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5 Days Detox Retreat in Australia

Detox Retreat in Australia

Mullum Sari offers cleanse and detox program which includes all of the treatments in our guiding principles for creating a healthier lifestyle. You will receive colonics, massages, body scrub, daily dry hydrotherapy bed massage sessions, hyperbaric oxygen and infra-red sauna sessions, guided guided health coaching and more.


  • 1 detox body scrub
  • 2 therapeutic Massages
  • 3 colon hydrotherapy Sessions
  • 1 week of health supplements to support colonic irrigation
  • 7 days of fresh cold pressed juice
  • daily hydrotherapy bed massage
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • daily infra-red sauna sessions


4 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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Mullum Sari is located in Mullumbimby; a thriving country town within the Byron Bay Hinterland’s ‘4000 hectare playground’. Mullum Sari offers a world class healing experience at accessible rates and in a truely unique ‘Mullum style’ environment; the ‘Manse’ health retreat accommodation, the gym and the spa are all located in and around the hub of the Mullumbimby township, in leisurely walking / cycling distance from one another.

The denouement of these surroundings is the opportunity for integrated change to take place; by the time you return home, you have already experienced life amongst a real town, with all of life’s temptations at your fingertips, yet you chose to get yourself to the gym early each day, you largely or completely abstained from destructive habits and nurtured your body with living juice and living foods.

When you return home, on those days where you may feel a little discouraged for having inevitably lapsed into some old habits, we hope you will find comfort in knowing that during your stay with us, you developed your innate understanding of how to make healthy choices for yourself within the stresses of normal daily life and we trust you will find yourself genuinely renewed during those times when you may need the most encouragement and support.

Mullum Sari Detox Retreats in New South Wales, Australia

Preparing for Your Cleanse

For a deep healing and cleansing experience, we encourage our guests to juice fast. A juice fast is when you completely abstain from solid foods and only consume liquids and fruit & vegetable juices.

Although our bodies detox naturally on a daily basis, we are exposed to so many different hemicals and harmful substances that we are in a state of toxic overload. Primary forms of toxic exposure includes pesticides, heavy metals, prescription drugs, cosmetics, food additives, preservatives, parasites and chronic stress. Toxins that can’t be eliminated naturally accumulate and stored in our body, mainly in our fat cells. Toxic overload can cause symptoms such as headaches, heartburn, sleep problems, muscle aches, sinus problems, constipation, diarrhoea, fatigue, excess weight, bloating and more.

When you juice fruit and vegetables, you take out all the fibre content and drink only the liquid that is full of vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. Juices therefore require a minimal amount of energy from your body for both digestion and assimilation of its goodness. Like carbohydrates, proteins and fats, consumption of fibre is essential for good health. However, eliminating them for a short time will give your digestive system a break and your body can then direct energy towards deep cleansing and removal of toxins. Fasting is an opportunity to rejuvenate your body at a cellular level.

To ensure a safe, effective and enjoyable fasting experience, we strongly suggest that you prepare your body before you begin. Without preparation, the release of toxins that gradually accumulated in your body throughout the years can make you feel quite ill. A week before your cleanse starts, aim to eat a vegetarian diet. Increase the amount of salads, smoothies, raw fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds and drink lots of water. Avoid processed and sugary foods, refined, white wheat flour products and dairy. Also avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. In addition to the 1 litre of cold pressed juice, the first day of all retreat packages of 3 days or more includes fresh organic fruits during the day and a nourishing organic vegetable soup for night time. During fasting days, you will receive 1 litre of cold pressed juice each morning and a strained broth each evening, which is light and yet very medicinal, nourishing and grounding.

It is very common to experience uncomfortable symptoms that fasting may trigger on day 2 and 3 of your cleanse. This stage of detox is known as ‘healing crisis’ and is completely normal. You may feel run down, irritable, lightheaded and experience headaches and weakness. Once that stage is done, you will begin to feel light, energised and improved mental clarity. If you wish to partake in the 21 day preparation program, see below:

The Cleansing Diet

This optional 21 Day Preparation Programme is a ‘tried and true’ detoxification program. Please note this program is not suitable for pregnant women, children or anyone under doctor’s prescription medication unless they have a naturopath monitoring them.

Supplement Regime

  • 1 serve thermo phase detox powder daily with breakfast
  • medi-herb cats claw complex – 1 tab with breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • blackmore’s bio-chromium plus – 1 tab with breakfast and lunch
  • organic spirulina 1000mg – 1 tab with breakfast and lunch for week one, then 1 tab with breakfast, lunch and dinner in week two and three

These supplements are practitioner products with the exception of the spirulina. follow this 21 day detoxification program with a 30 day course of a good acidophilus supplement, for example: ethical nutrients inner health plus dairy free capsules, one cap daily.

At least 2 litres of filtered water should be consumed during the day. all foods not mentioned in the diet should be avoided for at least 21 days.

On some days, you may wish to substitute or include with your lunch or dinner meal one of the following:

  • macrobiotic vegetable broth or bone & vegetable broth or a superfood
  • superfood green smoothie
  • living soup

There are some liver cleanse powders and digestive tonics that we recommend to assist if you suffer from constipation or have irritable bowel syndrome. please feel free to consult our team prior to your arrival should you have any questions. if you bloat, have heart burn, don’t digest your food well or have bad breath then a bitter herb drink such as swedish bitters may assist you or your naturopath will be happy to make one for you.


  • wheat grass juice
  • 1 serve thermo phase detox powder
  • small bowl fresh organic tropical fruit
  • poached/boiled eggs if desired
  • morning tea
  • cold pressed vegetable juice (carrot, celery, ginger, zucchini and parsley)
  • rice/corn cakes/biscuits with avocado, hummus, cucumber, lettuce, sprouts
  • herbal tea if preferred


  • choice of 300g grilled or poached fish, organic grilled lean beef, organic chicken breast fillet grilled or
  • tofu with a green salad, add soaked almonds, pine nuts or cashews if desired
  • dressing can be used with salad, consisting of organic virgin olive oil, lime or lemon juice and fresh chopped basil
  • herbal tea, green juice or filtered water with lemon juice
  • afternoon tea – as for morning tea


  • grilled or dry baked portion of lean organic meat, fish, chicken or tofu
  • steamed vegetables, a large variety of organic vegetables of differing colours should be provided, avoiding the onion family, white potatoes and mushrooms
  • if preferred a large green salad can be substituted for the vegetables, once again with a variety of salad vegetables
  • herbal tea, green juice or lemon water

Spa treatments

Mullum Sari offers a world class range of treatments for the most genuine healing experience of your life. Our facilities are second to none! Spoil yourself with the most intense and efficient detox experience possible! All treatments offered at Mullum Sari are 100% natural

There is no other place in Australia that will provide you with such an extensive range of the most innovative health and detox equipment all under one roof. Choose any of our deluxe treatments and design your own personalised healthy getaway today. From Colon Cleansing and Hydrotherapy to Oxygen Therapy, Endermologie and detoxifying Infra-red Sauna sessions we can provide it all and more.

What's included

  • 1 detox body scrub
  • 1 week of health supplements to support colonic irrigation
  • 2 therapeutic massages
  • 3 colon hydrotherapy sessions
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • 7 days of fresh cold pressed juice
  • daily hydrotherapy bed massage
  • daily hyperbaric oxygen chamber session
  • daily infra-red sauna sessions
  • macrobiotic vegetarian broth for night-time
  • private health coaching session with follow-up
  • use of the jade massage bed and massage chair
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