Nested in a peaceful location, Creacon Wellness Retreat offers holistic, relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing activities and yoga to support wellbeing.

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Katie Gordon

from Ireland, August 2019

"A beautiful, peaceful and loving environment "

Staff, accommodation, the rose room, actually everything about the place was beautiful. But particularly the staff. Everyone of them were so kind, respectful and friendly.


from United States, July 2019

"Worth everything"

I spent July 15-18th 2019 at the Creacon resort. I had no idea what to expect, but my time spent there was worth everything. The entire experience is centered around making people feel warmly welcomed and through this environment it becomes easy to connect with others and yourself. It is important to mention everyone was helpful and responsive even before I arrived, while I was there and in preparation for leaving. Service is exemplary at Creacon.

One small note, but not worthy of 👎🏻

I found the yoga to be more for beginners, but I enjoyed the instructors and experience all the same.

Jo Cowell

from Great Britain, April 2019

"First yoga retreat "

From the moment we parked the car on a cold wet morning, we all felt instantly at home. The gardens are beautiful and when you enter everything is calm but filled with beautiful things everywhere you look. Salvo was really helpful- given we were 4 hours early - and got us all sorted and into a yoga class that was just starting. Jonathon, Marcela, Suzanne and Phil then spent 4 days soothing our minds and bodies. I thought that I did meditation but this is meditation on a whole new level. The food is just delicious,so wholesome that we didn’t need anything else , even though there are also plenty of goodies in offer. Lauren was a fabulous host behind the coffee bar and was always ready with a new idea to try. This break went so far beyond my expectations that I can’t really put it into words. We will most definitely be back.

Audrey Furlong

from Ireland, January 2019

"Experience of a life "

The atmosphere was relaxing friendly inclusive homely staff helpful very pleasant everything ran professionally and punctual

Mariana Fresnedo

from Mexico, August 2018

"This is an amazing secret of the world. Everything amazing!"

Everything is created to take you to a relaxed state of being including mind body and spirit. Including the water you in take and get a batch with. The therapies they have are so amazing and powerful. I’m still a little at shock of how lucky i got to have fallen in this magical place. The rising star therapy is a MUST! I’ve never been in something that powerful. Every single person of the staff is very special, the attention you have is so muche love and caring and pamepering.

Kimberly Michaud

from United States, July 2018

"Refreshingly amazing!"

The food was healthy and delicious. The room i stayed in was comfy and beautiful. Loved it! The staff and even the other people visiting were so kind and friendly. It was like they were my family. The grounds are so serene and lovely. I enjoyed sitting outside by the beautiful flowers and there were plenty of cozy sitting places (benches, tables, quaint seating). The countryside was just so beautiful and serene. I would absolutely visit again! Thanks Creacon for a refreshing and wonderful stay!!

Kiran Dhana

from United States, June 2018

"My review"

The yoga Nidra, my room, the grounds and friendly staff. Love the fact that you can be yourself. Great experience over all. Definitely revisit!

Maria Pereira

from United States, May 2018

"Thank you"

All was great!!!!!


from Ireland, August 2017

"A true holiday for body and mind. "

Creacon Wellness Retreat is such an amazing place. The centre is beautiful but what really makes it special are the wonderful people who work there who are caring and helpful and make you feel at home. Amazing food and lots of great meditation classes.

Melanie Adam

from Germany, July 2017

"A very special place"

I very much liked the staff there, they were very warm, welcoming and friendly and created a very special atmosphere.

The rooms were also really nice - decorated with a good eye on detail and very clean. Nonetheless, they were very cosy and I liked to spend a good amount of time in them.

One thing that also stood out was the food, it is very healthy and nutritious and yummy at the same time.

The garden was also a really nice place and the whole retreat was just a lovely place. It is a really good place if you want to unwind a little and take time to concentrate on yourself. It is a place full of peace, bliss and serenity.

I will definitely go back there again. It was a altogether a lovely experience and I am very thankful for the people I met there.

Adria Winfield

from Saudi Arabia, June 2017


The staff, the location, the beautiful space.

Alice Roy

from France, July 2019

"Lieu magnifique, yoga trop méditatif "

Lieu superbe, nourriture top, personnel ultra accueillant, ambiance chaleureuse et très conviviale. Large choix de soins

Maureen Ward

from Ireland, August 2019

"Heaven on Earth" the most fantastic place on earth... a little piece of heaven ....and now my home from home... I am so happy that I did the retreat from Friday 16th August to Sunday 18th August 2019 with Marcela who just made me feel so at home, and who also magically re introduced me to myself, healed me, enlightened me and who brought me on so many journeys of discovery through her lessons and her fantastical meditations & healing, that I have simply never felt so exhilarated, cleansed and so comforted in what i have learnt, experienced and practised over this amazing weekend, in my entire life!

Additional media pieces she produced and referenced from Creacon founder Derek O Neill, and from Taylor Bolt aswell as the informative Tibetan yoga workshops from Jonathan.... only heightened my absolutely life changing experience.

I also opted for an Oracle reading from Sandra which gave me so much insight and also answered so many questions I had.....

Creacon, MY little piece of heaven on earth, you have made me a better person and enabled me to see such insight. thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to being with you again soon xxx

Fiona Oconnor

from Ireland, August 2019

"Wonderful magical energy to revitalize body and soul"

Wonderful place, from moment you arrive, everyone is so pleasant, happy, warm, friendly. Nothing too much trouble. Food was DIVINE. Sooo tasty whilst low calorie and healthy, AND filling!! They should do a cookbook.the energy healers are ALL incredible, the energy treatments are transformative and the meditations are also other worldly. The room was 5 star.

Mairead Mcgrath

from Ireland, August 2019

"Fabulous retreat "

Creacon Wellness retreat really is a little piece of heaven. From the moment I arrived I was welcomed by the team and they were really friendly and helpful. The accommodation is lovely and the yoga and meditation classes are great, really good mix of instructors. I highly recommend getting the Ultimate Massage from Suzanne - she's amazing. Great place to go for some time out, R&R, whatever you need :)


from Ireland, August 2019

"Meditation spa experience"

The atmosphere and accommodation and staff serving food and handling reception were excellent. The classes were nice and the msssage was excellent.


from France, July 2019


My experience at Creacon Wellness Retreat was overwhelming positive. I stayed a week at the retreat, and I think that was the perfect amount of time. It can take a while to transition into having a different structure for your day - one where you focus on your body, your breath, and your mind and well-being. My time there was really a journey. It took a few days to just unwind and feel totally relaxed, and then some things started coming out of the woodwork that I could tell I needed to work through. My recommendation would be: if you encounter anything that makes you uncomfortable (such as self-love, letting go of guilt, etc), don't shy away from it, but confront it and schedule a one-on-one session or two to help get to the bottom of it. They have great people on staff here who are easy to talk to and qualified to help you!

Speaking of the staff, they were amazing. From the instructors to the desk clerks to the restaurant staff, everyone seemed very genuine and caring. After a while we all felt like one big happy family. The staff often eats with the guests at a communal dinner table and we just had a lot of fun joking around and laughing.

The environment at the retreat is very relaxed, quiet, and homey. The gardens are lovely and there are places to lie in the yard and soak up some sun which is more prevalent there in the Southeast than the rest of Ireland. The food is fantastic. The environment is free from irritants and the water is great.

Mo Fitzgerald

from Ireland, June 2019

"For a little rest, recovery and recharge in luxury!"

Beautiful place. Bedrooms are awesome. Facilities, garden to yoga hall, mediation and treatment rooms all superb. Food is so fresh and full of flavour, they catered for everyone.


from Ireland, June 2019

"What an amazing place to stay"

Everything, this truely was the perfect holiday break. The rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated, the gardens are beautiful, the food just so delicious and the people couldn't be nicer.

The classes are casual and relaxing, and the perfect opportunity for anyone to calm their inner chatter. I highly recommend at least 2-3 nights to get the most out of the experience.

Emily Fox

from Ireland, March 2019

"Tranquil escape "

The peace and quiet


from United States, December 2018

The overall atmosphere was very relaxing ,friendly and nurturing.The food was amazing

Sarah Razaq

from Great Britain, December 2018

"Rejuvenated "

The authenticity of the people. Their joy and generosity in what they do. The restoration of optimism it gave me and many lovely exchanges with other guests.

Peg Losee

from United States, November 2018

"Detox made enjoyable"

Everyone was very supportive. It did help that I was the only guest staying over the week I was there which made it even more special. I decided to try treatments I hadn’t experienced before and loved them - bamboo massage, ultimate massage, Rising Star Healing, and other treatments I’d had before and still love. The location was so peaceful and quiet. The staff and even other daily guests were pleasant, happy, and supportive. The room I stayed in was pleasant and I felt like I was at home. I truly hope to make this an annual event, even if I’m not the only overnight guest other times.

Paula Kennedy

from France, August 2018

"I loved everything about my experience in Creacon."

It's a beautiful creative caring place to be. The staff are special kind and helpful. I got to experience lots of different types of meditation yoga and healing experiences. If I was to choose one experience that topped all my experiences it would have to be the ultimate massage. It was incredible.

Olwen Hogan

from Ireland, August 2018

Absolute perfection.. I will be back

Katherine Collins

from Ireland, July 2018

"A brief but very enjoyable experience"

My stay at Crecon lodge though short was very enjoyable. The Staff were particularly warm and friendly. The surroundings were beautiful and the accomodation was very nice.. All you could ask for in a retreat.

Babett Duevel

from United States, June 2018

"This is a magical place"

Everything was outstanding! The service the yoga lessons, the treatments and of course the food - food really is medicine! This is an amazing place where you can recharge through food, yoga and mindfulness. I am so glad I booked it and I will be back.

Evelyn Murtagh

from Ireland, June 2018

"My Creacon experience "

The quite location and the wide choice of activities. I also liked the flexibility of whatever plan you were doing. The staff would try to arrange whatever treatments you requested . The staff and therapists are the heart of what Creacon Lodge is offering

Theresa Murphy

from Ireland, June 2018

Everything at Creacon was above & beyond any expectations! From staff, instructors & fellow residents. I throughly enjoyed myself & would definitely recommend it as a destination to visit

Marian Stout

from Ireland, May 2018


Kiera Hopkins

from Ireland, May 2018


Where do I begin.. I knew straight away while I was driving up the driveway that I loved this place already. Creacon is so beautiful. I received a lovely warm welcome and a complimentary juice upon arrival. My bedroom was stunning and so comfortable. The food was absolutely delicious, staff were so friendly and would do anything for you. Everywhere was immaculate! Words can't describe how much this place means to me already and this was my first time staying there. To be honest I wasn't expecting much as I had never done a retreat before. But my goodness I benefited so much from staying here! Marcella is an absolute gem, she is such a beautiful soul inside and out. I really benefited from her meditations and workshop, I released a lot of emotions that I had built up for so long. Creacon is what I imagine heaven to be like. It is a little hidden gem. I'm already planning my next visit in the summer! Creacon has my heart now and I'll be forever thankful for the amazing experience I had. I'll most certainly be coming back here for the rest of my life. Thank you so much to everyone in Creacon for making me feel at home and for allowing me to have the most amazing, special weekend of my life. I'll never forget it.

Sharon Massey

from Ireland, May 2018


Calm and quiet place, very relaxing. The staff was very friendly but clearly overpricing for what they are offering.

Frank Muldowney

from United States, April 2018

"The sign post to happiness."

It is too obvious to mention what it advertises, what I liked the most was the personal side with the people. There is a human touch from all I had met, from the cook, to reception to instructors. I feel like an alien living in my own home in Dublin, yet I felt adopted by a family in Creacon.

Janet Rosel

from Ireland, April 2018

"Overnight at Creacon"

Staff were incredible every single one of them......

I had the most wonderful massage & Tibetan singing bowls meditation with Suzanne which I really loved

Colette Byrne

from Ireland, April 2018

"Perfect time out at Creacon "

Great staff, accommodation, healthy food and range of classes

Vina Rosa Junio

from Norway, April 2018

"Juice detox "

Very nice and friendly personnel. Easy to contact them whenever you have questions. They make real organic food.

They have many varieties of treatment and programs.

You experience a real country side.

Deirdre Mcgrath

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Blissful retreat "

Everything was delightful from the accommodation, to the food, to all the classes and courses. I really enjoyed my stay, I learnt a lot and I’ll definitrly be back.

Fiona Walsh

from Ireland, March 2018

"Can't wait to return!"

Had the most wonderful weekend in Creacon. The team, the place & the facilities were fantastic and the food exceptional! I was a solo traveller and met some lovely people. Felt totally at home. Overall an amazing experience! I'm so glad I did it.

Karen Mclaughlin

from Ireland, March 2018

"The perfect reconnect and recharge"

One overnight stay was enough to reconnect to the part of myself that life was encouraging me to forget. Everything about this place is magic: both healing and energising. The practitioners in Creacon are actual angels and I cannot wait to return.

Caroline Mcphillips

from Great Britain, March 2018

"Mindfulness "

Lovely lady very calm and serene enjoyed spending time with Collette in sessions and out of sessions


from Ireland, February 2018

"Excellent 3day juice and yoga retreat"

All staff from once I arrived were so friendly,courteous and welcoming. Nothing was too much trouble. The juices and food on last night were delicious. The yoga classes were great and a special thanks to Marcella who was just so inspiring and lovely to meet . a wonderful experience .


from Ireland, February 2018

"Wrapped in a cloud "

The openness and willingness to accept without question.The offer of your hearts desire and the gift of receiving the rising star .The companionship of staff and the feeling of wellbeing.the luxury of space both mental and physical .truly amazing food .i was lucky to share my time with Derek O Neil and amazing people at Creacon.

Agnieszka Letowska

from Ireland, February 2018

Great location very good food

Marian Harkin

from Belgium, February 2018

"Creacon - a sanctuary "

Genuinely caring,informed and friendly staff. Nothing was too much trouble. Excellent accommodation. Enough flexibility to allow me to tailor my stay to my requirements.

Sinead Costello

from Ireland, January 2018

The warm friendly atmosphere

Very homely feel

Jackie Contreras

from United States, November 2017

"Very peaceful!"

I would highly recommend Creacon! It is the most peaceful and tranquil place I’ve visted and hope to visit soon!

Aine Farrell

from Ireland, November 2017

"The perfect break "

Cosy and homely.

Therapists and classes of excellent quality.

Family style


Very warm

Service all round.

They care.

Elaine Farrell

from Ireland, September 2017

"Very good retreat centre "




Louise Mckenna

from Ireland, June 2017

Everyone was so friendly and could not do enough for me. The positivity emanating from the staff and fellow guests was very uplifting and it was a wonderful experience.


from Ireland, May 2017

"What an experience!"

I had the most wonderful experience at Creacon during my yoga and meditation retreat. All aspects of my stay exceeded my expectations. The staff is wonderful and so welcoming and helpful. The accommodations and activity/treatment rooms are beautiful and spotless and the gardens are amazing. The activity programme I received as part of the package was perfectly tailored for me and my needs and the various treatments included, were only amazing. Three meals were served each day and the food was balanced, packed full of goodness and flavour. The whole complex has such a light, calm and relaxing energy, you feel it as soon as you get there and it stays with you after you leave. I can honestly say that I had the best retreat experience I could have ever hoped for and I got so much value for my money. I sincerely recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking for a break, in order to look after and heal their mind, body and soul. Creacon Wellness Retreat you offered exactly what I needed, at a time when I needed it the most and you looked after me so amazingly well. I will definitely be back again!

Gavin Kelleher

from Ireland, May 2017

beautiful location. friendly staff. great yoga . great workshops.

Gill Leo

from Ireland, May 2017

"It delivered on everything!"

Staff were excellent.

Audrey Furlong

from Ireland, June 2019


Peaceful and beautiful surroundings good vegetarian food pleasant and professional staff

Eveline Keg

from Netherlands, May 2018

"Geweldige en rustgevende plek"

Prachtige omgeving, schoon, één en al gastvrijheid, geweldige kamers en sanitair, heel aardige mensen en ik had een fijn programma. Het was perfect; niet te vol maar wel genoeg om tot rust en jezelf te komen. Er is veel oog voor detail om werkelijk alles in dienst van je retraite te laten zijn. Echt een oase van rust en in het algemeen enorm aan te raden.

Jean-charles Bezançon

from France, July 2017

"Une halte parfaite pour le corps et l'esprit"

La bienveillance des gens aussi bien le personnel que les résidents

Marie Riccato

from France, June 2017

"Plénitude globale"

Je dirai Tout.J'ai rencontré de belles personnes,j'ai fait des expériences magnifiques dans un cadre splendide.Je suis comblée,sereine et reposée.


from France,

J’ai passe un merveilleux séjour au Creacon Lodge, service, accueil, repas tout est fantastique.