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from United States, October 2021

"Catskills R and R"

Rachel was fabulous. She was cheerful, inspiring and a wonderful instructor.

Cathy Rivera

from United States, October 2021

"Excellent retreat"

The yoga instructor I had was not listed in the drop down menu. My instructor was Brittany Rega and she was amazing! The grounds are beautiful, the food is great. The yoga was different than I expected, but better. I felt

More at peace than I have in years. I came

Away with tools and exercises to help relieve stress in my everyday life. I also came

Away with a sense of self worth, which I also haven’t felt in a long time.

Blossom Akagbosu

from United States, September 2021

"Beyond my expectation"

I'm so happy I attended this retreat. I learned so much from my instructors, Master Shiwon and Brittany who were so kind and knowledgeable. Outside of the program activities I was able to get an amazing spa massage (with charge) and a zip lining session (free). I'd suggest calling ahead to schedule the spa massage or complimentary zip lining before spots fill up.

The beautiful scenery at Honor's Haven will leave you in awe of nature. The eco healing park at HH is a must if you can!

Jamen Armendariz

from United States, July 2021

Good classes and teachers

Colleen Brennan

from United States, June 2021

Master Shiwon was amazing I finally learned mediation and was able to do it .


from United States, May 2021

"not your traditional yoga"

this retreat was an interesting experience. the environment was wonderful- i woke up with the sun rising and took an enjoyable walk around the lake. the yoga is not what you expect, but it is good to keep an open mind about it. i learned a lot about myself throughout the weekend.


from United States, May 2021

"great content and teacher"

everything, the people, the content and the energy was felt, I haghly recommended

Donna Vezina

from United States, April 2021

"The correct instructor is not available in the the Select in"

Experience was amazing our time with utilized very well I do think it should clearly state that the yoga we were taking was not traditional yoga

Sarika Agarwal

from United States, February 2021


Incredible classes, SARAH IS AMAZING. She will work with you to help you reach your desired goals. Came back refreshed and rejuvenated and learned SO MUCH


from United States, September 2020

"Pricey and underwhelming "

Area is gorgeous and the outdoor waterfall hike was nice.

Nicole Chamoun

from United States, August 2020

"Blissful retreat from daily life"

I loved the beautiful and peaceful setting of the retreat. Sarah Choi is a warm, friendly and welcoming host. She provided us with a safe space to learn and gain wisdom on brain and body yoga and other self healing and meditation techniques. I liked the mix of indoor and outdoor activities to help keep the brain and body engaged and feeling invigorated.

Vernice Blanchard

from United States, September 2019

"Good value"

The classes were very informative


from United States, August 2019

"Disappointing yoga class. "

The meditative hike was extremely enjoyable and relaxing. I also liked the concepts that were taught in the workshops.

Barbara Dorio

from United States, August 2019

The nature walk

Lena Ayn

from United States, August 2019

"nice Getaway trip"


Nicole and Sara are working very hard to make us understand health benefits of Korean Tai chi philosophy.

Thank you ladies.


from United States, May 2019

"Great escape from the city "

The surrounding environment was excellent and the exercises were helpful in releasing tension. Outdoor exercises were scenic. I felt relaxed and it took my mind off of stressful things. Sarah was very soothing and was attentive to everyone. The people I met at the retreat were fantastic and we’ll keep in touch.