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Explore Raw inspires life-changing lifestyles and diets focused on bringing more plant-based raw foods and juicing techniques into long-term commitments.

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Kate and Liz United Kingdom

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The most fabulous retreat - beautiful villa, so comfortable and well-kitted out. Steph is a fantastic hostess with amazing knowledge and expertise of raw food. The food was always beautifully presented and tasted delicious - a wonderfully inspiring week - a great transition to going 100% raw! Thank you, Steph, for a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable week!

Liz United Kingdom

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This was my first introduction to raw food and juicing, and getting back in to exercise after a long break! I came to bootcamp without any real expectations, after a stressful couple of months at work and with my health I had to get away! I thought of Steph’s bootcamp and that was that, I was going! I thought the juicing would kill me! But I was fine! A little hungry at times, but I was good and managed to avoid my fruit bowl. Then the food started and it was… amazing! It really opened my eyes to what you can do, so simple, so delicious and unbelievably good for you. And last, but definitely not least, the people. I never imagined we’d all bond like we have, everyone was amazing and brought something different to the group. We all encouraged and supported one another through our journeys here, whatever they were. Suze was fabulous, an amazing trainer, and really helped me push my body to its max limits and I can really feel the benefits and result at the end of this week. It’s all on me to keep it up now! And then, there’s the lovely Steph! What can I say it must be in the genes! But seriously, I’ve learned more than I could have imagined, tasted amazing food, spent a week with some amazing inspirational people and I’ll carry that with me forever. I’m going home a refreshed, revitalized, happier, healthier version of me! Thanks for everything!

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