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KU Retreats Tuscany

KU Retreats Tuscany is an innovative and experienced team dedicated to wellness and a healthier approach to life.

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Jeremy Morris United Kingdom

KU Retreats Tuscany website, edited

Miguel, had magic hands, one of the most intuitive masseurs I have known.

Antonella Torti Italy

KU Retreats Tuscany website, edited

To describe Miguel and Dominika would be like trying to define love. It is quite impossible, you really have to experience it! There are really no words to describe what they can do to you, not just physically but spiritually. You will feel like a different person after meeting them, after getting their treatments. You will know more about holistic world as they are so good at what they do, and you will even know more about yourself, as their hands go much deeper than skin tissue, they really touch some mysterious chord, and they get all the way to your soul.

Naomi Campbell United Kingdom

KU Retreats Tuscany website

Miguel, my friend was right about you. You are a very good and wise therapist. I can see the passion you put into your work.

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