Belinda O'Dea

Melbourne, Australia

Belinda O’Dea is a passionate yoga practitioner who sees yoga as a medium to share the joy and change. She hosts heartfelt travel retreats for women.

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  • Liz Australia

    Belinda O'Dea website

    I have gained a wonderful insight into yoga, Buddhism, and all of the other aspects of spiritual India and have found an opening in myself to embrace these practices.

  • Deb Australia

    Belinda O'Dea website

    The experience on the boat in the Ganges in the flow of the current with the wind in my face and the smells and sounds of India all around was quite profound for me.

  • Christine Australia

    Belinda O'Dea website

    I have learnt that I am enough even though I notice that the internal dialogue on this can change. But right now, in this space and time, I am enough.

  • Dianne Melbourne

    Belinda O'Dea website

    Be prepared to feel your soul expand because that is what happens in India!

    It was a beautiful experience travelling to India with a group of like-minded women who lift you up. I felt like I had all of the wonders of a group tour together with the depth and nourishment of a retreat.

  • Karen Manchester

    Belinda O'Dea website

    I finally had the time to meditate in a way that I’ve never been able to before.

    Travelling to India was such a personal and profound experience. Through doing the ancestor puja, I felt a deep connection with my late father. And seeing how yoga really works there made me realize that I’ve brought so much more substance to my yoga teaching.

  • Jan Gold Coast

    Belinda O'Dea website

    I could never have done a trip of this caliber if I had to organize all that we did for the cost.

    India was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I made lifelong friends, and there were so many highlights that it’s hard to choose, but for sure, the Taj and the Ganges were breathtaking.

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