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Chillout Retreats

Chillout Retreats is a unique opportunity to relax, revive, and restore yourself with yoga in the most breathtaking and serene locations in the UK and abroad.

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Claudia Moncado-thomas

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Relax Revive and restore"

On arrival a very warm and friendly welcome from the instructors and all the way through to the end. Lovely girls :-)

The yoga practises was better than any other I’ve known.

A very warm friendly group to spend time with..

Food and location amazing with stunning views.. A lovely room with a relaxed feel overlooking the lake and pool..

feeling happier relaxed and revitalised..

I will definitely be booking again...

Testimonials 2

Adam Turk


I can honestly say it was a very refreshing and revealing weekend, and I came back feeling very calm and rested and, in the main, have managed to keep that calmness with me ever since. My mind seems much less cluttered and more able to focus and stay focused, and I know Jo has benefitted from being able to get a decent deep sleep most nights which is a big plus for both of us. We laugh most days but mostly when we are happy and chilled - you can benchmark how good a weekend is by our laughter, so I think that demonstrates an A+ for this one.

Marysa London


I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful few days. The environment the three of you created is just perfect. It really has had a positive effect on me, the relaxation, yoga, meditation, sleep and healthy food has given me a real boost, plus the amazing bonus of reconnecting with you again and your sisters made it so, so special. I shall definitely be back and will be passing on your website to some friends I know would love it.

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