Eco Detox offers juice detox retreats at a beautiful country house set among Cava vineyards, forty minutes outside of Barcelona.

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Juli Borras

Diego Arnold

Joseba Apesteguia

Carolina Harboe

Deborah Davies

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from Spain, September 2020

"Amazing experience "

I loved the variety of the offering from yoga meditation and dancing and also other activities

Esther Fernandez Rodriguez

from Spain, September 2020

I totally recommend this experience because after this 7 days, you get a peace and balance thanks to all these well structured activities, that it's very difficult to find it in your normal life. The instructors are very nice and help you in all this process therefore, I definitively will repeat it. It's really worth.


from Italy, January 2020

"Great Detox"

Great time to get away from screens, reset your relationship with food and generally reset. Great activities, yoga, nutrition. Great instructors.

Patrick Delaney

from Ireland, December 2019

"Down to earth detox"

I liked that it was not a military camp but more a place to help you through the experience of Detox and fasting at your own pace

Rebecca Mondics

from United States, December 2019

"Truly amazing reset "

This was a life changing and deeply invigorating experience. I learned so much— about my mental and physical health, the connection between mind and body, and how to nurture my spiritual health. Very thankful that I attended this program, and hope I am lucky enough to do so again in the future.

Cherie Welsh

from United States, September 2019

"the best way to get through traveling to a foreign country a"

The instructors were peaceful and loving, knowledgeable about balancing measures to obtain serenity and taking good care of body, mind and spirit. They were wonderful examples of such. The nourishing drinks, activities, accomodations all had a calming effect

Kim Faber

from United States, July 2019

"Profound Experience! "

Everything was so much more than I ever hoped for. The fasting (and constant support), the meditation, the yoga, the beauty of the location and the beautiful relationships I built this week where all really incredible and I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in this kind of thing and enjoys being in Spain. If you speak Spanish, I think it enhances your experience, but it’s not necessary.

Judith Wehmeyer

from Germany, June 2019

"highly recommended"

I highly recommend going on a juice fast adventure with Eco Detox. Before, during, and after the trip Diego & Debbie did everything to make us feel safe (which I really needed because I was quite insecure about what was going to happen to my mind, body, and soul). After having completed the journey I can say that this unique experience has influenced me beyond the 10-day-trip. I think more clearly and I feel more connected to my body's needs. It gave me the chance to re-connect with myself, and to others. I feel like I interact more compassionately with myself and others. The group was so heart-warming and welcoming, the people around me helped me to get through a variety of emotions that may appear. I accept myself more because I realized that human connection is everywhere, even (or especially?) in the middle of nowhere in the Spanish mountains. I had two intentions for the trip: To calm down after finishing 6 years of university and to get closer to making piece with food/ get in touch with my emotional (over)eating issue. Both missions are accomplished. 3 weeks after having returned from the trip I am able to listen better to my body and soul and therefore, I take better care of myself overall. The whole combination of mindful meditation, detox yoga, the silent walks and the wonderful spirit of the group made such a change possible. I am deeply thankful for the opportunity for personal growth in such a safe environment and such an amazing space in nature. GRACIAS. :)

Chloe Georgakis

from Spain, April 2019

"Safe, Supportive and Sincere. "

The journey of a detox can be complicated, but here you are in safe hands. The space, the atmosphere and all the sessions are like soul food. The program has been carefully designed and each element had purpose and depth. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, warm and playful people, they created a sense of family that carried us all through.

Florika Arora

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Amazing, Amazing, Amazing retreat"

Eco detox had everything I needed from a retreat - yoga in the sun, meditation whilst watching the sun rise and walking in the woods, yummy juices that make juice fasting so much easier, workshops on fasting, nutrition and post fasting, fun workshops on dancing and massages. The activities are optional so you can attend only if you want to. The location was beautiful in the middle of no where in the mountains near Manresa - very easy to get to from the airport.

Debbie, Juli and Deigo are very knowledgeable in their field and make sure you are looked after well. Attend this retreat if you want to relax, spend some time with yourself and meeting new people, to have a clean body, calm mind and a clear conscious.

Sam Maloney

from Great Britain, April 2019

"My detox experience "

The program was very structured with all the support I needed to successfully complete the juice fast! Deborah, Diego and Juli are very warm hosts with alot of time for everyone. They each brought something special to the retreat which I have taken away with me. The meditation, yoga and walking sessions allowed me to reflect in a safe environment and open my heart for growth. I'm deeply grateful for this experience and can hopefully return one day!

Annemette Elmelund

from Denmark, April 2019

"Wonderful retreat in the middle of nature"

It has been a truly wonderful experience to join the retreat at Eco Detox! The instructors were all very kind, helpful and competent and the retreat was a perfect combination of yoga, meditation, mindful walking in the nature, massages and detoxing. It has really inspired me to make some permanent changes in my life and incorporate detox and a healthier nutrition. It was my first detox retreat but definitely not my last!

Kathryn Walker

from Germany, February 2019

"Brilliant...simply brilliant!"

There was a warm atmophere of caring. What sticks in my mind is the instructors smiling a lot. They easily coped with the different languages being spoken, making sure no one was left out. The types of meditation, yoga, meditative walks, dance, etc. were very diverse. It was perfect and so relaxing. I would definitely like to repeat the experience. You felt these people were living what they taught.


from Switzerland, January 2019

"Inspiring reinvigoration at Eco Detox"

When I came to Eco Detox, honestly I wasn’t fully - mentally and emotionally - prepared for detox process (despite great preparatory materials from the team); however, what became a challenge turned out to be one of the most inspiring experiences with the last few years. Detoxing with such a caring and delicate team of experts (and our amazing group) was full of support for each other, care, combination of community and alone time (as you prefer). Energizing, fun and deep workshops made me crave life even more once the body and mind are in such a sensitive and vulnerable state. Soothing meditations and deep massages supported the emotional and spiritual cleansing. All in all, I believe whatever one is prepared to take away from this experience, s/he will get to. Just be open to the new experience. I was.

The team is genuinely trying to create the environment for the life changing experience ❤️ Thank you! 🙏🏻☀️😊

Marta Amor

from Qatar, January 2019

"Unique an amazing experience"

Definitely exceed my expectations! Whether you are looking for a reset, change some habits or just a time to relax, I totally recommended this retreat. Beautiful house, breathtaking landscape, great activities and of course adorable and very inspiring teachers. Last but not least, the juices are super yummy and with their support detoxing is much easier than expected!!

Many thanks to all of you!! Keep you in my heart :)

Anette Hjalmarsson

from Sweden, January 2019

"Very good Detox Retreat!"

I really enjoyed the location with the beautiful environment. The instructors with different activities were also very good. You could choose activities and take it in your own paste and the top choice for me was the morning sun meditation and the silent walking in the the beautiful surroundings! Also the yoga and the different meditations where very good. The detox juices were also good. For me it was ALL ABOUT cleansing your body in a nice place with good activities to inspire to a healthier way of living. Also to take your time to reflect over your current way of life, because the reason I choosed this retreat was to make a change. So over all, a very good retreat!! /Anette Hjalmarsson/Sweden

Kari-ann Whitbread

from Great Britain, September 2018

"Lovely location and great retreat team"

Loved the yoga sessions with Debbie who is really a very special yoga teacher. The yoga is quite gentle but when detoxing, this is perfect and Debbie knew just how to tailor the classes to suit everyones ability and energy levels.

The biodanza was new to me and despite my scepticism I really enjoyed it. Go with an open mind and heart and you will get the most out of this retreat.

Nuria Pleguezuelo

from Spain, October 2019

"Encontrar la paz"

Las mañanas de yoga, de paseos en silencio, el yoga, la gente. En definitiva TODO


from Spain, August 2019

"Buenos servicios."

El lugar, el programa y la actitud de los organizadores.

Sandra Llorens

from Sweden, July 2018

"Buena experiencia "

La relajación y La Paz