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New Body and Mind Essential Retreat

New Body and Mind Essential Retreat offers personalized weight loss, detox, and rejuvenation programs, situated on white sand beaches on Koh Samui, Thailand.

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Peter Cross

New Body and Mind Essential Retreat Facebook page

My 5th visit to NBM in 21/2 years, and I will book my 6th visit early in the new year. So I obviously think their is significant benefits. We floated the idea with Peter/Patrick about starting up a NBM members only Face Book page. My 5th visit I was pleasantly surprised to have two familiar faces from past retreats also on the retreat. we though the "members only club" could share experiences, whats working, whats not working etc. I am certain we would be more open in sharing our "experiences" in a members only environment. Criteria for members "you must have done a NBM program" & Carol would be the gatekeeper. The challenge is once you get back into the real world. How do others manage this?? Until visit 6.

Dean Evans

New Body and Mind Essential Retreat Facebook page

Don't be put off not showing 5 stars, the one star missing is because Patrick was missing. He returned on my last day and I knew straight away I had missed many important chats with him. I took part in the 10 day ultimate detox which was a great experience and so pleased I made this commitment to final do it. I feel re educated in how to best continue to lose weight and maintain a much better healthy lifestyle. Hats off to all the lovely staff, they really make your stay here so much easier. I would fully recommend NBAM to anyone reading reviews and will pass on my exoerience to all that I know. For those wanting to know my results I am minus 6.5Kg but only an inch off on the waist. It seems my medication for heart problems and water retention condition might be affecting that. It was certainly less than that after the liver flush !! For anyone thinking about it don't hestitate to do a detox program, it will change your life. It will not be my last, Dean

Andrienne Cleasby

New Body and Mind Essential Retreat website

Really pleased with the result, the fasting programme really paid-off. The bigger issue is maintaining at home. Fingers crossed.

Garry Neale

New Body and Mind Essential Retreat website

My second detox/fast at NBM - along with many other returnees. Here's why: There is a specialness about it. The program works, the staff, the friendliness/lack of pretension, location all helped for a relaxing and beneficial time. As many activities as you want - or some great hammocks under the coconut trees - overlooking a beautiful beach - And - a full detox and 4 1/2 kilograms in one week. There you go.

Kate Robinson

New Body and Mind Essential Retreat website

What can I say about my 49 day journey.. I've lost 18.5 kgs and a total of 65 cm from my body but more than that I've rediscovered me again and I feel happier than I have in years. Thank you to my NBAM family for making it the amazing experience it has been. Coming here was the best decision I've made in a long time and I've made friendship I hope will last a lifetime. I though I'd be desperate to leave but I miss you all already.

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