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Daria Tiesler Wellness provides personalized wellness solutions to facilitate your journey of self-discovery into a greater health and natural vitality.

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  • Caroline

    Daria Tiesler Wellness website

    The retreat has been very insightful. I had a very incredible connection with another group of women and I being able to check what is really affecting my health and wellbeing through food. The food has been wonderful, trying to eat more healthy made me feel more energetic. We had great fun, great connection, a lot of exercise, activities, yoga and great teaching around food types. I am going home very joyful, very cleanse and very well.

  • Andrea

    Daria Tiesler Wellness website

    I came to these retreat mainly to experience wellness through eating an anti-inflammatory diet which was gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. I can say that the food was absolutely amazing, I haven't been hungry at all and feel extremely well and full of energy. We had an amazing workshops which frankly change my life, we had a lot of free time to swim, ride bikes and yoga. I recommend anyone to come to one of Daria's retreat, it's been amazing.

  • Claire

    Daria Tiesler Wellness website

    When I came to this retreat I wasn't sure what to expect all I knew I was on my road to discovery. I knew there was something I was missing and I really please to say that I found the first key to unlock the first thing I was missing. Still a bit further to go but, now I know the road I need to travel and now I have better set of ideas and tools I can use and I have a lovely support of ladies that I join here. It was a circle full of trust considering that we were all strangers. We all brought our own experience and it was really great.

  • Natalia

    Daria Tiesler Wellness website

    I really enjoy every moment. Being here I met really great people. I learn a lot and I thought that I will never enjoy learning this sorts of things about my health because I was sure I knew everything about myself. Most importantly I was able to pick quite useful tips which I hope I will use in the future which will make me more healthy.

  • Jennifer

    Daria Tiesler Wellness website

    Daria helped improve my health as a young woman. She helped me to get to the bottom of my health issues such a pcos, irregular periods or no periods at all and depression and anxiety. She provides a holistic approach to my health and fitness that has improved my lifestyle.

  • Despina

    Daria Tiesler Wellness website

    I felt very excited getting down to my ideal weight- but the best part of it is that now -after 2 years later I am still at my ideal weight. I feel like a million dollars both physically and mentally. Work out with Daria is fun.

  • May

    Daria Tiesler Wellness website

    My physique and strength as an athlete have not only improved but my overall health and wellness. Previously I was getting frequent cold, and flu, but I have gone through my first winter season with only a few minor ones.

  • Susan

    Daria Tiesler Wellness website

    I was diagnosed with type II diabetes and started oral medication. With Daria I was learning about myself and taking charge of my own destiny. I got strenght back into my soul and the enery in my mind.

  • Heather

    Daria Tiesler Wellness website

    I learned about the benefits of weight training and healthy eating and really saw a dramatic change in my body and my mind and I am much stronger than I thought I was. I can achieve anything, as long as I am willing to put in the work for it.

  • Reena

    Daria Tiesler Wellness website

    I managed to change my attitude. This was achieved via different platforms: good personal training, acknowledgment of strengths and weaknesses, advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle & nutritional support.

  • Eva

    Daria Tiesler Wellness website

    Working with Daria over 8 weeks has drastically changed me and my life. I now feel that change is possible and it has helped my confidence in knowing that I can ‘do-it’. Although I still have a long was to go, I know now it is possible. The support and expert advice given is unparralleled to any other help I have received in the past.....thank you so much Daria!

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