Mandala Spa and Villas

Boracay Island, Philippines

Mandala Spa and Villas is the leading yoga authority in Boracay. Yoga is a cornerstone in Mandala Spa’s approach to holistic wellness and individual well-being.

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  • Liron Court Aurilica France

    Mandala Spa and Villas website

    It was a true experience, one moment memorable like a composition.

  • Monique United States

    Mandala Spa and Villas website

    As a writer, stress is a constant in my life and so is shoulder and back pain. Coming to Mandala and experiencing the Asian Signature Massage, I not only found relief for my chronic aches & pains, I felt cared for by people who seemed to know exactly what I needed. What was supposed to be just a relaxing treat on my holiday turned out to be profoundly cathartic. For the first time, my incessant mind was silenced, my thoughts were a dreamy blur, and I left feeling so vibrant, alive and totally brand new. Now back at work, I am inspired and I realize that the massage literally dissolved blockages I didn’t know I had. In a word, it’s MAGIC!

  • Honey Jarque Loop Philippines


    Mandala Spa & Resort Villas is about making a great wonderful difference in one’s enriched lifestyle with much emphasis on the NATURAL AND HOLISTIC approach to well-being. Next time you visit Boracay, drop by this magical place and give time to experience yourself – time for your body and time for your soul. I promise you will feel the whole universe move. It does every time I’m there. Trust me!

  • Leo China

    Mandala Spa and Villas website

    Mandala has grown from being ‘Boracay’s best kept secret’ to a spa that aficionados say can rival those in Bali and Thailand. They are right! It is a spa, which truly indulges its clients, to the type of treatments offered. After my Asian Signature Massage, I was so zoned out, I almost walked out the window.

  • Melissa Canada

    TripAdvisor website

    My husband and I stayed in a Garden Villa for two incredible nights. Boracay is such a busy place, that it truly is amazing that the Mandala has been able to maintain the peace and serenity on their property, yet be so conveniently close to the beach. From the moment you arrive, you can already feel yourself unwinding. The staff all move slowly and calmly as they promote the spa environment.

    Our villa was beautiful. Every detail was taken care of from the incense burning, the soft music playing to all the fresh flowers, they really ensure you have the complete experience. The Garden Villa offers an outdoor sitting area in a garden like setting. Not sure which villas would offer a view, but being surrounded by tropical foliage was a view enough for us!

    The food: can't really complain when the surroundings are so beautiful. It was nice to have fresh and nutritious foods to start the day. We also had dinner there one night. It was OK. The food, especially sauces for foods (wine reduction, hollandaise, etc), is not their strength but again, it's hard to complain when it is all so beautiful.

    Morning yoga: if you have the time and interest, do join the class. The instructor I had was excellent (welcoming, unintimidating, made the class appropriate for a range of levels) and the space is comfortable.

    Spa treatment: In our villa, my husband had the Hilot Trilogy and I had the Filipino Heritage Tradition. We both really enjoyed our treatments. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with any choice, but I definitely recommend what we had.

    Location: it is a nice walk down to the beach. A bit far from the centre of the action, but there are so many restaurants, bars and people in general that it is actually a nice distance away! Don't be discouraged by the location. So many recommendations suggest staying at station 1 but when we were in Boracay, the beach was not very nice (the water was really green), so we were happy to not have spent the premium to stay there! We loved our stay and would definitely recommend it!

  • Rebecca

    TripAdvisor website

    AMAZING!!! Cannot speak highly enough of this place. It is paradise. Checked into a detox villa which meant no TV and no direct access to WiFi, yoga class every morning and breakfast. The spa packages are totally unique. Very attentive and pure indulgence. The Boracay Bliss was well worth the 3.5 hours!! The staff are so friendly and always acknowledged you as you walked past. Simple gesture but makes all the difference. They are extremely efficient and good at what they do and always made me feel welcomed.Even if it's only for a few nights I can guarantee you will feel refreshed and don't want to leave!!!

  • a traveller Philippines

    TripAdvisor website

    I stayed at Mandala with my parents and my sister. We had two villas side-by-side. It was the most comfortable, memorable vacation I've had in a long time. The Mandala staff are all so caring and pay attention to little details that make the entire holiday experience just that much more special. We took the Yoga vacation package which includes private yoga classes and a spa treatment everyday. The teacher we had was awesome and was the perfect instructor for a family class. The daily spa treatments were amazing, professional and a great complement to the yoga. The food at the in-house restaurant was delicious and healthy. We definitely recommend the packages for value for money. This resort is most suitable for travellers who are looking for a quiet, relaxed, early-nights holiday. The resort is about a 10-15 minute walk to the beach which makes it perfect for those who want to be away from the hustle of White Beach.

  • Geraldine Dayang United States

    November 2013. Mandala Spa and Villas website

    My stay in my villa was wonderful. It is really a place for comfort & relaxation. The yoga classes were excellent and the people were all very friendly & ready with a smile. Thank you for making this place a paradise on earth! The hibiscus flowers in the room really add a nice touch to this tropical sanctuary.

  • Charel Garcia Hawaii

    May 2013. Mandala Spa and Villas website

    Weve arrived and stumbled upon an eye-popping place. While walking into our room, my mouth opened automatically to drip the words amazing. The staff are simply gentle and kind with an attitude that makes you feel like youve come home because they leave a warm feeling. Makes you feel good dont it? Words to describe Mandala Spa are jaw-dropping, simple, beautiful, refreshing, and awesome.

  • YY Chen Singapore

    March 2013. Mandala Spa and Villas website

    The villa is gorgeous with a fantastic view of the white beach from the pool. Highly recommended for couples on a honeymoon trip. Great service from Mandala - with the exclusive private transfer to/from airport and great room service. Quiet and peaceful retreat from the noise and crowd in Station 2.

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