Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center offers a peaceful environment for you to learn or deepen your practice of meditation and yoga with health-oriented meals.

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Maple Chau

from United States, February 2019

The place, the food, the classes, the hammocks haha


from Indonesia, January 2019

"If you have awesome experience, this place is poor for you."

Private accommodation.

Group of people.

The environment inside is very different than in the city.

This isn't yoga retreat for one month, we were only two paying guests who where there for the whole month, I thought that there will be any program of theory lecture, that we will be learning new things, but nothing was there and when time was going, everything was the same and very boring, people were changing, so do not trust them that this is a retreat with the theory of yoga, many things in description is misleading but they will write you that it´s not and also in reply to my review will be arguing that everything was the best, because they don´t have any effort to make the yoga retreat the best, because owners are not yogis, they do it only because of their business and it is simply bad...

Stephanie Chase

from Kuwait, January 2019

"Aerial ytt review"

Our teacher was amazing! She was very knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. I respect her values and philosophies very much! A beautiful person!


from Italy, December 2018

"Fantastic experience at Blue Inidigo"

The all experience was super: made of fantastic people, excellent place, great courses and atmosphere

Marta Garcia De Los Salmones

from Great Britain, November 2018

"Happy days"

It was one amazing experience, fell calm, energized, have a good laugh and interesting conversations with the teachers and fellow students, it felt like a family. A week that I will cherish for ever

Lindsay Mack

from Thailand, November 2018

"A Yoga Retreat with True Depth"

I cannot stress how much I valued my time at Blue Indigo! It was a truly beautiful experience and I wish I had more time to spend there. From the moment I arrived welcomed into the community. It truly is a community of loving individuals at Blue Indigo, from the instructors to those who attend. The housing is quaint and down to earth. The food is delicious and feels very 'clean.' This retreat offers many types of yoga throughout the day so you can truly make this experience yours. Not only are their guided yoga classes, meditation sessions, and lectures but there is a space for you to dive deeper into your own practice. Among the plants you can find a peaceful spot in a hammock or in a shala by the pond to do your own meditations, reading, journaling, dancing, etc. You can truly be yourself at this place and dive as deep as you would like. The teachers here really bring in the depth of yoga...there will be no yoga robots at Blue Indigo! This yoga is not just surface level of moving your body around (Yes! You will move your body quite a lot!!) but you are constantly invited to check in with the breath and what is going on inside of you... invited to acknowledge, accept, heal, etc. I learned something new every session. Everybody you meet, instructors and attendees alike, can help you grow and help you along in your journey. This place and the people I met will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Christy lui

from Hong Kong, October 2018

"Budgetary yoga retreat in Siem Reap "

The staff and instructors are very nice.

Kim W

from Malaysia, September 2018

"Loved it ... especially the Artful care & beauty everywhere "

Everywhere I looked was beauty. Truly ‘chill’ place. The massage was amazing (def an overlooked resource)! Internet was excellent. The people were so very nice.

Nicole O'meara

from Singapore, July 2018

"No Regret "

It is an intimate experience with wonderful people. Nina was so friendly and welcoming and the guest instructors were all of a really high standard. It was nice to sit down and eat together after classes or relax in the beautiful garden. I am a beginner with yoga, the other participants were very experienced. It didn’t matter at all.


from India, April 2018

"Beautiful place, amazing people"

The welcoming atmosphere and beautiful surroundings

Roberta De Oliveira Santos

from United States, March 2018

"Peace, Love and Awareness"

There aren’t enough words to discribe my experience at the Blue Indigo retreat but if I have to name tree it would be Peace, Love and Awareness.

This place of Yoga and Meditation is an environment of arts with a unique charm that comes together with the beauty of Cambodia, and lots of caring kittens. I love the nature and the art of those smiling people who were always friendly and kind to me.

I enjoyed the delicious food as I also enjoyed the table conversations as well. It was a small moment of reflection that made great expierences for me. I made a lot of friends from different cultures. Those beautiful people and experiences helped me in my process of evolution.

I had very good and dedicated teachers who know their Yoga with passion and know how to transmit it patiently to their pupils.

After one month of making friends, learning the Asanas, being in meditations, visiting important temples, having a good time,... it was hard to leave. I knew at the moment of saying goodbye that I was going to miss this place and energy.

Thank you all. One day I will go back

Alessia Leonetti

from Cambodia, November 2017

"Great retreat "

Classes and food were really good!

Zsolt Kovacs

from Hong Kong, October 2017

"Great 4 days"

Restorative and yin yogas :-) The place is charming, people are lovely. The entire atmosphere is really really good there. Jean the owner gave a good overview right at check in and also gave a warm-hearted farewell at departure.

Cat Lamb

from Australia, May 2017

"Peaceful retreat with gorgeous spaces where you can completely switch off."

The atmosphere, all the little touches around the property, Kat was a great teacher. Nina was lovely too - beautiful place. Hammocks were fab.

Shue Campbell

from Great Britain, May 2017

"Simply but perfect "

Blue Indigo is a very quirky retreat. I highly recommend this if you're look for a place to relax and gather your thoughts. The facilities are basic and not what you'll get in a luxury retreat but it's the simplicity that makes it special.

The teachers Kat and Laura were fantastic and very knowledgeable. They both added a great relaxed and comforting energy to the place.

Overall staff at the retreat were lovely and the food was amazing despite it being vegetarian.

The mango tree! The mangoes were very yummy!

Christine Third

from Great Britain, April 2017

Very friendly people and excellent teaching. A calm and beautiful place to be.

Kathrin Schwarz

from Germany, January 2019

Intensität und Qualität des Kurses, ausführliches, bebildertes Lernmaterial, achtsames und auf die Möglichkeiten der Einelnen bezogenes Arbeiten der Lehrerinnen. Tolle Frauen und angenehmes Miteinander im gesamten Retreat. Ausflüge, Tempelbesuch, quasi veganes, abwechslungsreiches Essen. Bravo!

Natalia Romero

from Malta, December 2018

"Blue Indigo, una experiencia transformadora "

Desde hace algún tiempo que viajo, he entendido que lo que hace los viajes inolvidables, no son los lugares, son las personas. Y en Blue Indigo no hubo excepción, encontré personas maravillosas. Pero, debo destacar, que el lugar ha superado mis expectativas. Comparando precio y calidad, encontré un ambiente estratégicamente dispuesto y pensado para el descanso, el disfrute y la práctica de Yoga. Además de estar muy bien ubicado, cercano a la zona de restaurantes y comercio de Siemp Riep.


from Cambodia, August 2018

Everytime different teachers for a class, nice food, good rooms, good organized, very clean

Lilian Radovac

from Cambodia, August 2018

"Lovely And chill"

Very Nice And good teachers! Food was very nice, especially the lunch. The center was well designed And there were sweet cats❤️ Accommodation was perfect for me. I even had a very special yoga/meditation experience at the temple, organised by blue indigo them self. But i liked the yoga shedule and types of classes the most. Was a nice planned mix. It was a very good way for me to get in balance And back into the healthy vibes after a long time

Backpacking. Felt a little sad when i left. I booked initially for 3 days But extended with 2;)

Sonja Krenz

from Cambodia, May 2018

Die Yoga Lehrer waren sehr nett und qualifiziert. Das Personal war sehr freundlich und ist auf Wünsche eingegangen. Das Essen war sehr gesund und lecker.

Robin Kraakman

from Vietnam, February 2018

the yoga lessons were very good. I enjoyed it every time. The teachers were nice too.

Anne-lise Roux

from France, November 2017

"Cours de yoga parfaits mais hébergement rudimentaire "

Les cours de yoga étaient très biens, tous les profs sont de vrais passionnés et aiment transmettre. Ils s’adaptent à tous les niveaux.

Astrid Malamud

from Cambodia, June 2017


Las clases fueron muy buenas y como era temporada baja muy personalizadas