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8 Days Ayahuasca and Yoga Retreat in Spain

  • Nature Retreat Center, El Gastor, Grazalema, Cádiz, Spain

8 Days Ayahuasca and Yoga Retreat in Spain

  • Nature Retreat Center, El Gastor, Grazalema, Cádiz, Spain

Detox, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat Spain

Ayahuasca Yoga Retreats invites you to join this yoga retreat and discover the Spirit of Aya, Europe's number one Ayahuasca center. Experience their unique combination of Ayahuasca experiences and tools from other traditions like yoga, body therapy, healthy vegan food, and much more. You will realize how this is a true efficient way to maximize your senses and integrate the insights gained in this holiday into your everyday life.


  • Body therapy workshop
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • 5 traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Medicinal plants to detox your stomach
  • Private sessions with the facilitators
  • Treatments with medicinal plants
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily vegan meals
  • 7 days with instruction
  • English
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During this retreat, you will stay in a shared room. The en-suite rooms at the retreat center have comfortable beds and the center also boast a beautiful yoga studio, a private tennis court, and magnificent hiking trails.

All rooms have access the luxurious environment with no less than five swimming pools, a fireplace, a LED television, parking space, air conditioning, a heater, firewood chimneys, an amazing chef with vegan food as his specialty, magnificent views, and a lovely climate.

Ayahuasca ceremonies

Out of respect for the teachers and the culture that fostered Ayahuasca, they facilitate the ceremonies in an authentic way using the rituals and practices they have learnt from the native masters in Peru.

During the ceremony, you will be guided both on an individual level and as a group. Mainly through medicine songs (Icaros), but also practically by holding hands, providing comforting words, and helping whenever someone needs to go to the bathroom.

They create the ceremonial space by cleaning with smoke from tobacco as they open and protect the dimensional gates from which the spirits and energies flow. Before all participants and then the teachers, swallow the bitter tea individually, they sing into the cup to ask for protection for all the group.

Some gain insights about themselves that not even 1000 hours of psychological consultations could accomplish, others become free of physical symptoms that have plagued them for years, some find that Ayahuasca is not the way for them to go, and some feel absolutely nothing for the first five ceremonies and then, suddenly have a break through.

The medicine gives you what you need but the experience proves that even though, or perhaps because, the medicine is intelligent beyond all limits, it is essential to travel with people you trust, who have done their research, and are experienced. The teachers have served thousands of cups of Ayahuasca and it has been intense but if you ask to previous participants, they will tell you that the teachers are able to deal with anything that may happen during, between, and after the ceremonies.

Day 1

  • 12:00 - 18:00 Arrival followed by information about the Ayahuasca ceremonies and ceremony space guidelines, how you get the most out of the ceremonies, how to deal with feeling overwhelmed, and how to set an intention.
  • 20:30 Meeting in the ceremony room
  • 21:00 Guided meditation
  • 21:30 Ayahuasca ceremony followed by dinner

Day 2

  • 09:30 Breakfast and information about the coming week
  • 11:00 Sharing circle
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 Walk in nature
  • 16:30 Workshop with body therapist
  • 18:30 Yoga class
  • 19:30 Dinner followed by free time

Day 3

  • 08:30 Light jogging
  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 11:30 On on one yoga session
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 15:00 Free time, one on one sessions, or plant medicine
  • 19:30 Meeting in the ceremony room
  • 20:00 Guided meditation
  • 20:30 Ayahuasca ceremony followed by dinner

Day 4

  • 09:00 Breakfast and sharing circle
  • 12:00 Yoga class, one on one session, or plant medicine
  • 14:00 Purgative (plant medicine to cleanse your stomach)
  • 19:00 Guided meditation
  • 20:30 Ayahuasca ceremony followed by dinner

Day 5

  • 09:30 Breakfast and sharing circle
  • 11:00 Sweat lodge session
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 Free time, plant medicine, or one on one session
  • 20:00 Dinner
  • 21:00 Yoga class, one on one session, or plant medicine

Day 6

  • 08:00 Yoga class
  • 10:00 Breakfast and sharing circle
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Free time, plant medicine, or one on one session
  • 19:30 Guided meditation
  • 20:00 Ayahuasca ceremony followed by dinner

Day 7

  • 09:30 Breakfast and sharing circle
  • 12:00 Yoga
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Free time, plant medicine, or one on one session
  • 19:30 Guided meditation
  • 20.00: Ceremony begins
  • 20:00 Ayahuasca ceremony followed by dinner

Day 8

  • 09:30 Breakfast and sharing circle followed by departures from 12:00 to 17:00

The schedule will adapt to different factors like group dynamics so there will probably be changes but for sure you will experience five ceremonies and every participant will be offered at least two one on one sessions and treatments with plant medicine on request.

  • Jacob

    Jacob has participated, assisted, and facilitated in hundreds of ceremonies in and out of the Amazon jungle which he visited numerous times during the last 12 years and received extensive training in facilitating ceremonies from native Shamans in Peru. Together with Mireille he founded what is now Spirit of Aya in Denmark back in 2014 and they have facilitated ceremonies for hundreds of participants.

This holiday will be held at a retreat center in Cadiz, Spain. The center is located four kilometers from the town of El Gastor, known as the balcony of the white villages of Cádiz due to its altitude. The property is 250,000 square meters of land protected by automated security gates. The retreat is nestled in the Sierra de Grazalema National Park, surrounded by lush mountains and whitewashed villages.

Nearby places

  • El Gastor, 4 kilometers
  • Jerez Airport (XRY) - 1 hour
  • Málaga Airport (AGP) - 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Seville Airport (SVQ) - 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Hiking trail nearby
  • Steam room
  • Swimming
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis court
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Beach nearby
  • Dining area
  • Fireplace
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Meditation garden
  • Yoga shala
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Hair dryer
  • Tour assistance

During this retreat, you will be served three daily healthy meals. The amazing chef at the retreat center is specialized in vegan and highly nutritious food of the highest quality.

During your free time, you may explore the location by yourself to play a tennis game in the private court, experience one of the many near hiking routes and delight yourself with the magnificent views, take a swim in one of the five pools of the venue, or simple relax and meditate at the garden under the sun.

During this holiday, you will have the opportunity to experience treatments with plant medicine to cleanse and detox your digestive system. You will also enjoy a body work workshop.

  • 1 body work workshop
  • 3 daily vegan meals
  • 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • All one on one sessions with facilitators
  • All treatments with plant medicine
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes
  • Transfers from Ronda train station to the venue on arrival
  • Additional activities
  • Additional transportation
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses
  • Train tickets to Ronda

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Málaga Airport (AGP). Other options are Jerez Airport (XRY) and Seville Airport (SVQ).

Arrival by train

From the airport, you will have to take a train to Ronda. Transfer from this train station to the venue is included. Ayahuasca Yoga Retreats will pick you up from the station.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 60 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 60 days before arrival.


  • Review by Louise Harvey

    "Prior to the ceremony: For a long time I had experienced a lot of difficult emotions, particularly fear, which had shown up as anxiety, low-moods, a lot of physical pain and imbalance, difficulty with intimacy, and an overactive mind."

    "The ceremonial space held by Jacob, Meriel, and Daniel, made me feel confident and safe, and facilitated a deep connection to develop between all of the participants. The preparations leading up to taking the Ayahuasca, in particular the Yoga Nidra lead by Meriel, really helped to clear my mind and put me in a space of readiness."

    Ayahuasca Yoga Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Duane Hartel

    "The Medicine is amazing and the work Jacob and Mirielle does is beyond words. On monday after the ceremony I was a blank canvas, today I have a new job and a new house in the country 1.5 km from work. Mind blown. Thank you."

    Ayahuasca Yoga Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Helene Nadiya

    "Ive been to a few different ceremonies with ayahuasca. I love and fear the medicine at the same time, its really a tool of truth and true growth. You cant hide from you’re self in this."

    "I really felt safe and seen and also given the space to flow in my individual way with the medicine with Jacob and Mireille as Facilitators."

    "Im looking forward to the next round"

    Ayahuasca Yoga Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Adil Mrani

    "Yesterday I returned from a fantastic weekend stay at Femø. First of all, I must thank Jacob, Daniel, David and Mierelle for an experience that words cannot even come close to describe. And thanks to all of you who helped by sharing your experiences!"

    "As I said, so I really cannot find the right words to describe my experience over the weekends ceremonies, but damn, it has done a lot for me! I think I have spent my whole life trying to fit in. Then I encounter a group of people I had never met, on an island I had never heard of. And I feel like a part of the group. In a great way! Despite differences of color and background. For once I was met with mutual respect and understanding, and just accepted for who I am. Just me for me! No labels, no boxes, no prejudice!"

    "Thanks for making me feel at home and thanks for showing me that it does not always need to be either black or white!"

    "It gives me a little hope that the world can become a better place! I wish everyone were like you, Jacob, Mierelle, Daniel and David! So you wouldn’t always have to start from a bad start, when we meet new people. From the heart thanks to you all. Hope to see you again and share more good and bad moments together. The warmest greetings from Adil! Citizen of Planet Earth"

    Ayahuasca Yoga Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Aleks Falkenberg

    "My first ceremony and meeting with Ayahuasca took place in private in the company of close friends, so everything was safe and hardly very “Dangerous”."

    "When Mireille and Jacob walked through the door, and met me with their heart warmth and spaciousness, the rest of the remaining nervousness disappeared and the journey could then slowly begin. I felt that I was ready, positive and in no doubt about that this was the right thing to do."

    "After some relaxation, we got our cup of Ayahuasca and I sat down comfortably to check in for the journey that I had prepared myself for a couple of weeks."

    "The first, what I believe was 15-20 min, I was waiting for a reaction. It starts with me feeling a strange feeling in my feet and hands, then the stomach makes a little fuss and nausea sets in."

    "Nausea does not result in vomit, but decreases and goes into a spinning in the head and then it feels like I’m being put on a high-speed train that shoots off with lightning speed and before I can think about where I am going I end up in a giant dome of colors and abstract patterns that melt together and pull apart again. Nothing makes sense to me and strangely enough, right there in full consciousness of what I see I remind myself that I shall I remember It and tell about it, but I regret my thought and let myself fly around."

    "I fall out of the dome and land softly on my mattress where I try to open my eyes without success. The lights start overtaking the picture and become stronger when I feel a hand and a voice asking me “are you alright Aleks?”"

    "After a fierce battle, I manage to open my eyes and see Mireille kneeling beside me and holding my hand and it feels like silk was wrapped around it. The light around her becomes really sharp and beautiful and it takes speed, but I cannot keep up and I close my eyes again to focus on my journey."

    "Then there is nothing visual, however my skin begins to almost vibrate as if it was subject to a vibration mat just under the skin. For a long time, I could not understand why I could not visually see, but then it hit me !! Aleks you’ve asked yourself to start feeling yourself again and get in touch with your feelings and it dawned on me, that that was what the vibration was."

    "During the trip, I got another 2 cups and every time I felt I slowly was coming back to a reality check, fate demanded that Jacob looked at me and offered me another cup to which I had no doubt that I should accept."

    "I enjoyed to the fullest to feel myself, my skin, my body and my mind become easier, happier and healthier. I drifted in and out of little crying, a little laughing and attention to my constant swaying left arm which almost grasped for something or tried to push something away, which of the two I have not found out yet."

    "After cup no. 3 I end up in the bathroom to throw up, but I still do not throw up and I am forced to give up despite my eagerness to throw up since I have the feeling that it will loosen up some other things than what I had just put in my head. “I feel cheated by myself” is the feeling I lie back with, but turns it off for it was just not meant that to come out this time. Ergo a prerequisite for another ceremony is now present."

    "When I wake up from my sleep after the trip, I have a wonderful feeling of well-being and joy throughout my body and find myself chuckling and smiling a lot in the bathroom."

    "I have a clear sense that a very special person must be aware of my feelings for her, as it is burning me up inside. The day after I tell her, and it has come out of my system, unfortunately it was not immediately reciprocated, but it has come out :-). In the days following, I have been and still are very emotional and can change from laughter to tears in almost a split second."

    "My journey is not yet over and there will be more ceremonies, because I can feel that it makes a difference, a difference that can make me a more complete and understanding person who emotionally is in balance with body and soul thanks to Aya with the guide and Icaros from Mireille and Jacob. I am very grateful for your spaciousness, directness, honesty and especially charity. All my gratitude and thanks to my three wonderful friends who makes me feel special"

    Ayahuasca Yoga Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Alexander Leon

    "30th of January I showed up to my first Ayahuasca MEDICINE experience .. Felt very welcome and were top-sure .. that I was in good hands with JACOB and MIRELLE .. who, by the way, also sing as a Danish version of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli .. I must admit that my curiosity was put to the test .. when I saw the Mattress, TOILET ROLL and a sleeping mask.. and as a big vomit bucket was put forward… My stomach told me .. we need to have a serious talk .. The ceremoni started and it took me 4 cups to catch concept completely .. BUT … it was the wildest experience I ever"

    "had … I was filled with HAPPINESS so great .. I had to let go of my body and let my mind run away with ME .. Let go .. There I found something that no words can satisfy the embrace of the experience. . An eternity awareness, as if we are all one .. Something you say .. But don’t really understand.. until you experience THAT … A common thread in all our small inner struggles on earth and how indifferent they are … Danced with a divine energy .. at some point I jumped in the air with an inhuman lust mixed with the purest love .. and a deletion of all guilt and other bands that you have acquired in society .. EVERYTHING IS OKAY ….. as if all cells were freed after years of captivity .. never thought that I could have such a feast with myself .. My life celebration .. also got a lot of answers and understanding of the people around me .. still have things that there are not are words for.. HAPPILY no vomit.. no shit in the pants .. So Glad that life got me on track by 2 lovely people .. That have dedicated their lives to help and spread the word AYAHUASCA WILL HEAL YOU INSIDE OUT .."

    Ayahuasca Yoga Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Cecilie Dyrvig

    "Haha I simply have to share this! Have been walking around cleaning for several hours now at home while the boyfriend is visiting! Have music in the ears for myself, and now I just put an icaros set on and suddenly the others were looking at me and wondering what the hell I listen to because I suddenly just go completely in a trance! I don’t even notice it, but the others I say I’m almost flying across the floor and swaying while I disappear completely! Another sign that it really goes into your soul"

    Ayahuasca Yoga Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Marc Olesen

    "Thanks for a really nice and rewarding first experience with an Ayahuasca ceremony. As a first-time participant, it was enormously nice, the way you managed to create a relaxed, safe and at the same time very present room, it was important to me … There was room for feeling tense, uncomfortable and expectant .. There was room for everyone and all the questions that might be there, both before and after …."

    "I got both a soft, fun, psychedelic and a hard trip .. But on all fronts very rewarding and it feels like it is not finished giving yet … I have gained a greater insight into myself, both in relation to the things my intension stretched towards as well as a lot of other things.. I am in a far better connection with"

    "myself, my spirituality and in the following days found a tremendous peace in relation to a lot within me.."

    "It is as if I keep trying to remain open, then I still find things to work with and I am shown good roads, statements, a kind of personal battle with my demons, who needs to be put to rest ..It is certainly not my last ceremony, although it might be a while before we see each other again, after all things keep showing up, that requires my attention… But in a nice way…Thanks for the trip and a thanks to you, Mirielle, Jacob, Mohanad and Kamilla."

    Ayahuasca Yoga Retreats, edited