Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy

Karnataka, India

Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy was started to promote yoga practices and teachings throughout the community. They now offer yoga retreats and teacher trainings, too.

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  • Veena Menon

    Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy website

    The class is good, it has helped me in decreasing my shoulder pain, which is the main reason for joining the class. It also helped in improving concentration and losing weight.

  • Chitra

    Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy website

    Practicing yoga really helped me in concentration and made me energetic throughout the day. I could feel more flexible after attending the class. Chaitanya yoga center tutors provide excellent yoga training.

  • Nilda United States

    Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy website

    I am from the USA and I went to visit India for two weeks. During that time, I took morning yoga classes with the Chaitanya team. The class was the best yoga class that I have ever taken. I recommend taking classes with these amazing teachers.

  • Sangeeta

    Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy website

    Yoga classes in Chaitanya Wellness studio are very rejuvenating, I am glad I joined. Trainers are good and almost everyone takes personal interest on everyone in the class. Overall, it was good.

  • Prince Bansal

    Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy website

    The classes are really helpful in maintaining the basic fitness level. All the teachers are good and proficient in their field. It really does motivate us to focus on our health.

  • Arvind and Lopa

    Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy website

    Dear Dr. Prashant / Shreya,

    Ever since we started doing yoga in the morning, we feel that the entire day is really fresh and active. You have been really regular with the schedule and are really professional with your exercises. We like the way the classes are conducted. We have seen tremendous changes in our health and day to day life.

  • Mariam

    Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy website

    I went for a week and had a great experience. I came back rejuvenated. The staff is extremely polite and helpful. They take personal care and customize the treatment to your requirement. The yoga classes, meditation, food, and location all are great. Totally recommend the place if you are looking for a good retreat.

  • Mark

    Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy website

    True healing for myself is what I was looking for and I finally found it here. I love the way of teaching each and every posture. Philosophy and meditation are unique. Overall, five stars from my side.

  • Harry

    Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy website

    A great seven-day crafted program for two yoga and meditation beginners. We are yoga and meditation beginners and we wanted a seven-day program to improve our practices. We were really happy with the full program crafted for us: we had a teacher for pranayama and Vinyasa flow, a teacher for philosophy, and a teacher for meditation. We enjoyed the teachings of everyone.

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