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Sedona, Arizona, United States

Sedona’s Wellness Retreat is the perfect quiet, comfortable retreat center for anyone who considers making changes to their health, diet, and general lifestyle.

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  • Diane S. United States

    Detox Sedona website

    Both Amy and I feel so much better after having spent time with Sedona. The energy there was almost always so conducive to healing and health. The very special energy that was present in the lovely food prepared especially by Devon, Annie and Joey was top notch. Also their cleaning staff is first rate. The doctors were wonderful, caring, patient and very kind.

  • Ron Q. United States

    Detox Sedona website

    The doctors were great. She was great throughout our stay and so were the kitchen staff and the hotel staff!

  • Brenda L. United States

    Detox Sedona website

    Sedona is a very beautiful and peaceful place. The retreat was an excellent getaway for me and my health. It was enjoyable working with the excellent staff and doctors. I feel like myself again, renewed and energized.

  • Ronda D. United States

    Detox Sedona website

    I was a guest this past September with my mother, Nellie. I made the large Native American rattle that sits on the desk across from the fireplace. We thoroughly enjoyed our two week retreat. The accommodations were perfect. One of our favorite things was to walk the labyrinth daily. While we were there we fell in love with the doctors and those working in the kitchen. I wanted to specifically tell the Jedi Juicers I have continued to juice and I enjoy a large mason jar of green juice daily. I also keep all my food in glass mason jars now; steel cut oats, re-hydrated fruits, cooked veggies, I no longer use plastic containers for leftovers. I have also continued to be a vegan.I came as a patient with an autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, which causes a great deal of pain and inflammation. Ten days into my stay in Sedona the inflammation in my hands disappeared. When I came back and went back to my normal routine, with the above-mentioned changes, the inflammation came back. I find the actual shopping twice a week for the veggies and doing the cleaning and chopping everyday is hard on my hands, but I am slowly finding my balance. I have learned that once you have a chronic condition you cannot live life as you once did. If you want to get better, you have to make lifestyle changes. Sedona helped me know what changes I should make. The staff went over and above to make us feel at home and kept us comfortable even through some difficult changes. We will forever be grateful. We learned a new, healthier way to live and we have the Sedona's Fasting Retreat Center to thank for it.

  • Carol United States

    Detox Sedona website

    I truly believe that the two weeks at Sedona launched me into what is now my healing journey. I have come to understand that the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our experience all must be healed so that the energy within can flow optimally and complete healing and alignment can take place. While I knew that intellectually, I gained that felt sense while I was at Sedona precisely because of the environment and the staff. I will carry that felt sense with me now as a reminder of the inner space where I both need and want to be. When mind, body, and spirit are in congruence and resonance there is a sense of wellbeing that really cant be described in words. The closest I can come is an inner quietness that exceeds even a feeling of peacefulness because it feels less fleeting and more solid. I will forever be grateful.

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