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New South Wales, Australia

Natural Instinct Healing mission is to make the world a better place. One person at a time we set out to empower, educate, inspire and support the individual so that they can do the same for other.

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  • Mary Canada

    Natural Instinct Healing website

    This retreat center is an amazing place. The support was exceptional. The raw food was incredible and inspiring. Thank you to Dayu! You truly get transformed and you feel lighter, engaged, healthier and loved!

  • Brook Australia

    Natural Instinct Healing website

    The one week I invested with NIH will give me a lifelong change to my attitude towards my health and wellbeing. Just the kick start I needed, amongst a genuine, supportive, loving team.

  • Sandy United States

    Natural Instinct Healing website

    This is the place to go you want to do serious results driven detox/fast. They thought of everything and had the skill and compassion to address everything this has been a huge turning point and awareness and I am so grateful Becky and Karin.

  • Jaye Shean

    Natural Instinct Healing website

    For 15 years I have been on a journey to find out who I am. I have tried everything medical and alternative to heal myself emotionally and to lose weight. This retreat is not like a fad diet or a temporary fix; it has literally transformed my life forever. The idea of going back to living the way I used to is incomprehensible. Kate and Pat, I really feel like you saved my life. Thank you!

  • David Meldrum

    Natural Instinct Healing website

    I was a little skeptical at first as I was encouraged into the retreat by my partner, but boy-oh-boy, no skepticism now! This has been a total reset for me. I have lost weight, changed my view of food and the importance of healthy eating, cleared my mind and healed so many wounds. Almost certainly the best investment I have ever made in me!

  • Alicia Australia

    Natural Instinct Healing website

    Kate has been a sincere confidence for me as I have worked through health and emotional challenges. Her understanding, her immense knowledge of herbs, vitamins, health and her positive attitude, has made each consultation a comfortable and sacred experience for me. I look forward to my consultations with Kate and I leave them feeling renewed, supported and light.

  • Brette Hamilton Canada

    Natural Instinct Healing website

    I met Kate and instantly felt comfortable and at ease in her presence. Her professional yet relaxed manner made it easy for me to open up and let go of my inhibitions. She was able to guide me through an emotional and spiritual cleansing that left me feeling truly transformed. As I was put into a meditative state, Kate assisted me in relaxing and letting go before diving in to begin the cleansing. She began to ask me questions based on the energy I was presenting which allowed her to enter my mind and past. Without any previous information about me she was able to name people and events that had impacted me in my past and through this intense procedure I was able to resolve these issues and experienced major healing in my body, mind and soul. I walked out of the sessions with my body humming and felt that weights had been lifted from me. Physically, emotionally and spiritually, I transformed without ever being physically touched by Kate. It is still something that I cannot fully explain but I believe in what I experienced because I felt it everywhere and was able to resolve my issues which left me feeling so renewed. She definitely has a gift and I am so blessed to have met her and experienced the benefits of her talent. I know that I will return to work with her again and truly look forward to another uplifting experience wherein I discovered something inside of me that I did not know was there. Invigorated, I knew that letting go of those issues that held me down was one step closer to becoming who I really wanted to be. I recommend a session with Kate to anyone who is ready to face the truth and move forward by clearing out the emotional clutter than can tie us down over time. I can promise it will be an amazing experience that will truly lead you on a path to a better sense of self.

  • Jan McFarlane Australia

    Natural Instinct Healing website

    I can’t believe the way I feel - I feel fantastic. I am sleeping well, my inflammation levels are right down, to the point where I haven’t had any pain relief help for days, and I feel I am moving much more freely. Also my enthusiasm levels are at a pitch I haven’t felt for ages. I am certainly recommending the 'Simply Renew' program to anyone who will listen to me, and I may have to hire a bus when I come back next year.

  • Abbey Barnes Australia

    Natural Instinct Healing website

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Kate and Becky for the wonderful fasting retreat in Bali. For me, it was a fantastic holiday and a great experience. The villa, the massage, and the spa treatments were all so luxurious. I learned so much about nutrition and about listening to my body and honoring my emotions. I feel so much more relaxed and energized now. My skin is still glowing even after a couple of weeks after completing the fast and I have lost quite a few kilos that I’m now keeping off.

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