Lake Isle Retreats

Fermanagh, Ireland

Lake Isle Retreats offers yoga and meditation classes and retreats designed to satisfy spiritual purposes and as a method of relaxation since 2006.

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  • Leah C.

    Google review

    I had such a lovely time, the retreat offered the space and relaxation I was looking for and the treatments, classes, walk and introduction to the Krishna community were all just the icing on the relaxation cake! Although the entire team contributed to very special memories for us all, above all, It was Tim's warm, welcoming and accepting nature that put us all at ease with ourselves and each other and it truly was a pleasure to spend time with everyone there. Stunning location, and a program designed with love and care at a great price, I'm so glad I went.

  • Aisling

    Google review

    I have visited lake isle retreats twice now and have just returned from the relax and rejuvenation retreat. This does exactly what it says and you leave feeling totally refreshed. The treatments are wonderful, the setting of the house is lovely, the yoga instruction is really fantastic. Most of all I have to say the food is just brilliant! Overall the retreat is excellent value for money and makes for a fun and interesting weekend away

  • C. Brennan

    Lake Isle Retreats website

    I feel more at peace and connected to yoga in order to help me on my journey of self-discovery. I leave with a lot of wisdom on how I can live my life in a better way.

  • Adam

    Lake Isle Retreats website

    I found my retreat to be thoroughly relaxing and beneficial exactly what I needed to calm the mind. The atmosphere in the house and temple was very special.

  • Suzanne

    Lake Isle Retreats website

    I just wanted to thank you and Carmen so much for a fantastic weekend. I came back completely rejuvenated and energized. It was great from start to finish. As for the food, wow! I thought Id lose weight only eating vegetarian food for the weekend, but it good and we all went back for second helpings. Im still dreaming of Carmens chickpea stew. If the recipe isnt a state secret, Id really love to get it so my husband can finally taste what Ive been ravishing about! Again, thank you and all the community for a wonderful time. Namaste!

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