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Health Oasis Resort is a wellness detox spa and yoga retreat located on the beachfront of the tropical island of Koh Samui in southeast Thailand.

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Sakdaa Tugwun

Sakdaa studied with various yoga teachers both in Thailand and overseas since 2005, influenced by his own elder brother (Kru Sanya) who is quite famous and owns a yoga studio in MaeNam. He began to teach yoga in Samui since 2008 until now.

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Dearma Sandercott

from Australia, October 2018

"Life changing"

Everything- Well organized, well operated, friendly to name a few.

Intan Permata

from Japan, August 2018

"Very amazing and relaxing experience"

The detox program was very good and effective, the explanation from both health manager was very clear and everything was very well organized.

The beach was beautiful, it was located in a very quiet area. Perfect for a detox and yoga retreats.

The vegetarian food was amazing, very good chef.

The staff was all very friendly and helpful.

They have a lot of activities that keep us busy and entertained. Gym, ozone therapy, herb steam, massages, yoga, meditation etc

The room is small and simple but very clean.

The yoga teacher is not only very experienced but he also knows his students well and always try to adjust with the ability and stamina of his students. He always try to push us to do our best but also knows our limit and ability. Definetly a very good teacher and funny too.

Overall it was worth the money and I had a very good time.

Definitely will try to go again next year.

Teleri Evans

from South Korea, July 2018

The yoga classes were the best that I have attended so far. I felt extremely motivated throughout and noticed a massive change in my bodies strength, able to move through different positions with more ease.

All of the staff were super friendly and the bonds you make with the other people on the detox programs is very special and unique. Everyone is supporting each other.

Food at the end is incredible, especially Breakfast Burrito!!! I would highly recommend treating yourself to a couple of days before and after to make sure you experience all of the healthy and lovingly made goodies on the menu!! Thuzar and her team create magic in the kitchen.

The days are filled with activity so the experience was met with ease. Lots of interesting workshops led by the Health Manager on healthy lifestyle approaches with beauty products, drinks etc and on the other days there are informative documentaries, as well as a chill out film for the evenings.

Markus Ott

from Switzerland, June 2018

"Excellent experience "

The detox program and the staff. Very kind and knowledgeable people, always at your disposal.

Starting with the instructors Jan and Kate, to Ni and all the other who make your stay really pleasant.

Food: if you are allowed to eat, food is excellent too, great cook.

Yoga teacher is the best you can have to make an additional impact.

Rooms are appropriate and clean!

John Harrison

from Great Britain, March 2018


Lorena Alarcon

from Netherlands, February 2018

"Marvellous location but awful yoga teachers"

Daily Massages, daily ozono, daily colonics, sauna, fitness room

and overall stunning location.

Katerina Krizanova

from United States, January 2018

"Great place "

The program is fabulous, location excellent and the food is amazing !

Rebecca Abbas

from Australia, October 2017

"Great staff with Excellent Results! "

The staff and actual detox was amazing. Both mentally and physically it did me wonders.

Testimonials 3

a traveler Australia

Trip Advisor website

Having been in and out of hospital, trying medications,doing different diets,quitting my job,moving house, trying a range of treatments as well as a complete change of lifestyle and doing what we know to believe is right, I was still struggling to maintain my health.

Luckily I came across the detox program provided by Health Oasis.

Honestly, I was completely dreading some of the aspects of the program, this was my first detox after-all. However with the help of Andy and Luca (the knowledgeable health management guru's) the supplements provided, Ozone therapy, (Ni you are wonderful) Yoga, Sound & Light therapy (Dimitri you are phenomenal) the masseuse's (you are all incredible) the cooking classes (Kitchen staff are amazing) I could honestly go on.

This place is about the people you encounter here with a like mind as you continue on your life journey. I have never been so comfortable talking about bodily functions with strangers (colonics). The experience has been marvelous and a worthwhile revelation. If you are ready for a change and want to improve your health I recommend trying this program.

a traveler California

Trip Advisor website

Basically the overall experience was good, interesting and provides results. For those debating, here is an honest review.

1. Detox/Weight-loss- The program works, you will detox and lose weight for sure. Supplements seem good, the colonics bring out a lot of stuff out of you. You would think you would be starving and unable to do the program but it really isn't bad and quite easy. The fact that everyone around you is there doing the same things is a good support system.

2. Services- Everything is a la cart, which sucks. Some procedures are a bit of money. We wished everything was included like other programs. I do have to say the service providers in general were well educated and very knowledgeable in their areas of service. Yoga, ozone, massages, movies, and talks were included and were great.

Facilities- The location is amazing, great views and ocean front. Lots of beach to walk and swim in. The facilities/rooms were all pretty bad. They are not luxurious, actually older and not very luxurious. However, as long as you understand the resort is there as a detox center and not so much as a vacation resort. The steam room needs to be redone, it is moldy and filthy. The rooms are very simple, clean but very early 90s. The bathrooms are small and badly designed to do colonics in. Overall location great, resort needs a face lift.

Staff- service providers in the staff are knowledgeable and helpful, but some seem to be constantly trying to pawn off their services on you, feeling like used car sales people at times. With the model the resort uses, the benefit is that you aren't paying for services you don't use. Still I'd rather just hear the staff at the introductory meeting present what they do and leave it at that. We worked with Andy during our stay and he is great. Very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter which was great to see. He was the guru for our group which was great. The operational staff is fairly disorganized by any measure and a bit immature at times. The staff really needs a director/leader on site that is a go to person. I'd like to call out the yoga instructor, masseuse, and Nee as they were all great.

Value- The value as a detox program is there, no doubt you will feel better. The value is not as a vacation resort. Services are not included and at times the resort feels like they are nickel and dining you. Why does the resort charge you 200 baht to call you a taxi to the airport? Aliso with food, it should be free on the last day to have a meal, not just 7 pieces of Papaya, especially when you consider it 1K for 5 days. I did critique the resort, but I have been honest calling out the good and the bad. If you are looking to detox I would recommend this resort.

infoL3260PD Australia


For anyone thinking it’s time to take control of your life, I highly recommend you consider Health Oasis Resort.

My experience at Health Oasis Resort was life changing, life saving and an incredible eye opener to general health & wellbeing.

I completed the 28 day total transformation and have never felt so good. This program is not only a detox, it’s a total cleanse inside and out and exceeded all my expectations.

I arrived with an open mind just wanting to detox and cleanse but I gained so much more. As a vegetarian I thought I had a healthy diet, but the program at Health Oasis made me realise there was a lot I didn’t know and that was missing from my daily routine.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and proceeded with a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation. During the 2 years following diagnosis my health was deteriorating. I had no energy and was feeling very toxic. I decided it was time to take control and get my life back.

It was an amazing journey and I’d like to thank all the staff and managers at Health Oasis. In particular the Health Managers –Kara Lee and Andy who work closely with all the guests. Kara-Lee for her vast knowledge of herbs and her informative lectures and a special thank you to Andy for his wealth of knowledge, his constant encouragement and for being a fantastic support every minute of the day. He went above and beyond and took the time to ensure everyone’s day was going well. He even shared his own life story which was inspirational at the least.

Since leaving Health Oasis I have continued on my journey and feel I have reached the point of ultimate health.

If you are ready to change your life and want to head in the direction, Health Oasis is for you!

Karyl “Biddy” Davies

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