Flow Yoga CNX

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Flow Yoga CNX is a yoga retreat center and yoga studio in Doisaket, Chiang Mai, Thailand open to all who want to stretch and strengthen the body, expand the heart, and free the mind.

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  • Lilian van Heerwaarden The Netherlands

    Flow Yoga CNX website

    Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew my body needed something else than only the cycling I am doing every other day. Then I found yoga with Amori. The road signs bring you to the loveliest place you can imagine, tucked away in a small Thai village with views over rice paddies and the temple on the hill of the Doi Saket village. I enjoyed attending the morning classes; they were very nice and English spoken. The lessons made my body work hard from head to toe, they not only gave me body awareness and relaxation, but also muscle building. Amori is very welcoming, always cheerful, and is able to adjust the lessons to the needs of the class; she is a skilled teacher. There is something about this yoga place that makes me always like to go and hate to leave.

  • Adél Kerpely Hungary

    Flow Yoga CNX website

    Amori introduced me to yoga five years ago while we were both living in New York City. My days were pretty stressful and tense and I never had enough time for "important" things in my life. Thanks to my friend, Amori, I went to my first yoga class. I was so inspired by Amori's devotion to yoga. I was fortunate to see her expanding, improving day by day as a result of her devoted practice, so I tried it out too and it worked. I felt much better after each yoga practice. My energy level rose and my digestive system became more organic. I didn't have to worry about my body anymore. Amori made yoga very important for me. First I thought I was not able to do the poses but she helped me understand the importance of using my breath. She also introduced me to meditation. My breathing improved a lot, so I could hold the poses much longer now, enduring them and not even noticing time passing. I am not a big sport person, but yoga became natural to me as it is kind of a meditation exercise which gives me a strong but relaxed body

  • Bei Ling United States

    Flow Yoga CNX website

    Patient, soft spoken, attention to detail, and professional are the words that immediately come to my mind when I think of my first personal yoga instructor, my friend, and my mentor, Amori. I missed her terribly since she moved back to Chiang Mai from the US. With her infectious smile and abundance knowledge of yoga, Amori truly helped me open up my mind to meditation, self-discovery, relaxation, and being flexible, confident, and able to go beyond my limits. After taking her lessons and consistently practicing yoga on a regular bases, I feel I'm able to concentrate better, build stronger strength, better balance and flexibility, and most importantly, I have become happier mentally, healthier physically, and been able to relax deeply. I strongly recommend Amori's yoga training; it will change your life as it has changed my life about eight years ago.

  • Sukbamrung Thailand

    Flow Yoga CNX website

    Our experiences at Flow Yoga CNX with Amori have enriched our lives and greatly decreased our shoulder pains. It is a wonderful workout for the whole body and good exercise approach that can be done at any age. To come at this studio in the morning for our stretching, breathing, balancing, and concentration are our great times. We really have had the great pleasure of attending classes here.

  • Aimwara Harnjarankit Thailand

    Flow Yoga CNX website

    I had a very good Flow yoga experience with Amori in Doi Saket . Before I took the class, I had knee pains. So I decided to take a yoga class for 50 hours (three to four times a week). Afterward, that my knees were getting better and better and after every after class I feel fresh. The studio is nice and clean, and the outdoors is fresh with beautiful flowers.

  • Nathalie Cajette France

    Flow Yoga CNX website

    My friend introduced me to the Flow Yoga studio last year. It was my first time ever to take yoga classes. I'm not a sporty person. Amori is very professional even though my body is stiff but she guides me from pose to pose not pushing my body beyond my edge. She pays attention to my body and my movement and makes some adjustments if my poses are not in the proper position. She always tells me to listen to my own body. I am so relaxed after my morning yoga with Amori. Her lessons are very cheerful too!

  • Amy Ling United States

    Flow Yoga CNX website

    Flow Yoga CNX is definitely my favorite place to learn yoga. Amori is a fabulous teacher and her approach is both modern and relaxing. If it is your first time trying yoga like me, don't worry, Amori is very patient and is always willing to help out if you're not quite sure if your form is correct or not. The poses start out very simple and each one focuses on improving and strengthening your body. Next time I visit Thailand, I will for sure come back and do yoga with Amori. It is a fabulous experience and a must to try when traveling. If I lived in Chiang Mai, I would take weekly classes from Amori.

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