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Joyfulhealth offers a variety of services to transform your life such as life coaching sessions, yoga classes, and bespoke yoga and detox retreats.

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  • Stephanie Forster Great Britain

    October 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Loved the location and the setting for the accommodation. The relaxation schedule and rest was just what I needed. The venue was outstanding and I cannot fault the accommodation. I liked the food menu and the detox element of the retreat. However, I do wish we could have had some communication about what the health benefits were from what we were eating. There were a few people that had never eaten vegan before and were unaware that this is what the food would be, and myself being new to the vegan options it would have been nice to go through more of a plan for the week and how to maintain this after going home. We expected Ali to eat with us during mealtimes, and when she disappeared and left us to our own devices it was a bit uneasy. I'd recommend for Ali to eat with the guests moving forward. I think people would like that - This would also let people ask any questions they may have and Ali would get a real feel for what people were feeling about the retreat and make changes where necessary.

    It was advertised as a 5 day retreat, but we only got 3 full days. Very disappointed with the value for money. The advert was misleading and we didn't receive the 1 hour holistic treatment or receive any nutritional information on what we were eating. Ali came across in the wrong way on more that one occasion towards the guests. I appreciate that she would normally have extra help, but not being able to get a cup of tea in the morning or a glass of water because she wanted to make the meals without distraction was unnecessary. Unless we were doing yoga or going for a walk, Ali was not overly welcoming and warm. Myself and the others were afraid of leaving the dining room after meals in case we got 'told off'. As grown adults, that should not have been the case. Myself and the others were under the impression that we would have access to fruit for snacks throughout the week, but it was not communicated that the fruit in the kitchen was for cooking only. When people helped themselves, again, we got 'told off'. There was a huge lack of organisation overall, and unfortunately this left a lasting impression as the days went on. It was a real shame that on the last day myself and one other had requested to leave earlier in the morning as we had transport to catch and other activities booked, and we were made to wait 40-50 mins after the agreed time to eat. It just left a bad impression as I ended the retreat as I left stressed and unhappy.

  • Kim Bate Great Britain

    September 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    I booked the retreat as it met everything I was looking for: yoga, walks, vegan food, art therapy and a good location. The yoga I particularly enjoyed as it was more traditional and holistic; I was just used to by achieving vasious poses. The location was fantastic and the walks were also energetic and invigorating.

    Even though I really enjoyed all the vegan cooking, the portion sizes were very small and I was constantly hungry. I am vegan but I eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight, so I would have liked to have known why calory intake was reduced to such a low level. The retreat also promised an holistic therapy as part of the package, but I was disappointed that this was not the case and I had to pay.

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    • Zoe Foreman Bexley, UK

      Joyfulhealth Facebook page

      when I first started yoga I was a little unsure if it was going to be a bit of me, but I must say Ali is a true inspiration, she made me feel totally relaxed whilst vitalised all at the same time. I kid you not I leave a whole new person after a magical yoga session with Ali xx

    • Janet Jeeves

      Joyfulhealth Facebook page

      Ali is an amazing, inspirational person. You could not meet a more positive person if you tried. Ali will most certainly uplift your mood. She gives great advice & very appetising recipes

    • Karen Haggerty

      Joyfulhealth Facebook page

      I think it's important to help other people when you have been through a tough time yourself so you can relate and sympathise. This is one of Ali's many strengths.

      She knows so much because she has been through and experienced so much herself, not always for the better but she has such a positive spin on life. She certainly knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition and I value all her help and guidance with day to day meals and balance for both myself and 3 year old. Amazing and thank you for all that you do x

    • Claire Ellis United Kingdom

      Joyfulhealth Facebook page

      I cannot recommend Ali enough! Having been through a very difficult and turbulent time with work and my personal life, Ali has helped me to re-establish who I am and my inner calm. I'm now finding a new confidence and am pursuing a new career path (a scary but exciting changed!) and am reassured in my capabilities of being a single parent. Her calming and reassuring nature along with her wealth of knowledge and nutritional and relaxation advice has been invaluable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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