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Bangkok, Thailand

Hypnok Retreat Center is a place where you can rest, learn, and practice hypnosis, guided meditation, and yoga.

Detox Retreats 1

3 Days Detox Weekend Yoga Retreat in Bangkok, Thailand

Available from January till August

Speaks English

from US$138

Great 9.5/10

Based on 10 reviews
from US$138
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3 days / 2 nights

Great 9.5/10

Based on 10 reviews

Instructors 2

Edouard Joron

Edouard is a French national from Paris. He has been living in Bangkok since 2010. In 2013, he started his healing journey and learned hypnosis to stop many habits he had related to food, alcohol, stress, anger, and more. He specialized in past life regression for healing purposes. Later on, he became a Reiki practitioner and started to heal around through neighbors and family members. He practices Hatha yoga to raise and control the prana energy.

Nissa Phongkongdi

Nissa is a Thai national from Nakhon Sawan. She has been living in Bangkok since 1999. Specializing in stones and crystals, she worked for a jewel exporter in Bangkok and became a company manager before creating her own factory that focuses on handmade jewels. In 2013, she started her healing journey and learned about healing stones and crystals. Later on, she became a Reiki practitioner and started to heal around through neighbors and family members. Interested in yoga, she practices Kundalini yoga to raise the Kundalini energy. She also learned Hatha yoga and practices on her own.

Reviews 10

  • Olivia Khan Great Britain

    December 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    As a woman travelling alone I am always on guard and have to be careful where I stay. Edouard made me feel at ease at once. I trusted him and he didn't let me down. I felt safe in the house and around Edouard.

    The house itself is beautiful! Open spaces and gorgeous furniture. So much lovely art work and ornaments around the house that often have stories. My room was big and the bed was... wow. it was huge and SOOO comfertable! The balcony is wonderful and you can see real Thai families living out their days. It feels really homely because you can hear them talking and laughing in the background. It's a great authentic Thai experience to be in that area. The neighbours have dogs that bark when someone new comes but that only made me feel more secure.

    There are two dogs and a cat that stay in the house too but Edouard made sure he knew I was comfertable with them before letting them around me.

    The food was bought locally and there was a good mix of choices every meal. Edouard made sure I always had water and enough to eat.

    The lessons and teachings themselves taught me a lot. We had some wonderful discussions and Edouard is great at explaining difficult subjects. He really opened my mind to things I never thought I would consider. He is very opened minded and understood that not everyone would agree with what he was teaching so I didn't feel pressured to agree all the time.

    All round this was a truly unforgettable experience for me and I am already planning my return :)

    The area can be a little difficult to navagate but Edouard can direct any taxis if you ask them to call him so it didn't cause too many issues

  • Anonymous

    September 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    I would highly recommend this or any other retreat with Edouard and Nissa.

    They are both passionate about the retreats they offer and the lifestyle.

    They were extremely helpful and caring and nothing was too much trouble for them.

    I felt as though I was a family member and not a paying guest.

    The mix of classes and private time was idea, as I wanted a relaxing time to enjoy what the retreat had to offer.

    I only had limited time and would have liked to have stayed longer!

    Also, really needed transport if you are wanting to explore Bangkok (on a longer stay I might have done).

  • Lauren May Thailand

    September 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    What a lovely couple with such amazing knowledge to share. We liked everything! The morning yoga, meditation, teaching on crystals and food were highlights. Our rooms were large, comfortable and airy and the balcony was a perfect space. We leave feeling more knowledgeable, totally relaxed and with tips we can use in our day to day lives. Thank you so much and we hope to be back again soon! Xx

    Was a little tricky to find but apart from that we liked everything!

  • Shuyi Zhang China

    August 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Nisa& Edouard are great individuals, which made me feel very comfortable in every seconds of staying in the house, also the nice couple who can impact on the relationship dilemma positively. The yoga class in the early morning after a glass of detox drink is just in the right time giving an awake touch/stretch for the day, followed by continental breakfast later. Meditation or rest is totally up to myself during the day, I had relaxed as much as my body&mind could. It's truly a priceless experience, hope to seeing them again!

    Nothing I didn't like, I enjoyed staying there.

  • Kie Chubachi Thailand

    August 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Morning yoga and learnings about meditation

    It is just a bit difficult to find the location from the google map. I recommend to make a phone call to them to get the direction.

  • Christine Inhulsen Thailand

    August 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    I loved the thoughtful accommodations, the fruitful discussions, the reiki, hypnosis and Crystal learning. I loved the couple who kindly guided us to a deeper level of understanding who we are. I enjoyed all their tips and sharing of resources. I loved the balcony and serenity.

  • Amit Ben Menahem United States

    July 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    This retreat was perfect for me. I've gained so much knowledge about the spiritual world.

    Highly recommended for curious people and beginners in meditation.

    Nisa and Edouard are kind and lovely. They have a lot of knowledge that they want to share.

    I felt very relaxed and free to ask any question.

    At first I was a little bit worried about the "snack instead of dinner"- but it was great! I felt way better than how I feel after my usual big and late dinner.

    The bedroom was great. Big, clean, comfortable bed and crystals.

    I highly recommend this retreat.

  • Claire Vittet New Zealand

    July 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Nisa et Edouard sont deux personnes merveilleuses: acceuillantes, ouvertes d'esprit, disponibles. En deux jours, nous avons eu le temps de parler et de pratiquer le yoga, la méditation, le reiki, le pouvoir des pierres etc.. Nous avons eu également pas mal de temps libre, ce qui laisse le temps de pratiquer tranquillement ou d'explorer les environs. La maison dans laquelle nous avons été acceulli est très agréable, les chambres sont grandes, très propres et tout est prévu pour que nous soyons confortablement installés.

    Par ailleurs, Edouard et Nisa restent disponibles après le stage et nous ont recommandé des livres et liens vidéos/ audio.

    Je recommande chaudement ce stage!

    Je trouve que nous n'avons pas pratiqué assez le yoga à mon goût (2 h le matin).

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