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London, United Kingdom

My Next Level Health offers retreats to jump start your health and give you a much needed detox through exercise and nutrition.

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  • Sophie Fleming United Kingdom

    My Next Level Health website

    These guys are the best when it comes to helping you lose weight and keep it off. Not only do they know their stuff, but they find a way to make it easy to understand. It is knowledge I can keep with me for life. Josh and Ahisha are so friendly and professional, they are a real pleasure to work with!

  • Emma John United Kingdom

    My Next Level Health website

    My weight kept on fluctuating, even though I was always in the gym. I was not actually thinking about what I was putting into my body. I had done those shake diets before and was hungry, so I was worried about this clean eating. I followed the detox with My Next Level Health and was happy to actually have plenty of real food to eat! I continued for 60 days and I am happy to say I easily lost a stone and my joints are no longer always hurting. Another thing that I Ioved was that my skin improved and I did not have acne anymore! Thank you so much, Josh and Ahisha, for everything you have taught me!

  • Helen Mileham United Kingdom

    My Next Level Health website

    I learned that I could still enjoy my food even though it was healthy. The recipes were easy to follow and didn't take too long to prepare. Yes, they are simple but really tasty and I felt better after following My Next Level Health's advice. Even my husband enjoyed it and he's normally quite picky! I highly recommend it!

  • Gillian Keith United States

    My Next Level Health website

    Before I booked my first online session, I was actually really skeptical. I had struggled with my weight for many years and I didn't think anyone could help me get rid of my stubborn tummy and love handles; I had tried everything already. I was also nervous about speaking to someone I didn't know about something that was so personal. During my 45-minute session I actually found that it wasn't awkward at all. My coach, Josh, was easy to talk to and friendly. I was given personalized advice, which was both practical and educational. After I finished my session, I felt that I had gotten some real information about where I was going wrong and what I could improve on going forward. I have already made changes to my lifestyle, which has dramatically boosted my weight loss and help me keep it off too.

  • Jourdon Tedmen United Kingdom

    My Next Level Health website

    Before speaking to Ahisha I was basically not eating anything all day and then eating biscuits in the evening. I had seen online how passionate she is about what she does and felt I really needed Ahisha's assistance so I didn't have any reservations; I felt I would be in the right hands. My one to one session was very informative and reiterated a few things I already knew but educated me about the importance of checking ingredients on food. Ahisha is so easy to talk to and it was easy telling her about a recent bereavement, despite how hard it is to talk about as this has affected my relationship with food. I am now back to eating three meals a day, with occasional snacks and no biscuits, and have exercised every day since our discussion. I have taken away some key things from the free session, such as more exercise, check food ingredients, stop eating biscuits every day, and have a cheat day so I don't feel deprived.

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