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Transformative yoga retreats to lead you towards the ultimate goal of yoga - self-realization! Experience asana, meditation, pranayama, sound healing, jnana yoga, and conscious communication.

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Tahi G.

Integration Into Oneness Retreats website

My goal was to better understand "Oneness" and how to apply it to my everyday life, and through this course I gained tools to do exactly that. The methods helped me to experience a lightness and deeper level of peace which helped me to have a clearer understanding of who I truly am.

Steve W

Integration Into Oneness Retreats website

I just finished the most wonderful, intense, enriching, life changing advanced Yoga retreat in my life. Jnana Yoga the Yoga of knowledge combined with outstanding heart opening vinyasa, dyana and pranayama. A must for every teacher!

Dean H.

Integration Into Oneness Retreats website

During a time of deep personal inquiry and questioning this method calmed me as I was gently led to see beyond the mental noise and right into my own being, my own heart. A beautiful experience!


Integration Into Oneness Retreats website

I felt totally overwhelmed by the power and love I regained in this amazing program, as I found a better understanding of myself and the whole universe. Lucas and Alena really dedicate their heart and soul to these programs. Give it a chance to discover the utmost possibility of life!

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