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5 Reasons To Include Acai Berries Into Your Diet

by Jen Miller

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We’ve all heard of that super food they call acai berry. Superfoods refer to special plant-based fruits and other dietary foods that are rich in health-boosting properties. Foods such as kale, salmon, blueberries, and acai berry have been labelled as superfoods because they aid in living a longer, healthier, and an active life. 

Found in the deep Amazonian forests, acai berries have an abundance of benefits, including curbing appetite, lowering cholesterol levels and strengthening bones.

Incorporating the acai berry into your diet is a great way to improve your mental and physical health. These popular berries are not only good for the health, but also taste great! Here are five wonderful benefits of acai berries!


They Curb Weight Gain

Acai berries are natural metabolic boosters. They curb cravings, decrease appetite, and help maintain a healthy body weight. While being an immune-enhancing fruit, they also fill up your stomach quickly so you don’t indulge in other sugary foods.

Any metabolic disorder could lead to heart diseases or even type 2 diabetes. To prevent metabolic syndrome, drinking acai berry juice or eating berries on a daily basis is essential.

A study conducted on healthy overweight adults points to the conclusion that acai berries have positive blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol-enhancing properties.

Key Takeaway: People who are already overweight or those who are more susceptible to weight gain can include acai berries into their diet. Along with regular physical exercise, acai berries have powerful metabolic-boosting properties.


They Lower Cholesterol Levels

Irregular cholesterol levels is considered to be among the most dangerous conditions in unhealthy individuals. Interestingly, acai berries contain a good source of fiber content. Dietary fiber is proven to have positive effects on long-term high cholesterol levels. Many observational studies show that people who eat acai berries regularly have a lower risk of developing high cholesterol-related conditions.

That said, the soluble fiber and water content in acai berries show a significant decrease in total blood cholesterol. It also has a positive effect on the body’s total dietary fat content.

For heart-healthy fats and dietary fiber intake, regular intake of acai berries is deemed necessary. It decreases consumptions of foods that cause inflammation which would cause an increase in high cholesterol levels.

Key Takeaway: Acai berries have been strongly linked to lower risk of high cholesterol levels. People who eat acai berries daily have less blood pressure problems, hence live an active lifestyle.


They Boost The Immune System

The polyphenol and polysaccharides found in acai berries have many immune-enhancing properties.

You body’s immune system and oxidative stress go hand in hand to either regulate or distress overall mental and physical functioning. The carbohydrates present show positive effects to induce T-cell activity.

To promote your body’s immunological functions and improve your body’s defence against infections and diseases, acai berries are great. They contain good sources of nutrients and facilitate optimum adaptive immune responses.

Key Takeaway: Studies have shown that acai berries are linked to immune-enhancing properties for all ages. People who consume acai berries regularly also show positive signs of cognitive and physicals functions to defend against chronic illnesses and infections.


They Reverse the Early Signs of Aging

Acai berries are recognized as superfoods for a reason. They dramatically address multiple health conditions different, but better than other fruits do. Apart from promoting weight loss, you must have heard of or seen acai berries extract in various beauty products, especially anti-aging ones. Acai berry pulp, extract or oil contains antioxidants that keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Also, the nutrients in acai berries activate your brain’s immune mechanism. This helps aging adults recoup from memory loss and other age-related cognitive function decline.

Eating acai berries everyday slowly reverses the aging process so your brain stays healthy, focused, and less exhausted for long. It fights a good case against any inflammation that might contribute to age-related disorders including heart diseases, macular degeneration, cancer, etc.

Based on the study conducted on rats, a two-month acai diet showed a significant decrease in age-related symptoms. Age-related brain disorders arise when there’s debris build-up due to lack of microglia function. The antioxidants present in acai berries restore microglia and reduce the self-damaging effect of the build-up.

Key Takeaway: Acai berries are rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols that are a healthy nutrient for fighting age-related disorders.


They Prevent Arthritis

Acai berries contain a good amount of calcium, which you already know is a healthy bone nutrient. Bone density plays an important role in preventing serious bone injuries and diseases.

The first course of action you should take to ensure healthy and strong bones is a healthy diet with consistent exercise. Bone problems are triggered by many factors including unhealthy diet, deficiency, stress, lack of sleep, and aging.

With proper intake of dietary calcium and vitamins, both of which are present in good amounts in acai berries, you can decrease the symptoms of bone disease. Along with the medical prescription needs, consulting your doctor about your calcium intake is essential.

Bone-building supplements are most often very expensive. So if you really want a natural and delicious alternative to other effective methods, acai berries have enough calcium to prevent severe bone conditions.

Key Takeaway: For people with high-risk bone density problems, dietary calcium intake present in acai berries can prevent bone fracture and other diseases such as arthritis. It helps increase bone density and has significant bone-building advantages to prevent age-related conditions.


Acai Power Balls

For a quick pick-me-up snack before your intense workout session, acai power balls never tasted this good.


125g - dates

56g - cashew nuts

65g - coconut shredding

1 tbsp - fresh chia seeds

2 tbsp - fresh acai powder


  1. Blend dates, cashew nuts, chia seeds, and acai powder in a high-powered food blender.
  2. Make bite-size balls of the thick mixture. Drop the balls in coconut shreddings and acai powder.
  3. Contain it in a refrigerator to serve.


This article originally appeared on Jen Reviews.

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