Herrick House

Languedoc Roussillon, France

The Herrick House runs a small and intimate retreat in a beautiful area of the South of France, the Languedoc Roussillon.

Reviews 3

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    The Herrick House team is friendly and responsive to guest needs.

  • Rhonda Parry New Zealand

    July 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Food was exceptional

    Yoga instructor brilliant and beautiful

    Plenty of free time

    Hosts very accomodating

    No real negatives.

    Testimonials 22

    • Aline France

      Herrick House website

      How to properly thank you for what was an unexpected break from the world and the opening of a window into the present. Thank you for inviting us into your home and giving us the opportunity to discover a bit of ourselves and make meaningful connections. I look forward to returning to this oasis of calm, happiness and possibilities. Namaste.

    • Rose Marie & Chris United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      Thank you for a fabulous week, great venue, amazing food (thanks to Claire and Alex), beautiful yoga and most importantly - lovely fun people. I feel like we have been at the best house party ever!

    • Rob United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      Simone, Claire & James. Thank you so much for having open the doors of your wonderful home and welcome myself and my fellow yogi students. This last week has been above all genuinely memorable. Every aspect of the retreat was excellent - teaching, food, venue, hosting. And such a fun crowd of people to spend the week with. Lots of love xxx

    • Aums Ishwara United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      So good! So good! To be here with you all again. Nourishing spiritually and in every way. Thank you! Let's do this again. Beautiful people. Love.

    • Emily United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      Thank you all for your wonderful hosting and a week of beautiful yoga, lounging by the pool, swimming in the river and a trip to the beach. Absolutely amazing food (well done Claire and Alex) great company and fantastic stay in your beautiful house. Wishing you all the best for many more successful yoga retreats and I look forward to coming back. It was perfect, just what I needed. So nice to see you again. Lots of love.

    • Stephanie United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      Thank you so much for a fantastic week. Best hospitality, amazing food, amazing house, looking forward to coming back! xx

    • Mira Switzerland

      Herrick House website

      Thank you very much for this wonderful week. Everything was perfect! Wishing you all just the best for your future and to realize all those dreams you have. Namaste.

    • Stephanie Germany

      Herrick House website

      Coming here not knowing what's going to happen, how the people would be, how the yoga would be like - I really can say thank you for having a really good time with a lot of laughing, excellent food and I enjoyed the yoga - That's for sure! Looking forward to staying in contact.

    • Vanessa Switzerland

      Herrick House website

      Thank you very much for an inspiring week of healthy eating and yoga. This experience will serve on the basis for a new direction in some important areas of my lifestyle. I very much appreciated the friendliness and warmth of everyone at the retreat, both the participants and you lovely people who took care of us. Thanks again!

    • Sophie Belgium

      Herrick House website

      It was a wonderful experience being at Herrick House! I enjoyed the yoga very very much. The massage was amazing and the food was really FANTASTIC! I also enjoyed the company of all of you! Hugs for Izzy and Mitzy! Lots of love.

    • Jeannette United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      Thank you so much for having us to your lovely home for the long weekend. The food for sure was the star of the visit - but followed closely by the beautiful setting, yoga with Daisy, the fantastic Thai massage and the adorable dogs. We had a wonderful time and look forward to coming back soon!

    • Kim United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      What a wonderful 4 days with incredibly delicious food, wonderful yoga, fabulous hospitality in a gorgeous setting!

    • Beverly Smart United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      Fabulous location, fabulous food, fabulous welcome. The perfect occasion to get yourself back on track in every possible way.

    • Neil United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      Thank you Simone, Claire and Leone. Words can't express, wishing you three and the dogs love, happiness and vibrant health.

    • Jenny United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      What a wonderful weekend at Herrick House! The food was the highlight - such vibrant colours, flavours and textures. I have never eaten so well. And the yoga with Daisy and the massage with Wanida was such a treat. I felt so relaxed at Herrick House. Simone and Claire are the best hosts and took care of our every need. Can't wait to come back to Herrick House! A bientôt!

    • Dana United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      Thank you very much for my most relaxing 4 days. The food was amazing. Claire you are so talented! Daisy was a fantastic yoga instructor and Wanida's massage will go down in the books as one of the best. I am returning home feeling renewed and inspired to get creative. Thank you so very much!

    • Karine & Manuela Germany

      Herrick House website

      Coming to your house, being part of the beautiful yoga and detox retreat and meeting all of you, was one of these life changing experiences. We will keep you in our hearts and know that we will see you again very soon. The food was amazing, the best we have ever had. Much love and happiness.

    • Ailsa United Kingdom

      Herrick House website

      I arrived at Herrick House exhausted and tired and am leaving rested and rejuvenated! Thank you for putting me back in shape again. Simone’s wonderful, Claire & Leone‘s amazing food and of course the very excellent yoga teacher Ishwara. New lovely friends whom I hope we can all meet up again somewhere warm & sunny. Am missing Herrick House already!My love and thanks to you all.

    • Jeremy United Kingdom

      Herrick House Facebook page

      5 star cuisine and hospitality from the Queen of Saint Marcel.

    • Philippa France

      Herrick House Facebook page

      Claire and Simone both cook amazing food.

    • Elizabeth France

      Herrick House website

      Thank you so much for an extraordinary week of delicious food, yoga and company. This week was exactly what I needed to recharge and reset. I don't think I have ever eaten this well before! I appreciated your generous hospitality and warmth. You've organized a wonderful retreat and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

    • Elise Belgium

      Herrick House website

      Merci du fond du coeur pour votre accueil, votre naturelle bienveillance envers vos guests. Je suis chanceuse et tellement reconnaissante d'avoir pu vivre ces moments avec vous. Je suis arrivée ici épuisée, j'ai suivi mon instinct en choisissant de venir me ressourcer chez vous. Je repars avec mes batteries rechargées, pleine de bonnes énergies et le coeur chargée de souvenirs émouvants. Merci. Vraiment, merci.

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