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Kathy's Island Retreat

Kathy’s Island Retreat is a Retreat Center offering various retreats, where people can find peace in beautiful surroundings, eat healthy, and grow spiritually.

Instructors 1

Rose Chamberlain

Rose Chamberlain is a registered naturopath nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach. She is fascinated by the human body and how it functions. She believes in the full potential that people have to transform their lives, health, and the lives of the people around. Over the years she has transformed her own life and seen incredible changes in the lives and health of her clients.

Reviews 2

Angeliki Xintara

from Luxembourg, July 2017

"An experience so unique that difficult to describe in words."

Run by people that genuinely care about their guests. Breathtaking location that makes the morning yoga practice mystical and energizing. The yoga instructor, Athina Vakali is a charming and inspiring woman that can change the way you see the world!