10 Days Total Transformation Yoga Detox Retreat in Thailand

  • Health Oasis Resort, 26/4 Moo 6, Maenam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand 84330

10 Days Total Transformation Yoga Detox Retreat in Thailand

  • Health Oasis Resort, 26/4 Moo 6, Maenam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand 84330

Total Transformation Yoga Detox Retreat in Thailand

Join Health Oasis Resort in this total transformation and fasting and colon detox program, and experience fasting as a form of healing. Fasting is an essential ingredient of most spiritual practices since ancient times (Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, etc.) and is based on the recognition of the body as the "temple of our consciousness." The essence of this cleansing program is to recognize how our choices affect our being and choose consciously to take the responsibility for these choices.


  • Daily yoga classes and colonics
  • Daily use of the relaxation device session
  • Special detox herbs of weight loss, anti-candida or liver herbs
  • Daily massage with optional choice of cellulite massage or Thai aroma oil
  • 10 nights accommodation in a Superior A/C room
  • Special heavy-metal detox Zeolite supplement
  • Daily ozone therapy and herbal steam
  • 10 days with instruction
  • English
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Accommodation is in a superior Air-conditioned room containing balcony, hot water shower and free wifi access with either 2 x single beds or 1 x queen/king bed.

The Total Transformation detox program is a deluxe detox package. It comes with the comprehensive and complete detox health basket, special heavy-metal zeolite supplement, additional choice of weight loss, liver or anti-candida herbal tonic, daily ozone therapy, daily colonics, daily massage with choice of aroma oil and cellulite, and the additional day of liver flush. All this plus full access throughout the program to the daily morning yoga class, steam room, fitness room, relaxation devices, lymphasizing trampoline, polarity zappers and vibrational blood cleansing machines.

Typical daily schedule

07:00 Psyllium - bentonite shake brought to your room, colonic

08:30 Heal detox, chlorophyll, tonic, colloidal silver, ocean minerals, oxygen, yoga

10:00 Psyllium - bentonite shake

11:30 Heal detox, spirulina, guarana, chlorophyll, colloidal silver, minerals, oxygen

13:00 Psyllium - bentonite shake , polarity zapping, vibrational blood cleansing

14:30 Heal detox, chlorophyll

16:00 Psyllium - bentonite shake, lymphasing

17:30 Tonic, spirulina, heal detox, chlorophyll, colloidal silver, ocean minerals, oxygen

19:00 Psyllium - bentonite shake, colonic, herbal steam

20:30 Heal detox, chlorophyll

We use oxygenated colonics, several forms of oxygen, colloidal silver, trace minerals, tonics, aroma sprays and more, which are all unique to our programs. Health Oasis is also the only fasting and detox centre in Thailand that is officially licensed by the Health Department as a traditional medicine hospital. What sets Health Oasis apart from other detox centres is our long standing history, extensive experience, and commitment to providing a quality service.

Koh Samui is a cosmopolitan melting pot, attracting budget travelers staying for a month or two in simple beachside bungalows, to the wealthiest holidaymakers dropping in for a weekend at one of the many luxury resort or villa on the many white sand beaches of Koh Samui. From the hustle and bustle of Chaweng Beach to the lively yet relaxed atmosphere of Lamai Beach to the timeless feel of Bophut's Fisherman's Village to the tropical beach paradise of Maenam, Koh Samui is unique among Thailand's islands in maintaining a broad appeal for everyone. This helps to give the distinctive relaxed atmosphere that sets it apart. Everyone is welcome.

Health Oasis Resort is located in an area of Koh Samui island that has remained largely untouched by rapid development. It is a beautiful, tranquil, and private oasis of calm, nestled away from the hustle and bustle and crowded beaches elsewhere on Samui. There are a total of 50 rooms that cater from budget to deluxe and are all just a stones throw from the ocean with relaxing sea views.

  • Cooking classes
  • Fitness center
  • Kayaking
  • Massage
  • Steam room
  • Swimming pool
  • Beach nearby
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga shala
  • Car rental
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Laundry
  • Scooter / motorcycle rental
  • 10 nights superior beachfront or poolside air-conditioned room accommodation
  • 1 day of liver cleanse
  • 1 hour daily of aroma oil massage
  • Additional herbal blends with a choice of liver detox, weight-loss or candida orientation
  • Aromatherapy spray - for emotional and chakra balancing
  • Colloidal silver - for immune system stimulation
  • Daily colonics with added oxygen - for complete removal of toxins
  • Daily ozone sessions
  • Daily skin brushing - for lymph and blood stimulation, aids elimination
  • Daily use of the ultimate relaxation device session
  • Daily 1-hour cellulite massage
  • Guarana - for a little extra energy
  • Herbal steam (daily) - for lymph and lung detox via the skin
  • Herbal tonic - special male or female formulas
  • H2O2 body spray - for oxygen absorption via the skin
  • Lymphasizing - for deep cleanse of the lymph system
  • Ocean minerals- for trace minerals balancing
  • Oxygen magnesium to cleanse first the small intestine
  • Oxygen sublingual spray - for blood oxygenation
  • Polarity zapping - for vibrational parasite cleansing
  • Psyllium and bentonite shakes to draw deep tissue toxins
  • Spirulina - 100 essential nutrients, amino acids and essential fatty acids
  • The HEAL detox herb formula - liquid formula taken sublingually
  • Vibrational blood cleansing - for elimination of pathogens from the bloodstream

Arrival by taxi

From the Samui Airport (USM) you can either get an airport taxi for 800 THB.

  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Verified BookDetoxRetreats.com reviews

  • Review by Nathalie Blum from Switzerland
    9 out of 10

    "my stay at the health oasis resort was just awesome and i’ve had some really great and beautiful experiences there. just WOW!!! if you like to do a yoga retreat, please go somewhere else. the yoga is not very recommendable, but that’s what they write for themselves. what i like to recommend is the body detox retreat, everything is very well organized, looooovely staff, a lot of possibilities to do, a lot of different therapists are there and you really are in good hands. this was the best fast retreat i’ve ever had and i’m pretty sure i will come back. i hope so! thank you very much for all of it! "

    BookYogaRetreats, edited

  • Review by MinYung from France

    "I will not suggest Health Oasis retreat, I had really an unpleasant moment.The place looks like built under the soviet union. Bad yoga teacher, only one hour, very beginners style, many guests here come to loose 10-15-20 kg.Same for the massage, if we can call massage. I stayed at that place 3 1/2 days, the minimum for the colinic, but i must admit that the detox and colonic has good benefits on my body. "

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited


  • Review by a traveler from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "Having been in and out of hospital, trying medications,doing different diets,quitting my job,moving house, trying a range of treatments as well as a complete change of lifestyle and doing what we know to believe is right, I was still struggling to maintain my health. "

    "Luckily I came across the detox program provided by Health Oasis."

    "Honestly, I was completely dreading some of the aspects of the program, this was my first detox after-all. However with the help of Andy and Luca (the knowledgeable health management guru's) the supplements provided, Ozone therapy, (Ni you are wonderful) Yoga, Sound & Light therapy (Dimitri you are phenomenal) the masseuse's (you are all incredible) the cooking classes (Kitchen staff are amazing) I could honestly go on. "

    "This place is about the people you encounter here with a like mind as you continue on your life journey. I have never been so comfortable talking about bodily functions with strangers (colonics). The experience has been marvelous and a worthwhile revelation. If you are ready for a change and want to improve your health I recommend trying this program."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from California
    10 out of 10

    "Basically the overall experience was good, interesting and provides results. For those debating, here is an honest review."

    "1. Detox/Weight-loss- The program works, you will detox and lose weight for sure. Supplements seem good, the colonics bring out a lot of stuff out of you. You would think you would be starving and unable to do the program but it really isn't bad and quite easy. The fact that everyone around you is there doing the same things is a good support system."

    "2. Services- Everything is a la cart, which sucks. Some procedures are a bit of money. We wished everything was included like other programs. I do have to say the service providers in general were well educated and very knowledgeable in their areas of service. Yoga, ozone, massages, movies, and talks were included and were great. "

    "Facilities- The location is amazing, great views and ocean front. Lots of beach to walk and swim in. The facilities/rooms were all pretty bad. They are not luxurious, actually older and not very luxurious. However, as long as you understand the resort is there as a detox center and not so much as a vacation resort. The steam room needs to be redone, it is moldy and filthy. The rooms are very simple, clean but very early 90s. The bathrooms are small and badly designed to do colonics in. Overall location great, resort needs a face lift."

    "Staff- service providers in the staff are knowledgeable and helpful, but some seem to be constantly trying to pawn off their services on you, feeling like used car sales people at times. With the model the resort uses, the benefit is that you aren't paying for services you don't use. Still I'd rather just hear the staff at the introductory meeting present what they do and leave it at that. We worked with Andy during our stay and he is great. Very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter which was great to see. He was the guru for our group which was great. The operational staff is fairly disorganized by any measure and a bit immature at times. The staff really needs a director/leader on site that is a go to person. I'd like to call out the yoga instructor, masseuse, and Nee as they were all great."

    "Value- The value as a detox program is there, no doubt you will feel better. The value is not as a vacation resort. Services are not included and at times the resort feels like they are nickel and dining you. Why does the resort charge you 200 baht to call you a taxi to the airport? Aliso with food, it should be free on the last day to have a meal, not just 7 pieces of Papaya, especially when you consider it 1K for 5 days. I did critique the resort, but I have been honest calling out the good and the bad. If you are looking to detox I would recommend this resort."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by infoL3260PD from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "For anyone thinking it’s time to take control of your life, I highly recommend you consider Health Oasis Resort."

    "My experience at Health Oasis Resort was life changing, life saving and an incredible eye opener to general health & wellbeing."

    "I completed the 28 day total transformation and have never felt so good. This program is not only a detox, it’s a total cleanse inside and out and exceeded all my expectations. "

    "I arrived with an open mind just wanting to detox and cleanse but I gained so much more. As a vegetarian I thought I had a healthy diet, but the program at Health Oasis made me realise there was a lot I didn’t know and that was missing from my daily routine."

    "In 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and proceeded with a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation. During the 2 years following diagnosis my health was deteriorating. I had no energy and was feeling very toxic. I decided it was time to take control and get my life back. "

    "It was an amazing journey and I’d like to thank all the staff and managers at Health Oasis. In particular the Health Managers –Kara Lee and Andy who work closely with all the guests. Kara-Lee for her vast knowledge of herbs and her informative lectures and a special thank you to Andy for his wealth of knowledge, his constant encouragement and for being a fantastic support every minute of the day. He went above and beyond and took the time to ensure everyone’s day was going well. He even shared his own life story which was inspirational at the least."

    "Since leaving Health Oasis I have continued on my journey and feel I have reached the point of ultimate health."

    "If you are ready to change your life and want to head in the direction, Health Oasis is for you!"

    "Karyl “Biddy” Davies"

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by sunnyvale_nadia from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "I left the resort feeling empowered, changed and motivated. I had a fantastic experience that I attribute to the high quality program, the people, and the beautiful location. Maybe the best thing I have ever done for myself. "

    "I went by myself and did the total transformation program for 11 days. This was my first detox and first trip to Thailand. I highly recommend that anyone and everyone do this detox to take the time to really understand and care for their health and well-being on every level. If I hadn’t done this detox program I would never have known that I had several health issues that were making me perpetually tired, sad and overweight. I feel like I have done an intensive training course on health and I am empowered and excited to continue these positive changes. I also lost 6 kilos and quit smoking in 11 days."

    "There is a lot of information on the program on the website so you can go there for more information on that and I can assure you the location and grounds are very beautiful. The thing that I found most critical for the detox experience was the importance of great staff. The reason why I would go back again and again is mostly because Andy, the Health Manager is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable, approachable and positive. Some pretty confronting physical and emotional things can occur during a detox and Andy makes it all manageable. I recommend you do your homework and make sure you are going to be supported by great staff, particularly if you are traveling on your own."

    "Also the other guests. There is a fantastic community that is created when people are sharing a fairly intensive detox experience. You don’t have to participate in the social elements and at first I wasn’t into it. After a few days though, I found this group of detoxers to be one of the highlights of the trip, and I think I made a few firm friends and professional contacts! Maybe it was just when I was there, but this retreat seems to attract a great mix of people."

    "Helpful hints: "

    "There are other health professionals from all different fields and from all over the world that come through the resort depending on who is in and around Koh Samui. Keep some extra spending money in case you would like to or need to avail these services. You can also do Thai massage courses which is something I would be interested in. "

    "The Yoga is absolutely the best instruction I have received, after doing several retreats specifically for yoga. I note that some other reviewers are looking for more fitness activities. I would say, if you are doing the yoga and the detox right, you won't need any but if you want extra or private classes the instructor offers this, as well as Mu Thai boxing at an extra cost if you are feeling particularly energetic (I was not)."

    "If you want to do any activities on or around the Island, normally a bunch of people get together to split the costs and the retreat arranges everything. "

    "If you are arriving during daylight hours, there is an airport courtesy bus that takes you to the resort for 200 Baht. No need to pay the taxi transfer if you are on a budget."

    "Consider factoring in a few extra days to break the fast and re-gain some energy. Some people left with more energy than they had ever had. I jammed a lot of therapies into the last few days and was feeling very drained and spaced out the day I left. Next time I will book a couple of days extra to introduce some of the great clean food that the resort has and just to cruise back into the flow of life outside the resort."

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Heathytravels from Australia
    9 out of 10

    "After visiting a number of detox centers around the world you soon get to realize that it can be very difficult to decide which is right for you. Many promise life changing experiences but most people just want to feel more energy and maybe lose some weight. "

    "I decided that for this years detox I would head to Thailand as money was a little tight and Asia always offers good value for money. After doing the usual internet searches and sifting through the seamingly endless number of detox centers available, I narrowed my decision down to 3 possibles. Weighing up my short list a little further I decided based on ,price, reviews and my gut feeling that Health Oasis would be my destination. "

    "I chose there 7 day weight loss program and after arriving in there stunning location I knew I had made a right choice. The program I chose was very inclusive, with morning yoga, excellent quality suppliments, ozone therapy, steam room, daily massage and use of usual resort facilities. "

    "The rooms are basic but clean, wifi was good, the staff were very friendly and always willing to help out."

    "The detox program at Health Oasis is the real star and after all that was the main reason I was there. It sets its self aside from other programs in various ways which I will not bore you with but the highlights were all the information and support I was given, not just while I was there but I really felt that I took away a new found knowledge of my body and how to make long term sustainable changes in my health and happiness. Having a full time health manager is a real plus point. "

    "There were also extra therapies available such as Reiki, acupuncture, Chi Gong etc which were at extra cost but well worth the money. "

    "In summery if you are looking for value for money, a great detox program and a stunning location I would recommend putting your trust in the team at Heath Oasis."

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by DivingCouple from Texas
    10 out of 10

    "I have just finished a 21 day total transformation detox package at Health Oasis, I feel like a new person inside and out - I shed 11 kilos. Location is stunning, excellent value for money and the staff were amazingly helpful, but I would particularly like to thank Andy, the Health Manager, who was extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I have done 4 detoxes in Thailand and I would most definitely rate Health Oasis as my best overall experience so far."

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by AmCzech from Czechia
    10 out of 10

    "I've been to Samui twice now for extended cleanses, the first time being at Spa Samui. "

    "Health Oasis has great facilities - very clean, nice pools with a very chill vibe. Clean beaches, and nice rooms."

    "The cleanse itself at HO differs from the one at Spa Samui in a number of ways. While both are guided/self-service to an extent, they certainly have a few clear advantages over one-another. First, HO uses tinctures for your supplements, as opposed to the pill-based format the SS uses. I preferred the tinctures, as you didn't feel you were always a trying to get your pills down - and getting down anything during the latter part of a cleanse can be a little challenging. Also, the colonic schedules are less-intense at HO, which may be better overall. "

    "The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, but as opposed to Spa Samui, there was no real doctor on duty, which meant that some of my key questions went unanswered (such as, what exactly is the liquid oxygen tincture and how do you believe this will really add O2 to my blood - didn't seem realistic to me, and no one was there who could go into the chemistry.) There also were a few intra-staff conflicts as ownership has recently changed and the way they treat the staff isn't in my opinion as well as they could. It just added an air of stress hanging over at certain times."

    "Spa Samui is a lot busier, and seemed more like an assembly line to me, but they did have a bit more support on the health side."

    "Overall, I would recommend HO over Spa Samui, and I expect I will go back to HO in the future."

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  • Review by Marie

    "I recently returned to Health Oasis for the 2nd time in 2 years. I stayed 40 days, detoxed for 31 and ate amazing vego food from the resort kitchen. I love the detox programme, but I love the 14.2kgs that I didn't bring home with me more! The staff are friendly, from the Thai's & Burmese, to the health practitioners, Marion & Marie. They provide great services, that have helped my health to improve. The recent addition of a health manager, Andy has been great. You have good support if you need it, or can be left alone if you prefer. I will definitely be back in the future, and highly recommend this resort as a place to detox your body, mind and soul!"

    Health Oasis Resort Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Edwin from China

    "Had been feeling very tired, listless and definitely getting more and more overweight so decided to try a detox programme for the first time. I found this place purely by googling and reading their website. Somehow I felt a connection with what the owners of this place were saying so I booked the very appealingly named 'Total Transformation Package' for 6 days and booked my flight! First impression was not good because the pre-booked taxi never turned up at the airport to take me to the resort. I waited half an hour before I had to buy a sim card in order to call the resort to send another taxi. When I arrived it was past 9pm and pitch dark with just a girl waiting to give me my room key. I didn't realise then that at such a resort, everyone retires to their rooms very early! The room was fairly basic, but very clean which is most important. No TV, but the aircon and wifi worked perfectly which is much more important. The view when I woke up was wonderful, I immediately forgot the night before! Blue skies, blue sea, blue swimming pool but definitely no blue feeling! Then I started my programme. The orientation by the health consultant was thorough, the yoga class was fun and I joined every morning with determination even though I was rubbish at it, the daily massages were amazing and I tried a different masseur each day with all being great! You really do quickly get into a routine with all the shakes, juices, herbs etc you regularly take. And even the colonics becomes an ok part of your routine! I never got bored during my time there. The other guests of which there could have only been about 25 guests there were friendly and interesting to talk to as we all had our own reasons for being there, The beach and pool were lovely. It was a calm mini paradise! To be honest I only left the resort once during my whole stay, to walk to the nearby 7-Eleven to buy shampoo and shower gel. I did't dare go again as the temptation of ice cream, chocolates and snacks there was too much torture for me! On completing the programme, the fresh orange juice and plate of papaya tasted out of this world. I also ate some delicious rice vegetable rolls. If I return, and I'm most likely to, I will stay on a few days to enjoy the healthy food there as well as slowly adjust my body back to eating solid foods again. As it was, I was straight off to the airport and away! I deliberately didn't weigh myself whilst there, but when back home I found that I had lost over 6 kg in 6 days! This was well over my expectation. I subsequently put on 2 kg back very quickly but I put that down to water. I have retained the over 4 kg loss for over a month since then. Moreover, I feel much more energetic now as a person! In summary, I recommend this place unreservedly! Many friends have asked me about my experience and I am certain that a few will follow me in undertaking this wonderful personal experience. There is a great sense of achievement once you discover how the programme has benefited you. And finally a mention for all the staff, they are excellent! In true Thai fashion, they are helpful with smiles, thereby creating a warm and welcoming environment for all guests!"

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  • Review by Malcolm from Australia

    "It was my first time to a Detox Resort and and when I was out the front of the Resort I was feeling very uncertain as the front looks like a real bad construction site and has really creepy sign that has a Naked baby on it . Once I got inside to Reception it was totally different . All the staff are friendly and very welcoming. After the general introduction I met with the Health consultant to run me through the program. I found program excellent and am very Glad I did it. The Resort is very Basic but very comfortable and in an excellent location right on the beach!!! I Had an Air Conditioned room and it worked excellently. The Resorts Wifi is excellent and much better than most of the 5 Star resorts I have stayed at. The Resort has a small gym but I didn't use it except to weigh myself some mornings. Massages are part of the program and my masseuse Lana gave me the best Massages I've ever had. During the day there is always a Health Consultant on the premises to answer any Questions or just to have a chat . Andy was the Main Health Consultant During my stay and he is a top Bloke with a great Source of knowledge for anything health related whether it be Mental, Physical or Spiritual . I had a great stay and if I ever feel the need to Detox again I will be back."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Colette from Laos

    "This was my second time at Health Oasis Resort (first visit in October 2013) and it was wonderful to see all the - much needed - changes to both amenities and management team. The staff are all incredibly supportive, helpful and friendly. The program was as usual brilliant. I did a Total Transformation 7 day program. I chose a superior ocean front room which I did not regret - the view was stunning! Everything was perfect - the massage therapist that I had on the first day and then every day! The only thing that still really needs to change is the yoga teacher. It is not a gentle yoga that you would expect to do while you are fasting and the teacher is more a Drill Sergeant than a gentle yogi. He also has no experience in managing a class with various abilities. I have arthritis and cannot do all the yoga poses however usually a (good and experienced) teacher would provide you with an alternative but not in this class unfortunately. I sat out poses that I could not do and in the end I walked out and didn't return. Please please please change your yoga teacher. Once you have someone who can actually teach a class with various abilities then the 'Total Transformation' of the Health Oasis Resort will be complete. I will and have recommended Health Oasis Resort to others. It is a fantastic program that produces results but you have to do the work that goes alongside the body transformation piece. If you do - you will be amazed at the results! Will definitely return."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Sirchan from United Kingdom

    "I have to say I was not sure what I had got myself into when I first arrived at Health Oasis. I came for a 7 day detox program and I was worried there wasn't enough to do. After about 2-3 days I was very comfortable and had some routine going, I even extended my stay for another 3 nights! However do not expect a whole lot to do as they do not encourage strenuous exercise whilst on the detox. The aim is to detox and loose weight. The people who stay are lovely and since everyone is in some what the same boat, they are very helpful and open to share their own experiences. The reception area is very open and has enough seats so that everyone can hang out and chit chat. The view is beautiful and the yoga area is open and right next to the sea. The sea can be a little too shallow especially when the tides are out and it wasn't the clearest. In fact I was the unlucky one who stood on sea urchin! It was super painful but I was so thankful to the staff who helped me using their Thai remedy. In fact the staff are the ones who really make this place quite special. I was on the Total Transformation package which meant I had the best grade of room. It had undisturbed seaview. Something that is rare to find! I would recommend it for those who are not looking to do much on their detox and are on a budget as it really is quite reasonable."

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  • Review by Agnieszka

    "For anyone who is looking for relax, tranquility, detox at good value - this is the place. During fasting many bad emotions and problems comes out, but here you can feel safe and protected. The best option to take care of yourself. After one week - energy and feeling - priceless!"

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  • Review by a traveler

    "Words cannot express my gratitude for Health Oasis Resort. From the moment I booked my reservation with Sam to my arrival. I have been treated with nothing but the utmost respect from a team of individuals that are so welcoming. Upon arrival, I was escorted to my room and showed around the resort. I began my program the next morning. Everything was explained perfectly to me and every morning I was asked how I was doing. All of the ladies at the front desk put a smile on my face on a daily basis. They are always so accommodating and happy (it was refreshing to see). My room was always clean and the housekeeping would be smiling each morning with a pleasant hello. The daily OZone treatment with Nee was wonderful (such a beautiful soul), and the daily massages after the OZone were by far the best I've had in the 3 weeks I've been in Thailand. Personally, I love Pai as I feel she is beyond talented and knowledgeable in her field of massage. The Reiki treatments, acupuncture, cupping, and Ayurvedic session with Maria and Marion are such and amazing extra service they provide to aid in the healing process. Do take advantage of the morning yoga classes which are both informative and intense! Now, I am excited to say I have 4 days here, post detox, to enjoy the most amazing delicious tasty vegetarian foods made by Thuzar. She is the most amazing Chef! The connections I've made here with the Health Oasis team and the guests are new friendships for life. The photos I've posted are of the resort, food, and my before and after photo (Don't mind the goofy before photo that was taken in Krabi 3 days prior to arrival. In the 11 days I've been here on my detox I lost 9.5 kilos. I will DEFINITELY be back every February! When you book, please keep an open mind, an open heart, and the willingness to change internally, mentally, and physically. The negative reviews I've read cannot be true after the experience I've had and continue to have here. I'm a loyal customer and intend to bring others with me next year when I come. This is my new place to detox. Thank you so very much Health Oasis for literally changing my life. I love you all and look forward to seeing you again soon!"

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  • Review by Sam

    "Have been to Health Oasis now around 5 times - it's become a bit of an annual addiction! It is a little more rustic than some of the inland more expensive retreats but the brilliance of this place is that it still has retained a touch of 'local' whilst also being set on a beautiful stretch of beach. The ability to walk out of your room and go for a 5km stroll at sunrise or sunset along the beach adds to the whole experience. Staff are always friendly - yoga class can be a killer but definitely gets amazing results - taught by a master. The kitchen also prepares very tasty veggie meals for any days when you are actually eating! Request a pool side room - their slightly older than the new block but standalone so feels a little more private. Great place to go for a solo break - there's always a variety of interesting like minded souls to while away the hours with."

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  • Review by Sheila B

    "I have been at the resort twice for a seven day detox nurturing experience program. I absolute loved it! The place is super relaxing on the beach, you truly disconnect from busy and crazy life. Lovely staff always helpful and knowledgeable on every health aspect. I really enjoy morning yoga classes and the Thai massage, easing up any muscular pain. I will definitely going back as my yearly detox holiday. "

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Anandaroopa from United States

    "First time fasting/detox for more than one day. I was surprised I had no issue with the 8-day program thanks to the support of the health consultants and local staff, who were not only helpful, but also friendly with 'sanuk sanuk' smiles. I had a standard room which was comfortable and super clean. The Resort's private beach was idyllic & conducive for R&R -- far from the partying crowd. Definitely coming back for another session soon! "

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Milimalism from Greece

    "This was my second visit at Health Oasis (with my girlfriend). In my opinion, Health Oasis is by far the best fasting detox center . The expertise , knowhow and sophistication, set this resort miles apart in the efficiency of their fasting detox programs. The place is absolutely marvelous. Peace and tranquility in all the resort premises, something one can experience especially in the quiet Samui nights. All staff are welcoming, smiling and discreet. The program is so 'auto pilot', that the only thing you need to do is follow the schedule and the results are very rewarding. There is absolutely no construction going on, at least in the last 6 months(from what reception informed us), when renovation works were completed. Accommodation & services are plain, clean and simple, so if you are looking for 5star treatment, this is not your cup of tea. What we understood from talking with other guests-many of them repeat guests- Health Oasis is worldwide famous its treatments and they do just that in an amazing way. Bonus trait, you get to meet interesting people who gather for the same reason from all around the world, during the resort's more than 17 years of operation (wow). Once again, we would like to thank all the Health Oasis staff for a wonderful experience, which we will cherish and hopefully repeat in the future! PS: Under no circumstances try not to miss the excellent vegetarian cooking before or after you finish your fasting detox programs. Must try the banana pancake & banana ice cream. The best in the world! "

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  • Review by Theresa

    "For the price and setting you can't beat the Health Oasis Resort for an excellently priced detox program with all the extra's such as daily massages and herbal steam room. The program may seem a bit overwhelming at first with alternating daily and twice daily colonics and supplements every one and a half hours but you find your groove very quickly after a couple of days in and the routine helps the time pass.I loved the daily yoga, the yoga teacher Sakda is absolutely wonderful. Funny at times and serious when it came to getting your posture right he livened up the morning classes with health and yoga advice and jokes.If you're not looking to detox then stay somewhere else (but go try the delicious msg free, vegetarian food at the restaurant open 7am-9pm) as this is definitely not a spa resort as such but a detox program. Also unless you have a specific health issue you are addressing I would recommend the absolute maximum you should detox for is 10 days. The staff and the people were lovely and very supportive and you definitely make some awesome friends along the way"

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  • Review by Theodora from Malaysia

    "This is the second time I have been here both times on a 10 day detox program. This is the real deal, if you want to detox this is the place to do it. Why? Because it offers everything that is needed. Peaceful environment, no distractions from the nearby holiday resorts and town, great staff, beautiful beach to relax and walk along, morning yoga which is the best part of the detox (the instructor is THE BEST) and the results speak for themselves. On hand medical and health advice, support throughout the detox and everyone on a detox helps each other out if needed. I highly recommend this place, I will be back for sure."

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  • Review by Ghanem from Kuwait

    "This place is not really hotel or clinic, it is something in between, no fridge in the room no TV or telephone. It is place for detox program and this is the best thing they do. I recommend it for detox and detox only, but you will have a good time getting to know many visitors from all over the world who are like you coming for detoxing only."

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  • Review by Walter

    "My girlfriend and I stayed at Health Oasis for seven days. This was a serious detox, and they kept us busy throughout the day. I didn't go intending to lose weight, but dropped over twelve pounds in the process. And I feel great after having gone through the program. Feel recharged and ready to take on the world. Would definitely go back."

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  • Review by a traveller from Singapore

    "This was my first time staying at the Health Oasis Resort and also my first detox experience. I opted for a 7-day program which more than exceeded my expectations. I left feeling amazing and would love to go back again for the 10 day program in the future. The staff were very friendly and helpful, the induction and support for the detox program was excellent and the daily yoga class/massage really added to the whole transformative experience. It was also great to get to know the other guests during my stay who all supported each other throughout. A huge thank you to everyone at Health Oasis who made my experience such a positive one. I would highly recommend the detox for anyone who is looking to make positive changes to their health, energy and overall well-being."

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  • Review by Gio from Luxembourg

    "Visiting Health Oasis Resort is much more than a travel experience! Not only did the place, the accommodation, the facilities, the offered services and the overall organization fully satisfy my expectations, but the final outcome of the health and detox retreat really made an unexpected transformation in my internal body and personal insights.All of the people working in this resort are kind, lovely and focused on their mission to provide a clean, beautiful, friendly and comfortable environment capable to support in the best way the overall experience of detoxing. A receptionist is always ready to help with any kind of requests (e.g. special accommodation needs, transportation, info about the island). The Internet is working as a charm in all places within the resort, massage and yoga courses provided by experienced locals who offer their friendliness and expertise in a seamless way and on top of all, a picturesque establishment and peaceful ambience just by the sea.I suggest a stay in Health Oasis Resort is a "must" at least once in a lifetime. For me it is already noted as a "must" on an annual basis. This experience made me more conscious as a person and more selective as a traveler. If you look for a new transformative experience without compromising your comfort standards, this is the best choice you can have."

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  • Review by a traveler from Australia

    "This was my second trip and it felt like coming home. I did the 10 day fast and left feeling wonderful and full of energy. Most of the staff are beautiful (with the exception of a couple of grumps), they have the best yoga instructor in the world, wonderful massage and the beach is quiet and at your doorstep. If you want a place to recharge and relax this is it. It is also much better value for money than anywhere in Australia."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Boisgisson from China

    "It was my first time on a detox and i found the treatment very complete. The resort in itself is not 5 stars and there was constructions going on during my stay but it didn't disturb me and didn't prevent me from meeting great people there including detox patients and health practitioners. On a human point of view it was very positive and i guess i value this more than luxury facilities. Besides i found the blind masseur Suwan truly amazing and the yoga teacher, severe but motivated to put everybody back in shape. I got some abbs in a week thanks to him ! :-)"

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  • Review by Liene from the Netherland

    "I stayed here from 26/03 - to 05/04. I certainly am a customer that will return in the future.Yes, it's not a 5 star hotel or spa but it is a perfect location and perfect setting for detox.The beach is silent and beautiful, perfect for walks in the morning or evening. I never had problems with a construction or noise. There are beautiful flowers all around, 2 swimming pools and very comfy common area for guests to enjoy.I had small tiny problem(more like a misunderstanding) with the front desk staff upon arrival, but for the rest of the trip I had zero problem with no one and nothing. The cleaning staff is great and the rice paper rolls in the restaurant are the best I have ever had:)The detox program was great, I never felt hungry and had plenty energy to do other activities. I also learned from couple people that had tried other spots on the island that this program definitely was the right pick. I like the fact that this program is more designed to go and do it yourself( you get your program, schedule and herbs, but need to make sure you do it yourself, no one will check if you took/did everything in the right time) if you are looking for a program, where everything is catered for you, then this will not be the right spot.The people I met while there made the whole experience much more enjoyable which I am very grateful for. Thank you Health Oasis for a great detox till next year!"

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  • Review by a traveler from Australia

    " The I thoroughly enjoyed the week I spent there doing a detox. It was my first time doing a detox so I was a bit unsure of how it would go. Overall it was a very positive experience for me, but not everyone staying felt the same way as it can be a little bit hit and miss at times. When I arrived Dr Manta was away and when she returned, she added the missing x-factor to the resort. Chris is fantastic and Elle is wonderful too as are all of the other staff. Don't be put off by the tone of the responses to some of the feedback on here - they're in no way indicative of the experience itself. There is a really nice atmosphere at the resort as everyone is there for similar reasons. I hope to visit there again in the near future. If you want a flash resort go somewhere else, but if you want a really thorough detox in a supportive environment give it a try. Here are some tips that will make your stay easier: Read the website so you understand what is on offer before you get there and so you know what you want. Contrary to what the website says, if no one responds to your emails call them. Make sure you understand all of the aspects of the resort and what you can do there e.g. lymphasizing, the library, the zappers, etc. and if you don't, ask someone. Have an acupuncture/cupping session with Dr Manta. Do the liver flush in the middle of your detox not at the end and leave more than a day at the end of the fast so you're not getting on the plane the day after the liver flush. Consider staying 2-3 days after the detox, so you can eat and get things working again. Although the water is shallow and there are rocks not far off the beach, you can take one of the Kayaks out with someone and swim off the beach if you really want to go for a decent swim. Do the yoga everyday - it's challenging but great. One final thing - obviously its a lush country, it rains and you have a pool in the villa - therefore it stands to reason that there can be mosquitoes around the villa. Housekeeping tackle this by lighting coils throughout the place in the evenings and this was pretty effective. We also followed their advice and kept our bedroom door closed just in case and we were fine. Loved the place and if we go back to Seminyak we will stay there again "

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  • Review by a traveler from Thailand

    "Great Detox Center, excellent staff, The property itself could use a lot of TLC, a power-washer to clean the walkways and patios areas would be a good start. Then again you come here to clean yourself out. The Detox did wonders for me, I'll come back. Some rooms are close to the road so you get to hear the trucks rumbling along all night. Try to get a room near the beach. Don't expect a luxury resort because that's not what it is. Be careful of the add-ons. Any thing you source through the hotel will have an extra charge, some of the guests feel this goes a bit too far. Anything that is given too you with a smile has a charge.The detox propgram is great but some fell nickle and dimed at the end. "

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Ko Samui, Thailand

Health Oasis Resort is a wellness detox spa and yoga retreat located on the beachfront of the tropical island of Koh Samui in southeast Thailand.

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