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Vimal Kumar

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Lou Hinson

from Switzerland, February 2020

"A Princess in Paradise"

The staff were amazing! Midhur and Joseph went out of their way to make me feel welcome and attend or anything I needed. Jessy was a fantastic yoga teacher and covered a huge number of asanas and breathing techniques along with the health benefits of each. Dr Navya the ayuvedic Dr did a thorough consultation and emanates peace and love. Leela my therapist went above and beyond her outstanding massages and treatments to bring me treats such as banana fritters from her home. Romeo the rickshaw driver ferried me around wherever I needed to be. The location is beautiful - right by the beach and a fishing settlement. I could hear the sound of the sea from my room and the sunsets were amazing. Beautiful garden with hammocks and shaded areas to eat. Swimming in the sea was gorgeous - warm water!! As I happened to be the only guest I was treated like a princess!

Jaya Mary

from Malaysia, December 2019

"Jesse Yoga Instructor"

I had 14 days with Jesse to learn Yoga in the evenings. Jesse was knowledgeable about the yoga poses. She informed the benefits of the poses for my body. She could be a funny person and i get along with her very well.

As i came for specific treatment , her yoga poses was related to my condition which helped strengthen my muscles. Eventually i was able to do the yoga poses very well.