Maa Asho Institute of Healing & Chakra Meditation

Maa Asho Institute offers courses in healing with Prana (vital energy) in order to heal yourself and become a professional energy healer.

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Supriti Sood

Born in Port Blair, Andeman and Nicobar islands, she did her Masters degree in Zoology and Bachelors degree in education. She is teaching since 1973. She worked as a Principal in senior Secondary school, Dairy Farm Port Blair and took voluntary retirement in 1997. Since then, she has devoted her life in conducting healing courses and giving healing for various ailments. She has the power of clairvoyant and has specialized in the treatment of karmic and inherited and acquired physiological problems.

Hardesh Sood

Born in Dharamshala, he did his Masters degree in Zoology and Masters in education. He is teaching since 1973. He is doing yoga meditation since he was in school. He took voluntary retirement from Govt. job (Science consultant in science Technology) in 1997, from port Blair (Andaman Nicobar Island) and since then he has devoted his life for the welfare of mankind, by offering free healing and professional courses in Pranayog healing and chakra meditation. He is trying to spread the Pranayog healing around the world. He has already conducted healing and meditation courses in India and USA.

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Abraham Reyneke

from South Africa, March 2018

I loved the hospitality, the small group kept it personal and very intense. I loved the experience.

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Michael Kustra USA/Croatia

Maa Asho Institute of Healing & Chakra Meditation's Facebook page

I have been to India three times. McLeod ganj / dharamsala is my is favorite location in the country. The energy of the town is alive and fun.

There are lots of cafes and restaurants in the area. The Maa Asho institute is situated in the center of all this action. Hardesh and Supriti are wonderful hosts and teachers. I learned so much from both of them. Hardesh taught me energy healing. And Supriti created amazingly tasty Indian meals. Overall I would recommend the Maa Ashoo institute. They create a loving atmosphere and guided course so that you can understand energy and how to heal your body and mind.


Maa Asho Institute of Healing & Chakra Meditation's Written paper

Supriti and Hardesh are amazing beautiful people that want the best for everyone. Through their love, teaching me ways of nature and science, innovative powerful treatments and giving me tools to continue in self-healing they have helped me tremendously to heal myself and others.Thank you for helping me to move forward in life and live up to my potential.

Lada Kustra Croatia

Maa Asho Institute of Healing & Chakra Meditation's written paper

I spent in this place with Hardesh and Supriti almost a month, completed 6 courses, including Pranayog Self-Healing & Chakra Meditation, Color Healing, Psychic Healing, Power Yoga, Crystal Healing and Clairvoyant meditation.

Every course was organised very professionally, interesting useful information, clear explanation, a lot of practice.

This is the information I have been searching for a long time and I found it very very useful for my spiritual development, for my physical, mental, emotional and energetic health.

Both Supriti and Hardesh were very very attentive to me, very understanding, supportive, very helpful in every way and patient.

I also did psychic surgery that is a deep psychic healing. It helped me a lot to change my way of thinking, to be more positive, more loving, caring and I hope a better person in general.

I am planning to come back and finish the other courses, and meanwhile to practice!!

Really recommend to everybody who believes in the law of nature :)

Vidya Nayak Kamath India

Maa Asho Institute of Healing & Chakra Meditation's written paper

I have been taking distance healing from Supriti Sood for just a month now. I started it on 27th Jan with full trust and faith. Within a week I feltl a surge of positivity in me. My health problems had me feel weak and low on energy. But after a few of the free distance healing sessions I started feeling energetic. I started travelling around for my social causes which had taken a back seat . After the sessions every morning I am full of enthusiasm the entire day. My headaches have reduced. There is some science in this healing. I would love to learn it. Thanks Hardesh and Supriti. You both are doing a noble job. God bless you both

Michal Israel

Maa Asho Institute of Healing and Chakra Meditation's website

Thank you so very much for opening a wonderful, colorful, energetic & self healing part of my life. I come in to class knowing nothing. Expect fool of feeling that I should be here & I am coming out this class full of knowledge & energy & power & clean positive thoughts & a new strength & clean mind to continue this journey of life. The experience that you have provided & opened to me are amazing & words can not describe hoe powerful this is. You are both exceptional teacher, full of knowledge & the will to share. You pass on all of this n such a kind loving & spiritual way that makes this class a life time experience.

Thank you & all my love

I will be thinking of you daily!

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