Living Valley Health Retreat

Queensland, Australia

Living Valley Health Retreat is a world renowned health retreat with a consistent record of success with a team of therapists, naturopaths, health educators, trainers, counselors and cooks.

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  • Tania D. Australia


    We have been to all the leading health retreats in Australia and many overseas. This is not a luxurious, all frills retreat. However, its health protocol and the incredibly caring team and world class naturopaths ensure that you will adopt an incredibly healthy regime and understand your nutritional requirements with clarity. There are also a few out-of-the-box healers who will shift things for you. The head chef is top class and his cooking class was superb. The food was delicious, healthy and creative. The retreat uses paleo and ketogenic guidelines and most of the guests fast 3-4 days per 7 and are served excellent broths, green juices and protein smoothies to help the body detox.

    There were activities such as stretch classes, steam baths, naturopathic consultations, facials, detox mud wraps, walks, massages & more - with plenty of time to rest in between - nothing was compulsory. There were a number of people with serious illnesses and addictions who gained enormous energy and support - some spending weeks at the retreat to build their strength and commitment to their wellbeing. The rooms are neat & tidy with tea making and a verandah.

    Nothing is too much trouble. This is the best place to visit to learn about your wellbeing and get your health back on track. Highly recommended!

  • Kezza Australia


    If you are looking for a sumptuous resort where you lie around in luxury perusing the organic wine list, and eating vegan food, LVS is not for you. The accommodation is comfortable, some of the facilities are lovely and some are very dated. However this resort has been operating for 25+ years so they must be doing something right and many of my fellow guests had returned multiple times. If you have health issues which are not being addressed by conventional medicine, if you're in a rut with stress, diet, exercise, weight issues, if you want to sit back and completely evaluate your life, or if you want to escape your life for a while then it could be for you. You can choose to go for a 'healthy holiday' where you partake fully in the 3 delicious meals offered every day. They follow their own particular dietary regime although they will cater for individual needs. The food is delicious. (No alcohol, caffeine, smoking, chemicals, TV etc). Every day is timetabled with treatments, lectures, steam baths, exercise. You will not be bored or have lots of time twiddling your thumbs. Definitely don't try to work remotely! Walking is a big thing and the cabins are spread across acres of rolling hills so you will be walking- lots! Most people go alone, so you will quickly pal up with like minded souls, although there are plenty of couples. The atmosphere is chilled, friendly and mutually supportive. The treatments are of an exceptionally high standard, so definitely don't pass up on those. Naturopathic consultations are also well executed and provide a pathway back to the real world when you leave. A previous reviewer described the LVS vision as narrow and old fashioned. To some extent that is true. It would be nice to see them embrace newer approaches especially in the area of exercise and movement. However, they will say they do what works and in a way it was nice to just go along with the flow without evaluating everything! You have internet access in your room so you can google anything you're not sure about and you can have your programme adapted at any time you don't feel OK. I certainly did that. You are not expected to share their religious beliefs, and if your present system is working so well you won't be looking for a retreat? It's well worth looking at.

  • Rachel D


    I've just finished my second trip to Living Valley Springs. Since my first visit 2 years ago, there have been improvements to facilities. What I love most is that the whole staff is loving and friendly and extremely accommodating. My naturopath, Adrian, was excellent and I really felt like he understood what I was trying to achieve in my time here, but also helped develop a manageable plan for when I head home! Highly recommended!

  • Jo Marshall Australia


    I visited LVS in February 2016, with my husband. It was an amazing experience. We started the journey a little hesitant, not knowing what to expect. But every single staff member made us feel comfortable, welcome & did everything possible to make our experience positive. I learnt so much about food & health in general. My program included a 3 day fast, but I was not at all hungry on those days. The juices, smoothies and broth are amazing. On other days the healthy, organic food is amazing. Rooms are more than adequate. The steam room & gym are heaven and the treatment list is endless. The only thing that could be added is a heated spa.

  • Moana R


    I stayed at Living Valley Health Retreat recently on the recommendation of my naturopath Marianne Fernance of Passion 4 Health. I had major surgery coming up which was quite risky and which I had to travel overseas for. Marianne recommended I stay for two weeks and i did book for one week which I really didnt think I had time for and felt that I shouldn't spend the money as my surgery was already expensive. However after staying for one week I could see (1) the benefit there would be in staying for two weeks and (2) How much difference it made even staying for the seven days. It is hard to describe how amazing you feel after staying at Living Valley Springs Health Retreat. Before I went to stay there I was feeling very anxious about my impending surgery. After seven days my mind and body felt prepared for both the long trip ahead and the surgery. I had done all my research about the condition that I had and was confident with the surgeon but with all the treatments, naturopath visits and health education I received I felt even better and much stronger. I learned something new every day and thorough enjoyed the care and attention that I received while at Living Valley Springs.

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