Maa Asho Institute offers courses in healing with Prana (vital energy) in order to heal yourself and become a professional energy healer.

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Supriti Sood

Hardesh Sood

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Abraham Reyneke

from South Africa, March 2018

I loved the hospitality, the small group kept it personal and very intense. I loved the experience.

Testimonials (1)

Michael Kustra USA/Croatia

Maa Asho Institute of Healing & Chakra Meditation's Facebook page

I have been to India three times. McLeod ganj / dharamsala is my is favorite location in the country. The energy of the town is alive and fun.

There are lots of cafes and restaurants in the area. The Maa Asho institute is situated in the center of all this action. Hardesh and Supriti are wonderful hosts and teachers. I learned so much from both of them. Hardesh taught me energy healing. And Supriti created amazingly tasty Indian meals. Overall I would recommend the Maa Ashoo institute. They create a loving atmosphere and guided course so that you can understand energy and how to heal your body and mind.