial to soothe and nourish, restoring vigor and glow to your face. This revitalizing therapy delivers essential oils derived from plants and flowers to ease away tension and improve mental and physical well-being. It is an extremely effective method for inducing relaxation of both body and mind.

Galvanic face treatment

The galvanic spa gives your skin a radiant, healthy-looking glow with a combination of safe, gentle, low-level galvanic currents, and two specially formulated gels. Using its unique galvanic currents, the galvanic spa is able to stimulate cell rejuvenation for your face, scalp, and body, while they remove toxins and impurities from your skin, removes wrinkles, crows feet, and frown lines.

Spa packages

Hands and food package (90 minutes)

This package includes hand and feet scrub and paraffin treatment.

Atsumi deluxe pampering package (165 minutes)

This package includes Atsumi signature herbal facial, body scrub, and aloe vera sunburn relief wrap.

Atsumi pampering package (135 minutes)

This package includes Thai herbal compress massage and Atsumi aromatherapy facial.

Waxing treatments (for men and women)

Their salon warm waxing therapy consists of resin, paraffin wax, glucose syrup, tea tree oil, and honey. Warm wax is smoothed onto the skin in a thin layer and immediately covered with a fabric or paper strip which is pressed and rubbed onto the waxed area before being removed in a quick swipe. For post-waxing, the treatment is concluded with an application of a light, moisturizing balm to soothe the skin. The result is luxuriously smooth and soft skin.

What's included

  • 1 Atsumi Healing Retreat certificate
  • 1 consultation with fasting consultant
  • 1 daily massage
  • 1 exit interview
  • 2 daily self-administered colema program
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • Airport transfers from and to Phuket International Airport (HKT)
  • All fasting period program
  • Atsumi Healing Retreat's welcome salad and fruit plate
  • Daily beach shuttle
  • Daily blood pressure check
  • Daily morning and evening activities and talks
  • Herbal steam and sauna (closed on Saturday)
  • Fasting and detox handbook
  • Probiotic pills
  • Unlimited use of Atsumi gym and pools

What's not included

  • Additional activities
  • Additional meals
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses
  • Spa treatments
  • Tips
  • Travel insurance

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Phuket International Airport (HKT). Transfer from and to the airport is included. Atsumi Healing Retreat will pick you up from the airport.

Cancellation Policy

  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 2 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
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