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Casa de la Vida organizes retreats to refresh, rejuvenate and regenerate the body and mind.

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Walking into Anosha’s healing sanctuary feels like the first step in a renovation of your spirit. No matter how broken, self-centered, ego-driven, or away from your home frequency you might be when you arrive at the gates of 17 Ocelotzin Road – entering through the green doors with the sun symbol painted on the outside provides a portal to a new reality. As a guest, you have the freedom to choose which direction you’d like to go, and whether you can afford yourself the opportunity to explore new realities. I believe open-minded travel is a path to personal transformation, but Anosha’s ‘Casa De La Vida’ reminded me that stillness and supreme awareness can be achieved by traveling inward. My girlfriend (and travel partner) is a navigator – at home in all areas of the world – but it’s been a long time since we both felt collectively at home like we did in the world that Anosha created as a retreat for those interested in their own human potential. From the hikes to the top of the mountains overlooking Tepoztlan, to the incredibly authentic Temezcal sweat therapy, to the food so fresh your body almost doesn’t know how to handle it, to the Egyptian cotton sheets that bring out your dreams…….everything was first rate and as an AirBnB host myself, gave me both inspiration and aspirations. I feel blessed to know Anosha and believe she represents the original intent of AirBnB, which is to provide individuals the chance to explore the world through the eyes of someone who can give them an experience no standard hotel can ever match. I would recommend this experience to anyone willing to get out of their own way and embark on an adventure.

Allison M

Casa de La Vida website

My most recent trip to Tepoztlán was my first time visiting. I went for the weekend to enjoy the lush environment, relax, and shop the weekend market. I chose Anosha’s guest house because I was so impressed by the food described in her website.

Eating breakfast in her garden was one of the highlights of my trip. She served sweet grapefruit topped with seeds, berries and nuts, a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, and tea made with herbs picked from her organic garden. This was followed by a bowl of muesli covered with fresh squeezed orange juice, seeds (packed with Omega-3 and protien), ground cashews,and finally topped with a variety of fruit. Passion Fruit was served on the side.

In between courses I lounged in a shady hammock and enjoyed the sounds of nature that echoed through the canyon. I took in the view of towering mountains that dominate the horizon. The house was artfully decorated and I found fresh flowers next to my bed, in the kitchen and the living room. It was very clean and open, just like the pictures.

I am a female who was traveling alone. Anosha was very helpful. She arranged for transportation to and from her house, and she had many suggestions on where to eat, walk and shop. We had a memorable time when she accompanied me to dinner. I learned that hosting a healthy and stimulating environment brings her meaning and joy (what a host!). I now consider Anosha a friend and feel that any guest of hers would benefit from staying in her guest house.

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