Nepal Yoga Academy & Retreat

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal Yoga Academy & Retreat is a superb, purpose built academy and yoga retreat founded by Dr. Chintamani PhD, focusing on teaching the classical Sanatan yoga.

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8 Days Yogic Detox Retreat in Nepal

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Really Good 8.3/10

Based on 14 reviews
from US$397
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Really Good 8.3/10

Based on 14 reviews

Reviews 14

  • Louiza Roux Republic of South Africa

    November 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    The program was clear and we kept to it. I would suggest more class excursions for instance on Saturdays.

    They made fires on the premises to burn the leaves and then the laundry on the washing lines were stinking of smoke as well as our bedrooms.

  • Geoffrey Thebe Great Britain

    October 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Both Academic and Physical training was good and at excellent level. Am happy I chose The Nepal Yoga Academy. All trainers and assistant trainers were very knowledgeable and I felt well supported in all challenges

    The Menu at White House got a bit monotonous, where as Bamboo House seemed to enjoy a variation and pleasant meals. On positive staff at both houses were pleasant mature and helpful

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    The location, the staff, all the courses about philosophy, asana, pranayama, practicum, .... Be in Nepal,

    The anatomy teacher for this session, the fact we were 2 different groups, lack of cohesion

  • Kim Thomas Australia

    August 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Everything, it has been the experience of a lifetime

  • Denise Miller Canada

    August 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Everything. The hours for the training make sense. The food is fantastic. The accommodations are clean. The staff are kind. The grounds are beautiful. The learning is amazing. The tea is plentiful. And, it's in the birthplace of yoga.

    Internet can be slow at times, but there is an in house library!

  • Anonymous

    July 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Nepal Yoga Academy has two nearby locations and during my course there were over 20 students who took all philosophy classes together though we had separate asana and pranayama classes which each had around 10 people, plus any of the retreat guests who were there (those who arrived at the beginning of our training had easy classes and retreat guests staying toward the end attended our more difficult classes, which was great for some and frustrating for others. It seemed to be random which of the locations we stayed, I felt lucky to be in the one that feels more in nature that is actually pictured online. The accommodation in both are still lovely and the days schedule filled but with appropriate amounts of business and rest. The support staff are kind and helpful. Dr. Chintimani is exceptionally knowledgable about parts of yoga philosophy and gave a good foundation for many of us who only knew about the asana part of practice. Because of and in spite of many areas of improvement, they offer an opportunity to practice mindfulness, patience, and personal growth. It can be a very spiritual experience if you allow it to be.

    Organization, communication, teaching styles, and teachers were the most common frustrations. Many participants had issues with not being clear of schedule- where class would be that day, and due to Nepalese holidays they were slow to decide when we would have days off, when we would finish the course. For teaching styles, many westerners who are used to very interactive and discussion based learning might find it difficult. While there was time for questions, the class size and time made it difficult to engage in dialogue during philosophy. We were not held accountable for learning philosophy. The biggest issue for me personally was they did not teach much about teaching, there was minimal discussion of pedagogy or how practically to run a class. The classical style can seem slow and repetitive compared to other yoga styles, so vinyasa lovers be warned. Experienced people may want to use free time to do asana to feel like they are working their bodies enough. The academy could seriously use more inspired asana teachers, only half of our classes were good as students and there was practically no time that included how to teach. Some of these issues were due to language difficulties. You must be a very self-motivated student to walk away feeling prepared to structure a class, cue postures, and offer assistance to students in class as these were not taught well. This is a better course for beginners working on personal practice, especially for focusing on philosophy.

  • Anonymous

    July 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Les gens rencontrés ont fait de mon expérience un mois unique et fort en émotion. La nourriture est bonne bien que très redondante.

    La qualité des cours, ainsi que ce qui etait inclu sur le site ne l était pas au finale... des coûts supplémentaires inattendus

  • Jane Gayral Australia

    July 2017, BookDetoxRetreats

    Great vibe. Chintamani is a good teacher and has a really good, fun and enthusiastic energy. The team is really sweet and caring. The place is beautiful and the rooms are great. The food is delicious. I really enjoyed and loved my time there, thanks as well to all the beautiful people sharing this great experience with me. Thank you.

    I didn't like very much that other people come for a shorter time and join us with our 200hr yyt yoga classes, i mean it was nice to meet new people but for the yoga classes I felt like they were easier, more beginner classes just to allow them to follow whereas I would rather have a harder class to improve more.

  • Reina Hoctin Boes Melbourne

    BookYogaRetreats website

    The yoga teacher training with Guru Jee at the Nepal Yoga Acadamy & Retreat has left me with a special memory. One of the girls as part of her graduation had to lead a guided meditation. She made us walk the paths we walked daily, enjoy the views, we admired daily, reflect upon our state of awareness we found ourselves in and she asked us, finishing her guided meditation: dear yogi's and yogini's, please guide yourself through this meditation when back at home, when you feel the need. The Nepal Yoga Academy & Retreat managed to make me think back at the experience and re-connect.

  • Foti Vazanellis Australia

    BookYogaRetreats Website

    Our retreat was an absolute mind blowing success. DR Chintamani is an expert in his field and we were welcomed, cared for and have come away with a wealth of knowledge that I was searching for but did not believe was possible!

  • Randi Johnbeck Australia


    I was very happy with my stay at Nepal Yoga Academy. Very good teachers, good food and good vibes. The yoga training was very thorough but sometimes it felt a bit uncoordinated. Overall, I would definitely recommend people to go there for YTT.

  • Francesca Belmonte

    January 2016, BookYogaRetreats website

    Set high up the mountain side with sun kissed views of the velvet green /golden valley in front, backed by the lush protective jungle you will find the Nepal Yoga Academy. I just finished my 200hrs teacher training with Dr Chintamani and Dr Soobot and I am so happy I chose Nepal. The staff are friendly polite beautiful people, the spirit of the place is rich with the authenticity and truth you would hope to find on a yoga course in the country it was founded. I can't recommend this place enough. It was challenging, rewarding and life changing. Dr Chintamani always has time for you and goes well out of his way to ensure your personal needs are met - just ask and you'll see. Go to Nepal they need you! Go to the Nepal Yoga Academy it'll feed you! Body mind and spirit! (Oh and the food is great as well! Did you know that pancakes without eggs made with special flour are yogic?!)

  • Traeci Devereaux

    July 2015. BookYogaRetreats website

    I was very, very pleased with my entire experience at the Nepal Yoga Academy! Dr. Chintamani is an excellent guru, and very patient and adaptive to each of us. I and another student were the first clients post earthquake. The view from the facility is outstanding! The accommodations comfortable. For a non-vegetarian such as myself, I was fearful of the vegetarian menu, but found myself enjoying the meals very much, and I was NEVER hungry, though I did bring along a jar of peanut butter that I finished during the month I was there.The support staff are very accommodating and well trained. If youre wondering if its suitable to go to Nepal now, do not hesitate! You will be greeted warmly and sincerely welcomed, and every effort will be exhausted to make your visit fulfilling. Even though Nepal is still recovering from a devastating earthquake that has ravaged the nearby villages of Sankhu, Nagacort, and Bhoktapour, the people throughout the areas of Nepal that I was fortunate enough to visit were amazingly happy, pleasant, delighted to meet me and ask where I was from; many of them while they were working on digging through their cracked houses to recover any of their remaining possessions and remove the accumulated debris.Comparing the Nepalis to western people is nearly impossible. I observed countless people who had lost everything with little to no hope of ever rebuilding who greeted me with kindness, warmth, and true welcoming. In the USA, post disaster, my experience is that the victims become self absorbed with their losses, whereas we have individual and government insurance and recovery assistance.In Nepal, where they may never financially recover, the Nepalis are anxious to welcome you into their tent or tin house to have a cup of tea or dinner. I was greeted on the street during an afternoon walk by a family who invited me into their living area just outside their decimated house, adjacent to their tin house, where I was given their only plastic chair and invited to have tea. The children showed me their homework, and practiced their English. Grandma invited me to spend the night in their modest accommodations. Another family had me to dinner twice, and shared their best foods during the rice planting festival, and on my second visit remembered each thing I had enjoyed before and made certain to double my portion. I am so awestruck and inspired by the resilience and caring of this nation of people, I cannot stress enough that when choosing what country to take your YTT training from, Nepal should be at the top of the list for beauty, overall experience, and welcoming and sincere appreciation of the people.I feel blessed that God led me to this place, at this specific time, and pray that Nepal recovers sooner rather than later. Namaste

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  • Warren Anywhere Buttery Nepal

    Nepal Yoga Academy & Retreat Facebook page

    Unique experience in a beautiful location, which has deepened my practice and given me the skills and confidence to teach. Our gurus are very experienced, highly motivated & nurturing in their support for our transformation.

  • Kristen Keilty Rhode Island

    Nepal Yoga Academy & Retreat Facebook page

    Such an incredible experience! The retreat is in a beautiful and peaceful location, allowing you to focus on your practice and on what's important. The teachers are nice, knowledgeable and great to be around! This entire experience has been way more than anything I could have dreamed of and I would recommend Nepal Yoga Retreat to anyone!

  • Fabienne Brigger Switzerland

    Nepal Yoga Academy website

    Dr. Chintamani is a compassionate teacher whose knowledge, sensitivity, and energetic teaching style got me a powerful glimpse into the vast field of yoga science. My deep passion for my yoga practice and my karma yoga teaching got inflamed by Dr.Chintamani. I hope to be able to return to his classes soon!

  • Rachel UAE

    Nepal Yoga Academy website

    I have arrived to amazing retreat feeling burned out, tired and stressed. After one week of yoga, detox, organic tasty food, hiking, and meditation, I feel refreshed and new. The accommodation is clean and comfortable and all the staff takes very good care of you. Dr. Chintamani looks after each person individually, pushes you to your limits and teaches you to reach your full potential and how to achieve perfect asanas. The guided meditation daily lets you completely disconnect from the world. If you are looking for complete relaxation and tranquility with beautiful surroundings I will highly recommend it.

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