Detox & Rejuvenate Weekend – Juice Fasting Program

  • Casa De La Vida, Parque Ocelotzin #17, Barrio de San Pedro, Tepoztlán 62520, Morelos, Mexico

Juice Detox Retreats

Casa de la Vida is a holistic-centered urban retreat in the beautiful Tepoztlan, Mexico. It provides a great opportunity to rest and relax during your stay, and enjoy one or more special services and detoxification programs. The focus lies on personal attention and well-being of the guests.


  • 3 days of juice fasting only
  • Indulge in natural and fresh fruit juices and extracts
  • Learn about the cleansing, nutritive and rejuvenating properties of juices and plants
  • Practice the natural approach to detoxification and rejuvenation
  • Restore optimum health, vitality and energy
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 3 days with instruction
  • Spanish, English
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Casa de la Vida functions as a guesthouse as well as a sanctuary for people to rest, relax and regenerate. Nestled close to the Tepoztlán mountains it offers tranquility, peacefulness and simplicity. It is the ideal place to get away from the busyness of everyday life to de-stress, relax and learn about nutritional and lifestyle changes that enable the body to regain vibrant health by restoring its own natural healing powers. It offers three comfortable and cozy guest rooms with double occupancy, a delicious breakfast included and with beautiful views of the Tepoztlan mountains. Each room comes with either a king size bed, matrimonial or two singles. Also included are complimentary bottles of water, fresh flowers and maid service. There are two separate and independent bathrooms situated down the hall. A light and spacious living room opens onto a garden patio. We have a large garden with hammocks and sun lounge chairs for the guests to enjoy.

The detox and rejuvenate weekend is an introduction to the detoxification process which involves a juice fasting program. The guests will consume fruit and vegetable juices, home-grown wheat grass, mineral broth and detoxifying teas all freshly prepared during their stay. They will also learn about the cleansing, nutritive and rejuvenating properties of juices and plants. A natural approach to detoxification and rejuvenation is adopted. Health is the most important asset. Nothing can substitute for optimum health, vitality and energy. Juicing is the ultimate liquid nutritional supplement, guarantee of life, health, vitality, youth and energy. During this weekend, all juices are provided. Only fresh juices of fruits and vegetables are used, along with home-grown wheat grass and aloe vera to help put the juice back into your life. Since this is a juice fasting program, the guests will only consume juices during their stay.

The retreat takes place in the town of Tepoztlán, Mexico.

Nearby places

  • Mexico City - 90 minutes
  • Cuernavaca - 25 minutes
  • Zocalo market - 20 minutes

Since this is a juice detox retreat, fresh vegetable and fruit juices as well as mineral extracts are provided during the stay.

  • Massage
  • Reiki treatments
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Complimentary bottles of water
  • Complimentary maid service
  • Complimentary use of library and DVDs
  • Free wi-fi
  • Free safe parking
  • Fresh flowers
  • Fruit and vegetable juices, noni and aloe vera juice, wheat grass, mineral broth, detoxifying teas
  • Guided walk in the mountains
  • Introduction to the benefits of rebounder/mini-trampoline on the lymphatic and immune systems
  • Talks and guidance regarding your well-being and health
  • The uses and benefits of juices and wheat grass

Driving directions from Mexico City

If you are driving from Mexico DF, take the motorway direction Cuernavaca/Tepoztlán. After paying the toll, take the exit for TEPOZTLAN, keeping to your right-hand side, then follow the road and take the 1st turn to your left. Almost immediately, you will see a sign for Mexico DF and Cuautla. Stay on the left side taking the Mexico DF exit to your left, as if you are going back onto the motorway. Do not take the exit to Cuautla or you will end up on the motorway again. Drive across the yellow bridge (an overpass over the motorway). You will see a sign for San Juan Tlacotengo straight ahead of you. Follow it. It may look as if there is no road going down the hill but keep on driving down and the short road becomes a crossroad.

Turn left now driving uphill. This is the road to San Juan Tlacotengo also called 22 de Febrero. Keep going up this road for about 1 kilometer. When you see the marker for 1 kilometer (on your right), the road takes a sharp curve. Very shortly after you pass this curve, you will see on your right, a newly constructed wall. Make sure you do not drive past this wall as then you will miss the entrance to Ocelotzin Road. The beginning of Ocelotzin Road is where the wall ends. You can see Ocelotzin painted on a post in red and yellow paint. Turn right onto it and follow the road up and to the left. There are signs in the form of a yellow sun painted on posts, trees and walls all along the way that will guide you to Casa de la Vida.

Arrival by bus

The bus ticket from the airport costs USD 170 MXN and taxi fare from the Cuernavaca bus station to Tepoztlán is approximately USD 160-180 MXN. The journey by bus takes around 90 mins and the taxi ride about 30 mins. depending on the time of your arrival and the traffic. We recommend that you tell the taxi driver to take the motorway (autopista) from Cuernavaca to Tepoztlán. There is an extra charge of USD 25 MXN (2 USD) for the motorway which is faster and more comfortable.

Arrival by taxi

You can take a taxi or the metro from the airport to the Taxqueña bus station (Terminal de Autobuses Central del Sur – Taxqueña), where there are direct departures to Tepoztlán with the Pullman de Morelos bus line. This trip costs between USD 110 and USD 120 MXN, and takes approximately 1 hour depending on the time of day.

  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.


  • Review by Matt
    10 out of 10

    "Walking into Anosha’s healing sanctuary feels like the first step in a renovation of your spirit. No matter how broken, self-centered, ego-driven, or away from your home frequency you might be when you arrive at the gates of 17 Ocelotzin Road – entering through the green doors with the sun symbol painted on the outside provides a portal to a new reality. As a guest, you have the freedom to choose which direction you’d like to go, and whether you can afford yourself the opportunity to explore new realities. I believe open-minded travel is a path to personal transformation, but Anosha’s ‘Casa De La Vida’ reminded me that stillness and supreme awareness can be achieved by traveling inward. My girlfriend (and travel partner) is a navigator – at home in all areas of the world – but it’s been a long time since we both felt collectively at home like we did in the world that Anosha created as a retreat for those interested in their own human potential. From the hikes to the top of the mountains overlooking Tepoztlan, to the incredibly authentic Temezcal sweat therapy, to the food so fresh your body almost doesn’t know how to handle it, to the Egyptian cotton sheets that bring out your dreams…….everything was first rate and as an AirBnB host myself, gave me both inspiration and aspirations. I feel blessed to know Anosha and believe she represents the original intent of AirBnB, which is to provide individuals the chance to explore the world through the eyes of someone who can give them an experience no standard hotel can ever match. I would recommend this experience to anyone willing to get out of their own way and embark on an adventure."

    Casa de La Vida website, edited

  • Review by Allison M
    10 out of 10

    "My most recent trip to Tepoztlán was my first time visiting. I went for the weekend to enjoy the lush environment, relax, and shop the weekend market. I chose Anosha’s guest house because I was so impressed by the food described in her website."


    "Eating breakfast in her garden was one of the highlights of my trip. She served sweet grapefruit topped with seeds, berries and nuts, a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, and tea made with herbs picked from her organic garden. This was followed by a bowl of muesli covered with fresh squeezed orange juice, seeds (packed with Omega-3 and protien), ground cashews,and finally topped with a variety of fruit. Passion Fruit was served on the side."


    "In between courses I lounged in a shady hammock and enjoyed the sounds of nature that echoed through the canyon. I took in the view of towering mountains that dominate the horizon. The house was artfully decorated and I found fresh flowers next to my bed, in the kitchen and the living room. It was very clean and open, just like the pictures."


    "I am a female who was traveling alone. Anosha was very helpful. She arranged for transportation to and from her house, and she had many suggestions on where to eat, walk and shop. We had a memorable time when she accompanied me to dinner. I learned that hosting a healthy and stimulating environment brings her meaning and joy (what a host!). I now consider Anosha a friend and feel that any guest of hers would benefit from staying in her guest house."

    Casa de La Vida website, edited

  • Review by Fredy B.

    "“I promised myself Round #2 this year, and May saw twenty-five days with Anosha. Fifteen days of hardcore detox, some excellent hiking, some very grumpy and sick days, all supervised by one unrelenting Anosha, and I walk away another ten years younger. Well, maybe not quite, but certainly another 10kg lighter and the whole lot healthier."

    "If you have thought about doing something about your health, mobility, mood, snoring, panting, blood pressure etc, THIS IS IT! If you haven’t, smell the coffee. THIS IS IT!!"

    "At a fraction of the cost of some of Thailand’s supposed world-class retreats, this has to be the most personalized attention there is. And the results speak for themselves. Thank Anosha and Angelika.”"

    Casa de la Vida website, edited

  • Review by Laurel

    "“I just came back from what was to have been a 5 day Detox and Yoga Retreat at Casa de la Vida. It turned out that I couldn’t bear to leave after 5 days and stayed an extra two on a Bed and Breakfast basis."

    "During that time, Anosha took such good care of me, I accomplished all my goals and had a wonderful time doing it. She gave me delicious foods and juices and teas and I was never hungry. I learned to appreciate new foods like quinoa, chia seeds and delicious soups and salad dressings. There were the most gorgeous salads with exotic lettuces, brought from faraway places and grown in her own garden. I begged Anosha to write a cookbook! All of her food was so beautifully prepared and so delicious."

    "Even though I have been doing exercises for years, I sometimes lose my motivation and Anosha re-inspired me with her methods, she is very skilled and knowledgeable so I easily placed myself in her hands. It was fun! Even more importantly, I have stayed inspired and have continued doing the exercises at home and have kept off the pounds that I Iost there. The hikes up the nearby mountain allowed wonderful views and the delicious feeling of being in a forest of trees with a little stream of fresh water."

    "I have read all the other reviews here and can state that I agree with all those comments and they are all still true, so I will not repeat them. This is truly an extraordinary place. The only things that no one has mentioned before and that I loved were the beautiful white cotton sheets, ironed to perfection. I slept like a rock. After all this, I was then taken personally to shop in the stores with the things I was most interested in and shown the favorite restaurants in town."

    "I am already planning my next trip back so that I stay inspired and also to enjoy once again the beautiful ambiance, relaxing pace, luscious gardens and the delicious food!"

    "If you just want some time “away from it all” to relax in a hammock in a beautiful garden, to hike or enjoy the town of Tepotzlán, this is your spot and if you need even more care, such as Reiki and the Detox, you won’t find a better place. I think it is a very good value as well."

    "(See this client’s detailed review with beautiful photos here.)”"

    Casa de la Vida website, edited

  • Review by Lorraine K
    8 out of 10

    "I highly recommend Anosha Love´s beautiful place in San Pedro, Tepoztlán. It’s small, cozy, elegant, private, and it is run by Anosha who is a health expert in many issues and tends to you in every single detail giving you the healthiest foods ( many grown by her), excellent and close attention to your particular needs and charges very reasonably. Enjoy and revive."

    Website, edited

  • Review by Barry R from United States
    8 out of 10

    "If challenged to summarize in a single word, the Anosha/Casa de la Vida experience, I would have to say “impeccable”. The splendid setting is a reflection of Anosha’s attention to detail in her approach, her professionalism and her application. 9 days under Anosha’s care was my 70th birthday gift to myself. A Happy Birthday to my liver and over-all well-being. A gift that keeps on giving."

    Website, edited

  • Review by MaCarmen
    8 out of 10

    "Iwould like to thank Casa de la Vida and Anosha for one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very long time. Can’t think of a better spot for the kind of togetherness my friends and I needed. It was just perfect to share our endless girl talk, reduce stress and relax. Anosha, I really appreciate you pampering the three of us, keeping us healthy, comfy and happy, and sharing your tips and expertise with each one, as well as some wine and thoughts while feeding the campfire to keep it going. It was great, I loved it."

    Website, edited

Morelos, Mexico

Casa de la Vida organizes retreats to refresh, rejuvenate and regenerate the body and mind.

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