Millan’s Fasting Retreat

Millan’s Fasting Retreat offers detox fasting retreats in California.

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Millan’s Fasting Retreat website

I wasn't sure what to expect on this retreat. Millian is wonderful she really takes care of you while you are in her care. I was hesitant at first and wasn't sure but as each day went by it was great. I could not have done this by myself I dropped 6 lbs although I really came here to get a jump start on better eating habits and didn't expect to lose any weight. I didn't think I could get through the day but the juice smoothies really did fill me up the best part was the veggie broth or fruit juice smoothie in the evening yummy. This is not your typical spa setting but it's comfortable clean and full of love from Millian. The treatments are wonderful the people doing the cleanse are wonderful. Thank you Millian I learned so much and will continue on this path.


Millan’s Fasting Retreat website

I really appreciated Millan's personalised approach to cleansing. I felt well nourished with the fresh juices and well-supported by Millan. She truly walks her talk and is inspirational. I appreciate the educational programs and the information provided on nutrition. She is a master colon-hydrotherapist. She serves with love.

Lisa H. San Diego

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I had my very first colonic hydrotherapy session after suffering from slight stomach irritation that seemed to be lingering around for too long. I wasn't expelling waiste for days and started to feel full even though I literally ate nothing. I just felt like something was blocked inside. So I was moved by God's Spirit (no pun intended) to get a colonic done immediately so I started searching and found Tracy. My due diligence and research payed off. I must say it was one of the most AWESOME experiences I have had!

I taught health and fitness classes for over 22 years and even knew the benefits of internal cleaning but just never did it except for the occasional detox tea. I felt pretty good and eat pretty good so I thought I didn't need a colonic. I was wrong!! So wrong!

Tracy made me feel so comfortable as one can be and I really didn't feel embarrassed but felt like I was lying on the couch of a good friend who just happened to be cleaning my intestines. It was absolutely AMAZING to see years of built up...stuff finally coming out! It was like watching the chocolate fountain scene from Willy Wanka!!

I would highly recommend Tracy especially if you've never had a colonic. I already have my next appointment set up with her. I do have to drive a bit of a distance to get to her, and there are places that are closer but she knows her sh@#! (Again, no pun interned) so for me, she is worth the drive!!

CE G. San Diego

Yelp website

I am very happy I found Tracy. When the person I had gone to for years retired, I felt a huge loss. I stayed away from colonics for a year. I finally decided to go after feeling very sluggish. After my first appointment, I felt amazing. Her prices are reasonable, she is knowledgeable and her office is very clean and accommodating. She gave me some great advice for probiotics too. I also like the fact that I am the only person in the office during my appt. I highly recommend Tracy at the Internal Cleansing and Health Center.

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