Iyoga Portugal

Tavira, Portugal

Iyoga Portugal offers unique Iyengar yoga and paddle surf holidays in superb calm surroundings in Colares, Cascais, and Tavira, Portugal.

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  • Valentina Dernini Republic of Italy

    August 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    One week where I could charged batteries and share my time with beautiful people and the perfect instructor Annett. The place was beautiful and of course Portugal too. A good programme of classes and free time for visit cities, beaches or just to relax yourself!

    An experience to try and do again!!

  • Anonymous

    July 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Annett Mottlau ging individuell auf die TeilnehmerInnen ein und richtete ihren Unterricht auf die Fähigkeiten der TeilnehmerInnen aus. Die TeilnehmerInnen wurden dort abgeholt, wo sie standen und konnten ihre Grenzen erweitern. Der sehr gute Aufbau der Stunden und die grosse Erfahrung des Yogaunterrichtes von Annett machten jede Minute einmalig. Sehr gute Stimmung in der Gruppe, wozu Annett wesentlich beitrug. Ich fühlte mich sehr gut aufgehoben und lernte in dieser Woche extrem viel. Ich wäre gerne einen Monat geblieben :-) Ein Retreat bei Annett Mottlau kann ich wärmstens empfehlen.

  • Katharina Austria

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I'm now back for four days from my one-week yoga and paddle surf retreat in Cascais and I'm still relaxed and happy. I had a really great time. Annett is the best teacher I ever had and I guess I have learned - and most of all understood - much more in this week than in the last years. Also worth mentioning are Esther's wonderful massages and the fondly prepared brunches after the morning yoga classes. In summary: a perfect holiday and soon a wonderful memory.

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  • Kathy

    Iyoga Cascais website

    I had a wonderful time in Colares. It was my first experience of Iyengar yoga and I’m glad I was able to do this with Annett, who is by leaps and bounds the most passionate and in depth teacher I have ever encountered. The Starpine lodge is lovely, as is the team who work there. The food was divine – thank you Petra! The massages also amazing – thank you Esther! I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone of any level. Hopefully I will be able to return in the no so distant future.

  • Heidi Kokborg

    Iyoga Cascais website

    I loved this yoga retreat! I have never tried Iyengar yoga before but I really fell in love with it. Annett is a wonderful, talented, and very kind teacher who truly cares about her students. I wish I could take her classes on a weekly basis. She is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. I would recommend this retreat to anyone in heartbeat!

  • Daniela

    Iyoga Cascais website

    Since coming home from colares I feel a difference – in body and soul. Anette is the best teacher I know, passionate and professional. I would love to take frequent lessons with her. Esther gives the most fantastic, relaxing massages I ever experienced. For both, yoga and massages- believe me – I tried a lot:): It's worth trying

  • Kayan Tang

    Iyoga Cascais website

    So happy to do my first yoga retreat with Annet. First time iyengar yoga bit hard but very rewarding. The food was great. We had a great group of people during the retreat. Love starpine lodge, very chilled atmosphere pool garden and hammock. Eva the cook was wonderful. Many thanx to Petra Sam and Jake

  • Mira

    Iyoga Cascais website

    A very good teacher, Annett is. I enjoyed and very much trusted upon her yoga knowledge. The stay in the lodge is easy going, nice rooms, friendly staff. The beaches nearby are lovely. Massages by Esther are divine. In short. A wonderfull week. Thankyou Annett, thankyou Starpine Lodge Petra, Sam and Daniel and thankyou dear retreaters, for a lovely time spent.

  • Susan Gill

    Iyoga Cascais website

    Recenty back from a yoga week in Colares. It was a great week. Annet is a wonderful teacher. The place itself is really relaxed and the lodge staff were great. Lovely wild beaches nearby and beachside restaurants in walking distance. I wish I had signed up for the two weeks. Will definitely be back.

  • Anna Massimiliano

    Iyoga Cascais website

    I just finished my first Yoga retreat with Annette. Not sure how to convey the amazing experience in Colares in a few words. Annette is the most skilled instructor I have had – she is passionate about Yoga and makes sure all her students experience challenge at their level. The physical retreat is like home away from home. Good food, close to the beach, clean and lovely!Make sure to book Ester for the best massage ever! I’m planning my next visit…

  • Christina Knudsen

    Iyoga Cascais website

    I just finished my second retreat with Annett – this time in the new beautiful location in Colares – and I can highly recommend it. Annett is very attentive teacher that balances the different needs of the group during the retreat. The place in Colares is great – beautiful garden with pool, skilled massage therapist, 5 min. walk to the beach and located close to the city Sintra with good sightseeing options.

  • Esther

    Iyoga Cascais website

    Very experienced and excellent Iyengar yoga teacher. Annett is an experienced and dedicated yoga teacher with a strong passion for Iyengar yoga. She sees all the details and knows how to align you properly. Also when you have physical issues she knows how to give you alternatives that helps you heal your body! Highly recommended!

  • Gail

    Iyoga Cascais website

    Wouldn't Change A Thing! I have two damaged discs on my back as well as being fat. Annett has been wonderful teaching me yoga - completely changed my life in terms of the back problems. If I could hide her in my pocket and take her to London with me - I would!

  • Kate

    Iyoga Cascais website

    A brilliant relaxing holiday and a great introduction to Iyengar yoga. Already planning my return.

  • Bodil Helbech

    Iyoga Cascais website

    I went on the November retreat in Morocco, with Annett in 2015, as my first yoga retreat. I can warmly recommend both the place and Annett as a teacher.The hotel is located along the beautiful Atlantic coastline North of Agadir in a remote area- not too touristic but safe. Sun and 28 degrees in November. Great waves for beginners surfing and surf school at the hotel.The yoga practice takes place in a chalet just by the beach (maybe 20 meters from the seashore) with a beautiful view overlooking the ocean.Annett is a very talented, experienced and attentive Iyengar yoga teacher. She is carefully, individually adjusting and guiding the yoga practice so you get the full effect and learn the maximum. After one week with Annett, I now highly prefer Iyengar yoga to any other yoga approach.

  • Laila Sorensen Alves Monteiro

    Iyoga Cascais website

    I am attending regular yoga classes with Annett, for one year now, and it really improved my overall wellbeing, can't wait to resume this autumn, the very clear, structured, and professional teaching of Iyengar yoga. See you very soon Annett!

  • Janne Michaelsen

    Iyoga Cascais website

    I am a yoga teacher and went to have a treat myself and boy did I get this! Annett is a totally skilled teacher and pushed me to a different level. Cascais is wonderful and then comes Esther, I don't have the words! Just do it.

  • Fiona Sheridan

    Iyoga Cascais website

    I have just returned from my week in Cascais doing yoga with Annette. It was my first time doing Iyengar yoga and I am a beginner at yoga. Annette was a wonderful teacher, adapting the poses to suit my ability. I have come home refreshed, positive and motivated to continue with my yoga experience. The food by Esther at the house in Cascais was amazing. I already miss the brunches. I also did the paddle boarding which was great fun. A great holiday that I would highly recommend.

  • Natasha

    Iyoga Cascais website

    I loved summer yoga and paddle surf retreat in Cascais with Annett! I practice Iyengar yoga for many years and my daughter Tatiana, 13 years old, only started her practice recently. For both of us, the retreat was challenging, interesting, contributing to our practice, because Annett is a very experienced teacher and even in a group she can account for different needs and levels of yoga practice. Paddle surf was great fun too. The accommodation and food were fabulous, although for me the meal times were not ideal. Altogether, a wonderful experience.

  • Kim Sweden

    Iyoga Cascais Facebook page

    This was indeed a great experience! Annett is a very skilled and methodological teacher that managed to adapt the classes so it suited everyone including me (Iyengar beginner with back issues) and my wife (dedicated Iyengar yogi). Added to this was great food and accomodation, Esther's hospitality, and the lovely Cascais surroundings. We will be back soon!

  • Carole

    Iyoga Cascais website

    After my very first yoga class with Annett, some years ago, I felt she was nothing like I had done before through my previous years of Hatha and Astanga yoga. It was like a complete restart. She corrected almost every asana I thought I was doing right! Amongst many things, I learned alignment. She is the best teacher I have ever had and I feel so grateful I crossed her path. I can only say come to Portugal and enjoy Annett's teachings for a unique yoga retreat in a magical place in Europe.

  • Sorcha

    Iyoga Cascais Facebook page

    Had a super Yoga and Paddle boarding holiday. If you want a holiday that combines, yoga, some other activities, a seaside feel and good food then this is for you. Cascais is a beautiful seaside location and close to Lisbon also to combine some city sightseeing. Thank you Annette.

  • Angela

    Iyoga Cascais Facebook page

    It was a spur of the moment decision and probably one of the best choices I have made in a long time. First, the House of Wonders bed and breakfast was just that- a wonderful home filled with great energy, clean, conveniently located and Ester makes an amazing breakfast and offers care and attention to her guests.Second, the Yoga! It's my first Inyengar class and I am hooked! Annette is good! I mean really good! She is precise, patient, attentive, aware and caring. She has found her calling and it shows. Annette knows the body and is able to make the complex simple so I (a beginner) can follow without hurting myself or compromising my body - that is a feat in itself. I wrote this before and I mean it - my yoga will never be the same! The SUP was so fun and challenging - I will now invest in a SUP for my home. The combination of the location, the accommodation, the things to see and do, and the yoga and the SUP, well, like I wrote, it was the best decision I have made in a long time. If your thinking about going, don't think any longer. Book it, I promise you, you will not regret it! Namaste

  • Angelique

    Iyoga Cascais website

    The way Annett yoga postures shows and explains is clear and easy to understand. Do it yourself is something else. I have been doing yoga for several years, the way Annett yoga classes facilitates and let yoga experience was new to me.In various ways she offers opportunities to experience yoga postures. I particularly liked that Annett is able to let you feel on a very delicate way the meaning of the exercise. Through the guidance of Annett I was able to experience the postures on a new level, what made my happy.Annett is a great personality and yoga teacher. She let you move with little precision so that you feel en come to a deeper level. I've learned a lot. Yoga with Annett is recommended and gave me yoga an another dimension.The yoga retreat was fantastic! I enjoyed the yoga classes, the SUP with Alex and Nick, the hospitality from Esther in the bed and breakfast and not but least the group members from all over the world.

  • Laura

    Iyoga Cascais website

    My 40 year practice of Iyengar yoga has led me to many teachers in many places. Nothing in my journeys surpassed (or prepared me for that matter) for the clarity, nurturing and insight of Annett's classes. It was a privilege to receive her teaching and a blessing to become her student.

  • Sinem

    Iyoga Cascais website

    As a traveler, a blogger, and a yoga school searcher all over the world for a long time, I believe Annett is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever met. Not only being a wonderful and very specialized Iyengar instructor, she has an amazing personality as well. Her beauty and joy is a reflection of her beautiful heart. I feel really very lucky to find the chance to be a student of her at that fantastic yoga weekend in beautiful Cascais. She cared very much on me during my whole stay, I am really so much grateful to her for everything, for giving me all her time, for sharing and practicing her deep and specific yoga knowledge in all sessions and for her lovely company during my stay.

  • Gail Thompson Europe

    Iyoga Cascais website

    In 2011 I read an article in a New York newspaper about Iyengar yoga being taken seriously by doctors in helping patients with back pain. Having just been diagnosed in hospital with chronic and acute back pain as a result of two almost non-existent discs, I sought a local teacher. Supported by my osteopath I found Annett and my life changed over the last two and a half years. I was desperate for help but didn't really expect yoga to work but in the time I have been doing yoga with Annett I have only had one episode with my back instead of the three monthly meltdowns which had become the norm.

  • Natalie Europe

    Iyoga Cascais website

    Annett is a caring and knowledgeable teacher. Her passion for yoga is contagious! I appreciate that she pays attention to the individual needs of her clients. I also like the fact that she continues to educate herself in a yoga field on a regular basis. I feel confident working with Annett, because I recognize that she understands which poses and exercises are the best for my particular needs.

  • Karen Lawrens Bright Europe

    Iyoga Cascais website

    Annett is a highly attentive and dedicated teacher. Her private classes helped me achieve physical agility and strength after major surgery and I now thoroughly enjoy twice-weekly group classes which are conducted in an atmosphere of calm and absolute trust, enabling me to progress without fear of injury. After being led fluidly through a variety of asanas, I leave the studio feeling balanced and refreshed.

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