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Holistic Retreats and Journeys provides retreats and special interest oriented tour programs around the world from artists, healers, tour guides, etc.

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Ruzica Tomic Slovenia

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My experience was very positive and inspiring. The whole process was from time to time painful, but profoundly healing. Day after day, I was able to release the ever more poisoning material in my body and thoughts, emotions, and memories in my spirit that were stored in me, but which I no longer needed. The whole process was supported daily by iVitalis exercises, meditations, relaxation, lectures, and cleansing of the most vital inner organs. Through these practices, I was able to gain an insight into my body and my life: what I want to get rid of and what I want in its place. The entire experience was very fulfilling since I was able to reprogram myself and gather more energy. I sense great relief. I am also very proud of myself that I persisted in this challenging process to the end and won. From my heart, I am deeply thankful to Neja and Petr for all the help you both generously provided to me.

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