Braham Yoga and Natural Healing

Braham Yoga and Natural Healing is a place to relax. They offer Kundalini yoga retreat, yoga teacher training and natural healing therapies for many problems.

  • Rishikesh, India

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Good 5.8/10

Based on 3 reviews
from US$410
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7 days / 6 nights

Good 5.8/10

Based on 3 reviews

Swami Deepak Anand

Swami is a master of yoga and holistic healer (grand master of the reiki, master of naturopathy, marma science, Ayurveda). He did four years naturopathy and yogic science diploma course by the well-known organization in Delhi. He did two years master course of yogic science in India. His students are from India and almost everywhere from the world.

Pooja Gangwar

Dr. Pooja Gangwar is a certified Ayurveda expert, graduated from Rishikul Government Post Graduate College. She holds rich experience and practice in numerous ayurvedic therapies, medicines and leading edge of Panchakarma. Her passion in ayurvedic treatments has benefited a large number of people especially suffering from chronic diseases related to stress, digestion, and so on.


Saroj has 10 years experience. She has good knowledge of Ayurveda massage, holistic massage, marma massage, foot reflexology, Shirodhara , Nasya, Kati Basti, and so on.

Swami Antar

He is a great teacher with tremendous personal charisma, an eminent trainer and Naturopathy practitioner with the specialization in various subjects like astrology, PLRT, Reiki, meditation to name a few. He has many contributions in the fields of Yoga education publications and symbolized all that is best in his spirit of giving back to society and the communities.

Yogi Gagan Deep

Yogi Gagan deep is a super professional yoga and meditation instructor in many kinds of a yogic stream, he has more than 7 years experience of teaching yoga in a different manner. Yogi Gagan deep has a special experience to cure serious body issues and disease with yoga and natural treatments and there is still much more skills to design poses and exercise in accordance to the disease and health problem.

Verified reviews

  • U
    Review by Ute Holzhey from Germany

    Richikesh großartig - Ashram schlecht

    CONS Cons: Der Ashram war dreckig und eklig, die Stimmung war sehr unangenehm.

    2.5 Value for money
    2.5 Accommodation & facilities
    0 Food
    2.5 Location
    2.5 Quality of activity
    2.5 Overall impression

    2017-Jun-02 06:08:33

  • R
    Review by Rayna Setya from United States

    Had an awesome experience.

    CONS Cons: Olease do not expect luxury. It is an ashram lifestyle. Simple living and high thinking. Things move slow in india. Be prepared.

    PROS Pros: The teachers were great. I am new to yoga. I was taught with love and care. The meditation and ayurvedic treatment was wonderful. The ashram sits on the banks of the ganges.

    10 Value for money
    10 Accommodation & facilities
    10 Food
    10 Location
    10 Quality of activity
    10 Overall impression

    2017-May-06 10:37:04

  • A
    Review by Alice Rackham from India

    Good if you have realistic expectations

    PROS Pros: Good, if you have realistic expectations. The pictures and descriptions alone led me to believe this course would be in a communal setting, with gardens and communal (social) accomodation with fellow students. Many pictures showed groups practicing outdoors. However the reality is the course could well be done in isolation. I was lucky enough to have one other traveller start on the same day as me, we then spent the week walking between our rooms at local accomodation (not an ashram Or even at the school) and a small room in which we did yoga and detox therapies, which could barely fit more then 3 people (the school). If you have realistic expectations this course would be for you. However myself I felt disappointed, I was wanting a lively environment where I could meet others and practice yoga. The yoga itself was okay, the teacher seemed to think yoga was secondary to detox, an added bonus he said.. which once again is okay if you have realistic expectations. This is not a bustling hive of yoga activity, more a quiet room that one should visit if they really want some solitude. On a positive, the therapists are exceptional- Saroj was a blessing, so down to earth and vibrant. Meeting her was the best part about this experience. I hope this review encourages those wanting solitude, and discourages those who are seeking something else.

    5 Value for money
    2.5 Accommodation & facilities
    7.5 Food
    7.5 Location
    7.5 Quality of activity
    5 Overall impression

    2017-Apr-14 04:50:27


  • Review by Omer Benitzhak from Rehovot, Israel
    10 out of 10

    "I did the first and second reiki courses with Deepak and had a wonderful and profound experience. He is a patient and unique teacher. He gave me a lot of added value, as well as practicalities. A great place to become exposed to the world of reiki."

    Braham Yoga and Natural Healing Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Sarah Boss from Shanghai, China
    10 out of 10

    "I did Kundalini yoga and pranayama sessions with Deepak and it was a great experience. Deepak has much knowledge to share and after three days I feel much more centered, grounded and peaceful. Deepak was very flexible and created a program according to my needs and time schedule. Additionally, I did ayurvedic treatments here which were wonderful and relaxing. I highly recommend this center to anyone who visits Rishikesh."

    Braham Yoga and Natural Healing Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Victoria Wawrzyn
    10 out of 10

    "I took the 6 day Kundalini retreat and highly recommend it! Deepak was so wise in his teachings, genuine in our discussions and really helped me to quiet the mind. I'm looking forward to seeing the shift as I continue this practice. This program was more than I could have asked for."

    Google reviews website, edited

  • Review by Nitzan Eshel
    10 out of 10

    "I did the reiki course and it was really great and deep experience! Thank you Deepak for your kindness and compassion."

    Google reviews website, edited