Detox Istria

Istria, Croatia

Detox Istria offers Ayurveda and detox cleansing retreat programs in the Glavini Eko Villa in Istria, a beautiful choice for people looking for a sincere coexistence with nature.

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  • Mirjana

    Detox Istria website

    Ayurvedic massages and detox helped me physically and mentally relax. My digestion really regulated and held me back pain. After the treatment, I feel rejuvenated and more vital. I'm going back to the first following dates.

  • Sara J.

    Detox Istria website

    Detoxification was my best physical and spiritual journey. Positive energy and interesting friends greatly facilitate the cleaning of my body needed. Daily massages, customized nutrition, and various other treatments completely eliminate back pain while medical difficulties during the female cycle completely disappeared. I look forward to leaving.

  • Susan Paklar

    Detox Istria website

    I came for the first time in the Ayurvedic detox in January 2015. The treatments were relaxing and not at all unpleasant, the strongest impression after the program is a feeling of cleanliness, lightness of being. The body is filled with energy and without any discomfort during the program. Be sure to go again.

  • Sanja Funnel

    Detox Istria website

    Great unforgettable experience, after which I felt better health, mentally stronger, and I have lost what was essentially the same one. After the program, all around me had problems with the flu, snoring, and by-any infections. It's been three months after the program but believes the situation is excellent, full of energy, and I have no problems. It must repeat.

  • Lydia K.

    Detox Istria website

    Beautiful house on a hill in the heart of an unforgettable Istria. The hosts are very friendly and excellent cooks who know how to help people to think about food in a different way and in doing so, they feel good health after all. The sauna that I had never tried to massage the body and the head, which I was pleasantly surprised. The lymphatic drainage relaxes.

  • Max

    Detox Istria website

    After the detox treatment, I lost 4.5 kilograms. I feel much better, more energy, and enthusiasm. My appetite has decreased and continued as recommended by Branka As for further eating. Accommodation is laudable, in central Istria, incredible scenery, tranquility, a haven for body and soul. Staff Branko, Nebojsa and Alexander, are excellent experts in the matter of Ayurveda and once again thank them for their effort and patience for five wonderful days!

  • Zeljko

    Detox Istria website

    Staying in the hub exceeded all my expectations. The kindness, friendliness, and professionalism of the team that led us through the process of detox was invaluable. And although I started on this journey alone, I have to admit that at no point have not felt that way. After only one day became a part of the wonderful group of people, and after seven, it was difficult to leave.

    To be sure, not everything was so perfect. Detox is not the easiest thing in the world and need (at least as I was), iron will and good governance that all went well. But, I must admit that with Branka, Nebojsa Alex, and I did not for a moment doubted the sebe. Istra was really beautiful but what really impressed me was the way I experience it all changed as a person.

    Now a lot more I understand myself, I listen to my body and know how to make me happy, not to mention that I am full of energy and all the tasks that I set before ourselves without problems doing. I even started to cook! If they want me, I'll come next year.

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