Brahamyoga offer Kundalini yoga retreat, Detox & wellness retreat, Reiki Retreat, yoga teacher training, Ayurveda rejuvenation therapies for many problems.

Reviews (3)

Debra Lee

from India, November 2017

"Kundalini retreat & panchakarma"

The teaching and guidance that Deepak provides is though and has given me a good knowledge base to take forward in my life. A good level of support, detailed conversations about all aspects of the practise and unexpected guidance has left me very grateful for having this exclusive. Thank you Deepak.

Bharti Serai

from United Arab Emirates, October 2017

"Detox and Meditation"

I liked the way each and every asanas were to be done according to my health.

Meditation was so relaxing.

Massages are always good. It helped reduced 1/2kg in 7 days.

All were very composed and gentle in communication. Also environment was very friendly.

Hope to continue this in my daily lifestyle.

Ute Holzhey

from Germany, June 2017

"Richikesh großartig - Ashram schlecht"