Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

Queensland, Australia

The wellness destination to soothe your soul and inspire you to live a healthier life.

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  • Sam

    Trip Advisor website

    I did the 5 days retreat and got way more out of this experience than I ever imagined or anticipated having! A life changing experience that I would recommend to anybody. Whether it is fitness, health or mental.

  • Zoe Foster Australia

    Gwinganna Health Retreat website

    I am adamant that there is no better way to nourish, nurture and reboot your entire being than a visit to Gwinganna. I view it as less of an indulgence and more of a necessity - kind of like an annual service. And if that doesn't get you there? They have one of - if not the - best spas in the country.

  • Kylie Ahern Australia

    Gwinganna Health Retreat website

    Prior to coming to Gwinganna, I didn't think that a seven day break could leave me feeling so much more energetic, healthier and relaxed. Everything about Gwinganna reflects their passion and commitment to excellence. It's a unique environment. I will return every year for a recharge.

  • Joyce Marks Australia

    Gwinganna Health Retreat website

    A restorative experience. It was great to be introduced to nutrition and organic food, a lifetime change.

  • Melanie Cordony Australia

    Gwinganna Health Retreat website

    I attended Optimal Qi and just wanted to let you know how much I loved it. It was absolutely the best thing I have ever done for me. Linda and Neale were incredible and the information given was life changing. Thank you for an amazing 4 days.

  • Jill Waddy Australia

    Gwinganna Health Retreat website

    I have been going to Health Retreats for over 13 years. I rely on these wonderfully blissful places to give me the balance and calm that I can't give myself in everyday life. It puts me right back on track physically and mentally. I have referred many of my friends there. They have all had amazing experiences and all will go back again, it is just that type of place! ...and its great cause we all go back together which makes the experience that much more fun.

  • Michael Ryan Australia

    Gwinganna Health Retreat website

    The most comprehensive retreat in the country, with elements never thought about to make this experience special.

  • Susie Ellis, President Spa Finder Inc USA United States

    Gwinganna Health Retreat website

    On a recent visit to Australia, I decided to visit the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat since our readers voted it their favourite spa in Australia. Now that I have actually experienced their program, I can see why it has become so popular so quickly. In fact, who would have guessed that one of the best and smartest spa programs in all the world is only a few years old and in Australia? What sets Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat apart is the staff, the setting, the program, the cuisine, the treatments. In fact they do everything well. In many ways I found Gwinganna to be a glimpse into the destination spa for the 21st century. It isn't often that a spa which has only been opened a few years becomes a top spa award winner so quickly. But after visiting Gwinganna, I can understand why. They have incorporated the best of spa practices from around the world and made it their own.The result is a spa with a perfect balance which creates that balance in its clientele. And who doesn't need balance these days?

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