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On & Beyond Detox

Detox your mind, body, and soul with uplifting stories from people just like you. Learn how to develop healthy eating habits and read inspiring stories that will help you kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

Fall Skincare: 6 Practical Tips for Glowing & Beautiful Skin

How well you take care of your skin each season determines just how good it looks during those few months. Fall is a particularly tricky time as far as skincare is concerned because it's a transition season that's both hot and cold. Taking this unique nature of autumn into consideration, only specific skincare routines will work.

Detox Your Skin & Look Radiant (7 Beauty Benefits of Avocado)

Avocado is one of the greatest blessings on the earth. Either you are using avocado for health purposes or for the beauty reasons, avocado is one of the best and most useful foods for us humans.

What Happens to Our Bodies When We Switch to a Vegan Diet

As I am writing this article, my trusty phone app tells me I’ve been vegan for 1,417 days. There’s a “catch” to that, though. I’ve been vegan before (14 years ago). Then life happened and I have kept a vegetarian diet until the planets literally aligned the right way so that I could be vegan again.

4 Teas to Support Any Detox Program

There are so many different types of cleanses and detox programs that work to improve specific types of health issues, prevent disease, or just to improve overall health. 

10 Ways Nature Can Positively Impact Your Brain

Do you know it takes exactly 120 minutes for people to spend time in nature and say they feel healthy and have a strong sense of wellbeing?

Detox and Cleansing Yoga Poses to Help You Get Fit for the Summer

Our body has its own system of growing, cleansing, and healing.

What Exactly Is Ayurveda?

Developed more than 3000 years ago in India, Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic healing systems in the world.

How to Finally Become Healthier & Fitter

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, approximately 50 percent of the American population who sets New Year resolutions, have included lifestyle changes such as losing weight and getting more exercise, as the goals they most want to achieve. 

5 Easy Recipes to Detox Your Body at Home

Modern life brings a lot of good things, but it has also brought plenty of bad along. Due to the lack of time and growing population, our food has become more and more unhealthy. 

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

You've probably heard it before. How you should take a glass of warm water that's infused with lemon early in the morning, as it is beneficial to your wellbeing. But what exactly are the health benefits of drinking water with lemon?

10 Amazing Foods That Will Naturally Detox Your Body

Here we are, plowing through winter and looking forward to any sign of spring. We still feel sluggish after the holidays and those New Year resolutions seem to have already faded in the background. Now it’s the perfect time to give our bodies a helping hand to get rid of toxins and thrive.

How to Lose Weight: 5 Safe and Easy Tips!

It’s the same old question that’s been asked over and over again. How do we lose weight? And more importantly, how do we keep the weight off? Much of weight loss is perseverance and motivation, but there are some useful tips that we can apply to help make the process more effective and less painful! 

How to Implement Fasting for Effective Weight Loss

New year, new habits, new weight loss plans. For many of us, without fail, the first months of the year remind us that we should do something to improve our wellbeing. And, most often, that “something” is losing weight.

8 Common Breakfast Foods You're Better Off Without

When you want to set yourself up for the day you get told over and over again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

Why You Should Reconsider Your Sugar Intake

With an average consumption of roughly 3 times the recommended daily amount, sugar can easily top the list of seemingly harmless yet addictive substances.

How to Detox from Caffeine in one Week

It’s difficult to get into any diet, especially if you’re the kind of person who’s into products full of sugar, white flour or caffeine. But if you seriously want to cut down on those pounds, then you need to back away from those troublesome substances as they will ruin your metabolism and brain health.

How Your Skin Can Benefit from Himalayan Pink Salt

Not all of us are blessed with perfect skin but we all want it! With processed foods, pollutants, harmful chemicals and harsh UV rays that pose a daily threat to our skin, we need to compensate it somehow by using natural products.​

6 Fast Detox Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight but just can’t do it due to heavy consumption of calories and cholesterol, then this post is the saving grace you need. Detox juices might be what you’ve been waiting for!

5 Ways to Make Healthy Food Taste Good

Nature has given us an abundance of foods to keep us healthy. Yet – many of us gravitate towards junk food because it tastes good and it’s convenient.

7 Attitudes You Need to Detox from to Transform Your Life

Change is not easy. And if this is a change for better, it is going to be even more difficult. For example, eating healthy is considered a good habit. You realize the benefits of eating only fresh, organic products, but sadly, you have never been able to accomplish this mission even after countless resolutions. And if you have succeeded, only you can understand what it takes to establish a good habit.

20 Harmful Toxins You’re Exposed to Every Day

Did you know that lethal toxins are entering your body through familiar products every day? Want to know exactly which ones? Here is a list of 20 common toxins found in items used by millions of people around the world.

How Does the Swedish Massage Work and What Are Its Benefits?

In this world of chaos, stress, anxiety, and depression, massages are becoming the inevitable solutions which could pave your way for a relief, peace and tension-free life. Swedish massage techniques follow very basic or original massage methods.

Why Palm Oil Is Bad for You and the Environment

You may have heard rumors that palm oil is bad for you, but these often come with contradictory ones that claim palm oil to be a healthier choice compared to other oils. Other positive rumors say palm oil can and should be used as part of a healthy keto diet. Which one is it, in the end? Is palm oil good or bad, and why? 

Healthy Food Options to Complement Your Detox Retreat in Cape Town

Are you traveling to South Africa for a detox holiday? You definitely have to spend some days in Cape Town after your retreat!

10 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body & Mind this Spring

With spring hitting every corner of the Northern Hemisphere, there is no better time to give your skin a detox. There are numerous natural products available that offer deep skin cleansing and will have you looking refreshed for summer.

Detox Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts of a Detox Diet

If you’re looking to cleanse your body of unwanted chemicals and toxins, then going on a detox diet is the way to go. Despite this being a popular trend, there are still a lot of people who don’t do this diet in a healthy way.​

So, What Exactly Are Superfoods? Should We All Eat Them?

There is actually no official scientific definition of a superfood, but they’re generally thought of as foods that are packed with nutrients. They contain disease-fighting antioxidants and phytochemicals, as well as plenty of vitamins and/or minerals. These foods are thought to bolster your immune system, aid in digestion, or ward off chronic diseases and cancer.

The Seven Pillars of a Healthy Diet that Changed My Life

Remember that time not so long ago when many cities decided to clean up their rivers because they were disgusting and unhealthy? People had been pouring garbage into them for centuries as an easy way to get rid of it. Out of sight was out of mind and they would let nature do the dirty work.

The Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Do you know that great feeling when you come back from a vacation and you don’t feel like breaking the scale in half? After indulging for almost two weeks in the best of what the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle have to offer, I was delighted when I returned home lighter than when I left!

Top Detox Retreats To Reset Your Body & Mind

Looking for a vacation to clear your mind and unwind? The stress of your daily life can affect more than just your mind – it can affect your entire body as well.

5 Foods and Drinks That Will Improve Your Focus

Do you badly want to improve your brainpower and focus? How often do you zone out but keep wishing it didn’t happen frequently? Well, when it comes to the effects of reduced brainpower and attention, you're not alone – at least all of us have been there once in our lifetime.

5 Tips To Eat Healthy At Work

Increasingly busy schedules mean fewer hours of free time, and a desperate need to make the most of those precious moments. Unfortunately, it is all too common for planning and cooking healthy meals to be one of the first things to fall to the wayside.

Dieting: What You Don’t Want to Hear

I have been dieting since I was 14. I think it’s safe to say that, over the past 20 years, I tried all the weight-loss diets on the market. What’s been trending over the years, what worked, what worked better – I know everything. There were times when I would lose weight fast and times when I would lose it slowly. There were also times when I regained it all fast and times when it took longer.

The Reality of Taking a Much Needed Social Media Break (My Own Story)

Ask anyone, even your parents, about the internet or social media, and more often than not they’ll tell you that they have an account somewhere. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whichever other platforms, one person is bound to have some connection to it.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Detox Now

I’m sure you’ve heard of myriad ways to detox by now – perhaps your friend is constantly sharing with you how a new tea cleanse has absolutely changed her life, or maybe you’ve seen countless posts on celebrities’ Instagrams praising the newest detox for their new flat tummy.

3 Ways Coffee Can Help You Detox Your Body

Life in the century of processed foods and chlorinated or fluoridated water is a challenge to your body. Everything you may be consuming is loaded with chemicals, artificial flavors, preservatives and antibacterial substances. These foods not only take longer to digest and get processed in your body but they also pose a threat to your body's capability to remove toxins on its own. Thankfully, there is one delicious drink that could help: coffee.

10 Techniques to Help You Relax Your Mind and Body in Less than 5 Minutes

With the bustle and hassle of life, it’s common that many people feel overwhelmed, stressed and pushed to the edge of the cliff at one point or another. 

I Went Through a Sugar Detox and Survived. Here’s What Happened

Sugar is undoubtedly one of the most controversial foods in the world. It tastes so good yet the general consensus says that it can have adverse effects on our body. Though I can’t say I’ve been sugar’s biggest fan, nor its biggest enemy – all my life, I’ve eaten sugar. I have, at times, been moderate about it, and other times, I’ve delved deep into its life-giving pleasures, as if it was the only thing that could sustain me.

7 Supplements You Can Take to Boost Your Mental Health

Have you ever found yourself struggling to stay focused on the task at hand? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. The good news is, you don’t have to feel frustrated when those moments creep into your daily life. You can improve your concentration and get your focus back on track once again by using some pretty simple tips.

Quick & Healthy Food Tips to Detox Your System

Feeling sluggish and unhealthy? Too often, the lifestyle we lead – too many hours put in at work, improper eating habits and lack of sleep – has caused the body to feel exhausted and overworked. 

Detox Your Brain – Sleep!

There are countless ways you can detox your body. From eating healthier to drinking teas and green smoothies. But did you know that there is a scientifically-proven way to detox your brain? Yes, there is and it’s something you’ve been doing your whole life! It’s sleep! 

The Incredible Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

It is quite hard for me to pinpoint the exact moment when I became vegetarian. My parents have always complained that they had trouble getting me to eat meat as a child. As I grew older, I went through moments of eating white meat and fish, combined with eating mostly plant-based food. 

5 Amazing Ways To Detox Your Body

Cleansing our body after a weekend of partying and drinking only takes a couple of days. We can start the cleansing process by gaining back all the water we lost the night before. To this end, sipping water frequently throughout the day will help replenish the body and rid it of the last traces of alcohol.

How Coffee 'Fights' For You: Slow Down Aging With Your Next Cup!

Wrinkles and laugh lines are just a few of the delights that the world has in store for you as aging comes around, or does it have to be this way? New research that has come to light has found that those seeking the eternal elixir of youth should look to their morning cup of coffee!

Best Nutrition, Diet, and Fitness Apps You Should Already Have in Your Phone

With summer in full swing, it can only mean one thing – beach parties! It’s safe to say that this is the season where we are all more aware of our bodies than any other time of the year. And if you happen to be irked by those pesky pounds that refuse to go away, you should know there are many nutrition, diet, and fitness apps out there that may just help you to eliminate your muffin top once and for all! 

How to Keep Your Newly Transformed Body in Shape

You’ve done it! You look great and you have achieved the fitness goals you set yourself at the beginning. Now you are confronted with the difficult task of maintaining your transformed body.

Simple Ways For Staying Healthy While On Vacation

My holidays are always filled with sun, adventures, and food. Unfortunately, though, the longer it drags on, the short the adventures get, and the more the food piles up! Food focused trips are my number one weakness and have dragged me over halfway across the world.

6 Smart Tips for Eating Healthy on a Super Tight Budget

Eating healthy is often harder than it’s cracked up to be, and one of the things that often happen when people try to transition to a healthy diet from an unhealthy one is that they start spending way more money than they should. 

What is the Best Way to Cleanse? Your Guide to Detoxing

Detoxification is a natural process of neutralizing or eliminating toxins from the human body. Toxins (anything that can lead to damage to the body tissue)are chemically converted to less harmful materials, which are then excreted from our body. 

Spring Cleaning: Delicious Salads to Detox Your Body

It’s official! It’s finally spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and we are coming out of hiding. Trips to the farmers’ markets are a pleasure and the fresh produce is plentiful. It is the perfect time to think about doing a spring detox. 

5 Reasons To Include Acai Berries Into Your Diet

We’ve all heard of that super food they call acai berry. Superfoods refer to special plant-based fruits and other dietary foods that are rich in health-boosting properties. Foods such as kale, salmon, blueberries, and acai berry have been labelled as superfoods because they aid in living a longer, healthier, and an active life. 

Chlorophyll: 5 Reasons Why It’s Good For You

The latest hype in the wellness industry is Chlorophyll water or liquid chlorophyll, with celebrities swearing by it and many wellness enthusiasts claiming it to be the next fat-busting miracle water.

5 Traditional Methods to Detox Your Body

At the Olympics this year, US swimmer Michael Phelps came under the spotlight for something other than his gold medals. 

5 Things You Need To Do Before A Detox Retreat

So you’ve booked your next detox retreat and are all prepped for the travel. But are you prepped for the detox process itself?

A detox holiday can be beneficial for the body but it is also mentally and physically challenging. That said, being properly prepared before going into a detox will help you greatly in easing through the process!

The Best Foods to Eat Before Doing Yoga

One of the most effective ways to complement a detox program is with a good yoga session. The physically demanding yoga poses will make you sweat, so you’ll release toxins and get rid of what your body doesn’t need. But before hoping on the mat, it’s important to know which kind of foods you should eat to get the best out of your practice.

5 Strangest Detox Diets You’ll Ever Come Across

Have you ever told your friends that you’re going on a detox, only to have them raise an eyebrow? The rise and fall of so many strange detox programs over the years has no doubt given detox a bad name.

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is perhaps one of the most misunderstood of all the edible oils. Coconut oil can help with weight loss, skin and hair care, increase immunity and boost energy levels while also helping strengthen bones and promote a healthy digestive system.

Kickstart a Healthier Life with a Detox Retreat

All humans and animals alike detox on a regular basis. It is the natural daily cycle in which our body eliminates the toxins from the food we consume, and the unhealthy atmosphere we’re immersed in. Liver, kidneys, lungs, bowel and skin; they all work together to provide us with an excellent system to get rid of the things the body doesn’t need. 

Six Tips to Prepare & Detox Your Skin for the Summer

You're ready for the summer sun and excitement, but your skin isn't. This is an annoying problem that many people have. Their skin doesn't acclimate to the new, hot environment quickly enough, so it becomes dry and loses flexibility.​

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