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Phuket, Thailand

Natural High Detox conducts refreshing retreats and programs to detox oneself in the serene environment of Phuket.

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  • Angela United States

    Natural High Detox website

    Despite my stubborn colon, I am very happy to have gone through The Fast, especially with you. I’d be surprised to find a programme like this anywhere else with so much personal attention. You definitely have a knack for making people feel comfortable and welcome, which helped to make the fast physically very easy. The range of activities throughout the day was great for replacing my favourite pastime (i.e. drinking, eating, general debauchery) with ones more conducive to cleansing. I really enjoyed the pilates and appreciated the accommodation you organised for me. Overall I am glad to have given my body a good spring cleaning. Its much more motivating to make healthful changes in my life when I feel like I'm starting with a clean slate, a body made virgin once again from toxic behaviour. Thanks for everything and I wish you all the luck you deserve for your business and your lives. Love…

  • Eveline Switzerland

    Natural High Detox website

    I never would have thought that fasting could be soooooo easy to practice and having two colemas a day mmmmmmm, but it was just great! This morning I had my last water colema and I was sooooo sad knowing that I cant go on having them twice a day. Even if the first one was bizarre in feeling, with each more I had I fell more in love…. It’s amazing what your body can keep in for so many years. Im really happy that I found a way to come over and enjoy this really wonderful time here with the detox drinks and supplements, then the most delicious fruit juices I ever had in my life. I just never felt ever hungry during this days MMMM Yummy!!! I will miss the juices back home, getting up at 6am during my holidays, at 7am hypnosis then at 8am, the best yoga-lessons I could have been spoiled with! Wow Sarah. The whole support you all gave to me was just a wonderful gift! Thank you so much! I can recommend this fast to everyone who wants to do a good thing for his body, health and soul. I feel so clean, awake, clear in my mind and happy. Its so easy to do. I come back to for a second fast next year for sure so I can enjoy Natural High, an experience which brings you so further. I cant stop to thank you, wish you all the best and many many customers who will appreciate what they can experience here. As I said, soon you will be over-run…ha ha! Such a good place! With All My Love…

  • Sencer Alagöz Turkey

    Natural High Detox website

    This is really hard for me because Natural High was my home and writing these will attract new people there and I will feel jealous :) After 7 days and back home I fell like I am really high. Everyone says what happened to you. I lost all that waste and toxins and started my second life with a higher energy. I think the facts and experiences I learned this week has to be thought in schools. Once again thank you and Deing for everything. You are very special for me. Love…

  • Samir Memhed Sweden

    Natural High Detox website

    Over the next 3 days I had nothing but vegetables and fruit. The 7 days after that was Strictly NO food. The only thing I had was fresh juices, water and all the attention I could ask for. Let me tell you this, no food for 7 days makes some people weird or even crazy. But with Sarah around as a personal coach and inspiration, I finished the whole journey almost too easy. At the 10th day I could gladly inform my guru, Sarah, that I had lost 18kg All thanks to her. If it wouldn’t had been for her ability to persuade me into this fantastic journey, I would not had be where I am today. She completely turned my life over into the best thanks to her kindness and wisdom.

    I wish there was a whole lot more Sarah Jane Goodall’s’s in this world. As an old client of her I can describe Sarah with the word: Brilliant! What ever job she puts her mind into, I know she will give 100%.

  • Pauline Redding United Arab Emirates

    Natural High Detox website

    My daughter and I first met Sarah J Goodall when we travelled to Koh Samui to try out a de-tox programme which had been recommended for my daughter, who has suffered for many years with food intolerances and all of the ensuing complications the intolerances cause. Bad skin, aching joints, head-aches, back problems, constipation to name just a few. It was my intention to accompany her for moral support only but then I realised that, unless I undertook the de-tox too, I was not really going to be much of a support. At nine stone, and 60 years of age, suffering with arthritis in most joints I was a little unsure of how I’d cope with this but I had not reckoned on Sarah.

    She was there at every turn….she was understanding, firm when required, able to explain the dreaded colonics clearly and plainly and always a little ahead of us so that when crisis days hit, it all felt very normal. It ended up being one of the greatest experiences of my life….it helped my daughter so much. Sarah was able to provide her with a much clearer understanding of her body and her predicament and I benefited also. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to work with Sarah whether their problems are severe or not so. She has the perfect temperament to deal with such a tricky treatment…I say tricky as emotions run high and assault us without warning but she was able to anticipate everything.

  • Kimberly Ritch Belgium

    Natural High Detox website

    Well I made it to the end and I feel great! Who knew that 3 and a half days of herbal pills, psylium drinks, salad dressing and buckets of water would have me feeling like this. I have to admit that I was nervous before I started this and now I feel sad to be leaving so soon. You have helped me in so many ways. I understand my body in a new way that I could have without this experience. Thank you for helping me start in a whole new direction that is good for my body, mind and spirit. Good luck in your future I wish you all the best.

  • Tahl Ghitter Canada

    Natural High Detox website

    For those who might not believe- this is not new age hippie b.s. After three challenging days of hunger, emotions and probing tubes I feel healthier, thinner and emotionally purged. I am convinced detox is not just a fad but a way of life. Thank for teaching me how to take care of myself in a polluted world. Thank you for the detox, thank you for the conversation and support. Thank you for the extra services and the warm reception. You really do change peoples lives.

  • Sally United Kingdom

    Natural High Detox website

    I’ve just completed 7 days of detox/fasting and I have had my first meal.(mango and papaya)-delicious. I feel great and it was surprisingly easy to get through and the days flew by. I love food and I love eating-but I didn’t miss it and I didn’t feel hungry. The days are full of detox drinks, supplements, yoga, movies, massage, sauna, beach and swimming- fall into bed exhausted. Its great to see the changes to my body- my skins improved (I suffer from psoriosis) ,my eyes brighter, more energy and generally good all round. Thank you for all your help and support- you took a genuine interest in every step of the way and did everything possible to accommodate individual needs with advise and suggestions for treatments and in getting the very best from my fast. I hope I can keep up the good work and make changes to my food intake and general eating habits. I would defiantly do this again- maybe I’ll see you again in a couple of years for more of the same. Love and Coffee!

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