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Danena Sicily

Danena Sicily offers holiday retreats with a revitalizing fusion of activities centered around nature, detoxification, yoga, Pilates, music, and healthy food.

Instructors 1

Jennifer Carr

Jennifer Carr is a London born, certified emotional eating coach. She works with international clients face to face and via Skype to overcome the eating challenges, habits, and behaviors around food that may limit an individual from living a healthy, balanced life. Be it binge eating, emotional eating, restrictive long-term dieting, unexplained weight gain, orthorexia, or body dysmorphia. Jennifer’s work with clients has led her to believe that every unwanted behavior is actually a messenger for the deeper imbalances in your life, work, and relationships with others and yourself.

Reviews 4

Sibyl Schwarzenbach

from Switzerland, April 2017

Loved the beautiful palace, Palermo and small group.

Renata, Francesca and everyone went all out.

Sabine Steinert

from Germany, May 2017

Wunderschöne geschmackvoll ausgestattete Massseria mit besonderem Flair!

Testimonials 5

Cecilia UK

Danena Sicily website

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. An utterly lovely hostess, her and Danena are such a perfect fit together. My room was outstanding. The bed comfortable, nice towels, incredibly peaceful.

The trip was well planned, well organized, well put together. The yoga was great it was not just about going through the motions, but always a full body-and-mind experience with all senses involved. Even for me, with a million thoughts constantly going through my head, it was quicker and quicker each session to drop all that and be in the experience of yoga. Both for hard work morning sessions and meditative evening sessions. I loved it. The program was perfect. The yoga session lengths were perfect.

The food was beautiful, fun, super tasty, and inspiring. I loved that everything was so local and how fresh everything was and tasted. The tomatoes and eggs (not even comparable to London ones) and the peaches and the incredibly good prickly pears. I loved the salad with seafood. I loved all the soups, the cheeses, the pastas. Pretty much every single thing!

Thank you, Danena Sicily, for an amazing week. And, on top of you all having set up a great retreat trip, an amazing and incredibly inspiring group of people. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten to spend time with and get to know you!

Francesca K. USA

Danena Sicily website

My retreat experience at Danena was wonderful, not only because of the outstanding yoga teaching but because the location itself was so beautiful, with everything, from the food (amazing) to the communications (a gentle bell rung to announce meal times), designed with great attention to detail. The masseria manages to maintain its traditional rustic feel without being at all basic. The meals designed for our retreat were healthy, delicious, and prepared with the utmost care. The host, Renata, was one of a kind, managing to be present and available without imposing on the sensibility of our yoga teacher’s personal aims for the retreat. The pool is one of the nicest I have swum in anywhere, with no chlorine and a stunning infinity view. I am already looking forward to an opportunity to return!

Lissa Gillott UK

Danena Sicily website

Danena Sicily is a lovely spot, I did not want to leave. The ambiance was really relaxed, the accommodation was comfortable, and the food was fantastic. I also loved the swimming pool. Renata made me feel really welcome and it was great to have her local insight into the area. I had a great week, I am really pleased I came along last minute. Thanks for a great week.

Claire Bullus UK

Danena Sicily website

Renata made the whole experience of staying at Danena magical. Set in amongst olive groves - the beautiful veranda looking over towards the sea was very relaxing - and delicious food prepared by a local cook. The bedrooms are all individual and charming. Very relaxing atmosphere with a beautiful infinity swimming pool elegantly tucked away from the masseria. There is plenty to do, walking through plantations of lemon, olive, and watermelon fields or cycling on trails set out amongst the groves. There is also a beautifully restored pitched roof barn converted into a yoga or Pilates space. The masseria dates back to 1800s and the age of it can be felt in its gravitas and understated elegance. Renata has wonderful tips of which beaches to visit, restaurants, and cultural trips, all within a one-hour drive. Vendicari Bird reserve is a must with its beautiful rugged coastline and crystal clear sea water. Noto and Ortigia are a must too.

Dominic Roter UK

Danena Sicily website

A serene angelic hideaway with a wonderful pool, views you cannot get bored of, fresh healthy food, and a host who made us feel welcome from the second we got there. A magical experience that exceeded all expectations.