Kare Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat was established to teach basic nuances of Ayurveda, yoga, and Ayurvedic dietetics for the learner and seeker of this science.

Detox Retreats (1)

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2 Days De-Stress Yoga Retreat in Pune, India

Available from April till December

Instructors (7)

Dr. Roli Rangappa

Dr. Prakash Kalmadi

Ragini Kalmadi

Ratanlal Shah

Dr. Rohit Rangappa

Sucheta Shirodkar

Bindiaa Singh

Reviews (3)

Stephen Bradshaw

from Australia, August 2018

The caring nature of the staff and the quality of the yoga program

Béatrice Chabot

from France, April 2018

Les cours d'Iyengar Yoga. Les massages. La nourriture Aryuvedic. Le personnel dans son ensemble.

Martina Garadier

from France, March 2018

Testimonials (2)

Sonya & Alan

Kare Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat website

We really enjoyed our visit to your Yoga Health Retreat. The staff is absolutely amazing, efficient and very friendly. We feel very relaxed and healthy which makes heading back to work a lot easier. The setting is great, our room had a wonderful view and we would like to thank everyone involved who made our visit so enjoyable. I miss the Yoga each day, it was so good.

Priya Mani Dubai

Kare Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat website

KARE has changed my life in such a short time! I came to KARE in desperation. Apart from being in constant pain, (back, knees, ankles) due to my excess weight, just 1 day prior to my arrival in Mulshi, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had been warned by my doctor (in a very grave voice, I might add) that I was a definite candidate for a heart attack, a stroke or indeed, death. In just 10 days, KARE has given me a new lease on my life! I lost 6.5 kilos and 19.5 inches! My blood pressure is normal and I feel young again! My stay at KARE has rejuvenated me in body, mind and spirit. For the first time in 5 years I am emotionally and physically energized than ever before. AND I can walk without pain! At KARE I learnt that I MATTER. I learnt that my body and mind need to be cherished. KARE has shown me the way and has given me the tools to do that. When I left KARE, I KNEW I knew I was never going back to neglecting my body and soul again.